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Graphics Card Temperature Problem


I'm hoping that some folks "in the know" can help me here.


Several months ago I purchased a new graphics card. It's an Asus GeForce GTX 650Ti OC 2Gb GDDR5. It has been running flawlessly until yesterday. The card normally runs no higher than 50C in game. Lately, when I'm playing anything the temperature has been creeping into the low 60s and my frame rate drops from a steady 60fps to 30-45(I assume that this is the card throttling itself). At this point I will shut down the game I'm playing and let the card cool down. Here's the problem, it can take as much as an hour for the card to return to it's idle temperature(around 28C). In the past the cool down time was in the 15 minute range.


I spent the morning cleaning the dust out of my machine and inspected the graphics card to make sure that it was functioning properly. The fans on my PC and the card are working as intended and the heat sinks are spotlessly clean.


Anybody have any idea why this is happening?


Here's an image of the card if it will help.



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same here same problem lol even the same graphic card! i juast lowered the resolution a bit and it was running fine as long no one spams phys x effectl like mad (booben im looking at you)


if you have a 16:9 screen try the lower matching resolution (just one step lower to not mess up the quality)

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It might be the thermal paste is drying and cracking too fast in the GPU. The 600 series are over 2 years old now so your card may have been manufactured a while ago. I would contact ASUS for either a replacement or some reapplication of thermal paste. 


You could also try buying thermal paste and reapplying it yourself (there are videos on youtube) but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're very good at this kind of stuff.

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After doing some more testing, I think the small amount of dust on the fan blades was causing the issues all along. Since I posted this topic, I have been playing Warframe, Crysis 2 and Borderlands 2 GoTY without any trouble.


Thanks to all for the replies. I'll just keep 'er clean and if the issue pops up again, to Asus I shall go.

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