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Tar Mutalist Puddle Effect Bug

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TL;DR: Lag + Tar Mutalist Puddles = perma-slowdown


I encountered a bug during the survival event mission for the Puncture Mods. When a Tar Mutalist used its tar blast against me, I was caught in it due to lag. It didn't slow me down. Soon, I felt the slowdown effect a second after leaving the tar area. The slowdown, however, did not cease - it continued until I died.


I thought that this was perhaps a client-side prediction problem, where the game corrects itself if an error occurs on the client-end. My game was very laggy due to my hardware, though I managed enough to continue playing. This happens during Corpus missions, too - those who lag through the laser doors will be corrected through being knocked down some seconds after they pass through.


Unlike knockdown, which ends when your Tenno stands, the tar seems to only work after you exit the area you entered. Since I technically wasn't on any tar at that moment, I assume that it was as if I'd never left it. No health damage was taken (beyond the Lvl. 42 Eximus Ancients), but the slowdown made me unable to perform - added with the lag I experienced, it was as if I was running at .5 frames per second.


After letting myself die, I resurrected with unranked gear and no energy, though I don't have a hypothesis for that.

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