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Focus System [Forgotten?, Idea]

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So I was thinking about Focus system that Devs were talking about while update 12 i quess? and to the Update 15 we don't have it. I think that the focus system is just a Syndicates :/ so sad, nothing to get nether except some mods that buff one weapon or one skill Warframe.

There are too many useless mods in warframe like Electric damage reduction, slide speed, stamina recharge, damage resistance on knockdown,  bleedout reduction.

So I was wondering about delete them or just make the same things in facous system.

While playing the game we will get extra exp for our Warframe account, exp points will be spended on Warframe Focus passive skills.

The tree should be big something like this: https://poebuilder.com/

It should have restricted areas for Player Rank.

Cost of these passive should be preety high.
One passive should give something like:
+5% health
+5% shield
+2% shield recharge
+3% maximum statmina
+3% stamina recharge
+2% Electric Resistance
+2% Fire Resistance
+2% Cold Resistance
+2% Poison resistance
+2% laser resistance
+1% slide speed
+2% power strength
+1% power duration
+1% power range
+1% power efficiency
+2% knockdown recovery
+5% more chance for enemies to drop health orbs (standard for example is 3% so buffed by 5% it will be 3.15% chance for health drop, if we will chose enough of these passive we will get 6% so double chance of droping health orbs)
+3 additional health by picking up health orb
+1 additional energy by picking up energy orb
+1 second in hacking
+1% casting speed
+1% holster speed
+3% armor rate

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I don't get why everyone is hyped for Focus. It is supposed to use Affinity gain from maxed items - like syndicates, whose rep gain is based on affinity.


Everyone will just complain again on how grindy it is.

I don't get it either, with the way its explained it's just the same thing as normal play just that you gain further XP with your weapons.

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