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About The Mutalist Event.


I ended up my quest and i wasn't know that when i finished all, the alerts would stop , I THOUGHT THAT THEY STILL REMAIN UNTIL THE EVENT ENDS UP IN 5 DAYS !! ... What i do now ??? You guys didn't say that when finishing the event, the alerts would stop too !! ... The new mutalist monsters are only on the event alerts ? I was curious about what would happen to Alad V, and i thought that they still remain after ending the event ... ! It's only me with this biiiiig problem ? HAAALP :c

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The event missions should continue to appear even after you do the quest, keep in mind that they are still random (and only last a few minutes) and therefore there could just be moments where none are available. Of course if they really have stopped popping up that sounds more like a bug, in which case you could try contacting support.

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