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Invisible Doors


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Frequently while I play, I notice the bottom section of doors is invisible. The enemies notice it, too. Typically, when I ride an elevator up, I can see their legs through the bottom piece of the door, then they start shoting at me before the elevator has stopped and the door opens.

In one instance, I joined a 4-player game just as the other three were leaving an area. I ran around to pick up loot for a minute, then followed, but the door was shut and wouldn't open, despite being a regular green door. I jumped to mess around in the typical "there's no chance this will fix the issue, but I'm gonna try it anyway" way we gamers tend to, and I noticed the top segment of the door was invisible while I jumped, but opaque when I landed again.

A friend of mine says he notices doors don't close all the way, and it may be a different interpretation of the same issue, but I don't see why any door would close halfway, excepting maybe some cinematic or something programmed into the mission.

I see this all the time, but didn't find it brought up in this animation section. Am I the only one with this issue?

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