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Frame Vandal And Wrath

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So I was thinking about that it could be awesome to have choice.

BP to edit your Frame to Vandal or Wrath will require this frame to make it.
For example you got Ash Vandal BP and you need to sacrifice Ash to make Ash Vandal.

What it will bring:
1.Different looking just like Prime looks different from the normal
2.different skill stats or maybe even different skills or just changed one skill. For example Rhino Vandal Roar will grand 30-40% damage reduction to whole team.
3. Changed stats for example slower but more armor or less health but more shield etc.

So people will chose their favourite type of they favourite frame.

Ofcourse with that to get all you will need 3x ash ; D to have Ash, Ash Vandal and Ash Wrath.

I think it will not be maded, but I would really like to see that in game. What do you think about it?

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While I would definitely like vandal and wraith themed frames, making them entirely new frames is just too much with the prime variants.


Now skins, I'm all for a wraith or vandal skin for frames, just like the immortal skins some frames have. And Syndicate themed skins would be fantastic.

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No. Vandal and Wraith upgrades are for weapons. We have Prime frames, and that is enough.

Vandal and Wraith frames would just be horrid to lore.

Isn't there already a Vandal Vauban. (Steam skin)

I'm on PS4 so I don't have access to Vandal Vauban skin.

*Edit: I am wrong. It looks like a Vandal skin but it was the Phased Skin. (http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Phased_Skins)

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