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Archwing Uranus Matchups: Know Your Enemies



As we all know Uranus is hell but what if I told you partially is because you do not know what each enemy is capable of and what they do? I am here to give you a list and tell you MOST of them for Uranus mainly the two types dargyn and gargyn which are the killers there.


Darygn: has rockets THAT ONE OR TWO SHOT YOU AND CAUSES KNOCKBACK. To avoid rockets when you see ORANGE BALLS OF LIGHT USE DISARRAY. They also do have basic auto machine gun. They do have a ORANGE shield that does reduce damage. At the moment I do not know of any weak points specifically.


Gargyn (i believe that is the name): these are the little ball like looking thing that attaches a ORANGE laser to you and is very hard to escape. The reason why it is hard to escape is because once they link you it DISABLES SPRINTING. It also increases the accuracy of other enemies around and gives you full aggro (the aggro thing is a hunch not 100% accurate can someone check that out). best way to get away from laser is 2 ways. 1: kill it immediately (least advisable). 2: Get close enough and use repel to disable it and get rid of the link. 


Lacer drone (something like that). not much to be afraid of usually can 1 hit melee them even at Uranus. These have laser beams that shoot at you. These are only deadly when combined with the link of gargyn. To fight these usually 1-2 melee kills.


Ogma: This is the big ship with the arms. IDK much about it but its weakness which is the thrusters on the back.


Tactics for saturn in general: Believe it or not IN MY OPINION (cant stress that enough) melee is OP. Have you noticed when you melee the enemy your attacking cant move? USE THAT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE. You can easily kill a stranded ogma like this.


Spam disarray. To be honest IN MY OPINION the only killers are the DARGYN with their rockets then when your knocked back the entire enemy fleet unloads on you. To avoid this spam disarray.


USE YOUR ENERGY SHELL AND KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. On Uranus the enemies are always in a big fleet. In order for your energy shell to work YOU CANNOT BE TOO CLOSE. I always see people use energy shell then start melee enemies. This is good do not get me wrong but it can only protect IN FRONT of you.


REPEL IS YOUR WIFE! Repel can get you out of sticky situations. The most common thing I see (which is very effective) sprinting into a big fleet then repel. This is good for creating breathing space for your team.


Seeking fire is OK! It is not advisable to use on uranus at least because the damage is EXTREMELY low. If you have the right archwing mods though I guess it can be used but I do highly advise NOT TO USE IT.


DO NOT BE AFRAID TO LET THEM TAKE A POINT! This is probably most important. What I commonly see is that when a point is taken and there is alot of enemies there, people still go in and try to take it. THIS IS BAD! If anything jus wait for them to leave and go take a different point.


PLAY CAT AND MOUSE. You are the mouse. On uranus for some odd reason they DO FOLLOW YOU. Use this to your advantage lure them off and pick em off one by one. The objective is to get the points not to kill this is a huge problem. People want to rush and kill everything but on Uranus YOU CANNOT DO THIS.


DO NOT BE AFRAID TO RUN AWAY! This is arguably most important because the fleets are so overwhelming theres nothing you can do really. There is nothing wrong with leaving and coming back another time. Running is possibly your best option 9/10. It is ok to just sit there and watch them closely to analyze the situation rather than going in head strong.


I hoped this helps you guys! Comment if anything comes to mind or I possibly missed something. I am completely open to hear you guys thoughts!


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