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Erpo Earth Interception Aw Just Why...

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So today I started to play AW mission on Erpo, Earth in hopes that I get my Onorix blade.


All went smoothly until round 3, enemy was quite far out I go to him and kill him I am then prompted to vote and of course I wanted to stay until round 4 can you guess what happened?


For some ever reason it extracted me there and then, no warning from Ordis and not before when I was out of the boundary anyway, so obviously no rewards received with forced extraction.



I really really love the idea of it, but the execution is horrible. How about when we get closer to the boundary it is highlighted in red? and then we get about 10 seconds to go back or we are extracted.


Ordis could say "emergency extraction in 10 seconds" which would benefit everyone because I don't want it particularly removed either

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