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Infested AI bug (Alator, Mars : Mob-switch-a-roo)


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Was playing the Alator capture mission on Mars which is a Corpus controlled Capture mission.

Proceeding through the mission as normal, half killing, half running to complete it (trying to open up as many places as possibru for alerts) and when I got to the target, the Infested showed up. Except In every spawned room of them, the Corpus were fighting them, but they were just... standing there, even in rooms where there wern't any Corpus, they would just... sit there.

I tried killing the Corpus in one of the rooms to see if the AI for the infested would kick in and attack me, but all I got was a gamefreeze for a short time.. then nothing.

Cool idea to have the Corpus/Infested fighting each other on a mission, with the Tenno cought in the middle, but would have been better if the AI worked properly lol.

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