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Stealth Bug

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I have found an issue with both loki's invisibility and with Shade sentinel. While invisible enemy tracks my movements and shoots with 100% accuracy, downing frames that rely on invisibility for a breather for shields to recharge. It has made playing weaker characters nearly impossible. Please fix the stealth mechanics

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Yes finally someone with the same problem! the moment i go into stealth some enemies get dead aim on you the whole time ... i even had encountered moas that could shoot through their backs just to hit me while being invisible!


those enemies wont stop hitting you with 100% accurancy and never stop till they are dead or you are (even while rapidly moving and/or evading like mad while in stealth mode)


best to use invisibility while no one is near at the moment then rush to the next enemies to prevent this bug


this even happens to ash if th eenmies are too far for the flash but to close to see you!

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