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Trading Bug, Neither Of Us Could See The Offered Items.

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(Wasn't sure if this fit anywere else or not so I just chose general, if there was a better forum I apologize).


I was trying to trade a couple mods with someone and for some reason neither of us could see the items/plat offered. We tested with some random items, we tried switching dojo's, we tried restarting the game, nothing seemed to fix the problem.


I personally completely two trades not 20 minutes before this trade and the other person said that had traded not long ago either.  We both had trades left and had the required credits for the trade.





Had the bug happen again, different person, different mod for trade.  I had completed another trade not 5 minutes before this one for another copy of the exact same mod. Again, neither of us could see the others offer, tried both dojo's.

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