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Some suggestions


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-A stats screen should be handy showing your actual Shield/Hp Level,something that shows an overview of your current mods, maybe a little box for combined mods aka

"you have 4 +shield mods enabled for combined xxx shield extra" etc.

Same goes for your weapons -> actual dmg, reload speed, fire rate etc.

-More challenges in a mission ( example: dont let any of that orange cropus stomp weirdos stomp :) )

OR do the whole mission only with the pistol/ only melee/ only rifle.

-customizable warframes (example: different helmets with maybe some sort of special like +10% melee dmg, etc)

-coming with the different helmets/armor, let them look different, for example give the +10% melee dmg rhino helmet a huge horn, the +5% accuracy armor some back plates looking like a whatever dragonplate, just add some more visual highlights.

-a party frame in the private section, who is currently with you in the party ( maybe including their current ping etc)

- show the current planet name in big letters in top middle or something, just to give a better overview

And just the normal please fix the lagging when facing huge groups/flying things, ( my pc/internet connection should handle large groups easy, so there has to be some coding to be done), fix the online/offline check of your friends

(so we dont have to use a third party programm all the time)

So far i´m enjoying this game quite a lot, but there has to be more done to keep the players focused for the longer term, like more levels (maps and warframe/weapon levels), more weapons, fighting on a planet, in a temple ruin on a planet, etc.

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