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Update 15.3.0

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  • Launcher and Website 2.0 are here! Read all about it here in our News post.
  • Trinity’s Immortal Skin has arrived and is now available in the Market!
  • Tenno to Tenno Gifting is here! You may now send gifts through the Marketplace! Read on to learn how:

1. Choose an item you want to gift.

2. Select the new ‘Gift’ beside the Purchase button.

3. Choose a recipient from Friends/Clan/Recents lists (or enter an Alias in the box).

4. You can enter a short message to accompany the gift or leave it blank.

5. After confirmation and successful delivery the appropriate Platinum will be deducted.


If delivery fails you will not be charged! Keep in mind you can’t send a Gift to a recipient if it’s restricted for them to purchase themselves (XP Locked, Already Owned, Quest locked).

Happy Gifting, Tenno!

- The Lotus





Warframe Changes


  • Loki’s Decoy now has an ability timer.




  • Fixed Phage sound firing indefinitely when player is killed / revived.
  • Fixed Mastery Sigils being unable to identify players Mastery Rank correctly.
  • Fixed the name of a Clan now properly updating within an Alliance.
  • Fixed Stalker’s music not looping.
  • Fixed Infested behavior to sprint to target rather than briskly walking.
  • Fixed Mastery rank of Sigils resetting on login.
  • Fixed issue where game client was not updating properly.
  • Fixed Eximus enemies that required too many scans in Codex (mostly Orokin).  Reduced scan requirement to 3.   Please note, should also fix Affinity Issues with Corrupted Eximus units.  An attempt was made to fix this in 15.2.0, but we’ve got it for real this time!
  • Fixed Elytron Warhead damage and radius not increasing when ranked up.
  • Fixed Spectres being unable to use the Opticor correctly.
  • Fixed players being able to fly through Grineer ships in Archwing with no collision.
  • Fixed Archwing not equipping to players during third mission of the Archwing quest.
  • Fixed issue where rare Loot Crates would cause mission to not save any items obtained once mission was completed.
  • Fixed the Grustrag Three and Zanuka not spawning properly under particular circumstances.
  • Fixed Challenge tab locking up if player inspects tab but hasn’t completed any challenges.
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Can't wait to try updated survival :)


New forums look is...       eye burning white >_<. Nvm, found the option to switch to original dark style :)

Trinity's original skin is more immortal than the new one. Buyers remorse.


PSA. Change Theme (to original Dark style) is bottom left this page.

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  • Life Support drop rate in Survival will now scale with node difficulty.



How does this change in scaling work?


Do the Life support modules drop more often cause it takes longer to kill the mobs, or do the Life support modules drop less often to scale the difficulty up?


Edit: Nevermind, found the answers Here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/349126-survival-spawning/?p=3897024#entry3897024

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