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No Patient Zero Quest In Codex

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Today i came after 2 weeks of work back and tryd to farm for the new warfarme, but,

i didnt get the quest for Mesa.

I tryd looking for it in the market, in my inbox and everywhere else but i didnt get the questline for it.

Now i have a Mesa BP, but, no chance of farming the parts for it?

Is this a common problem or is it not possible to get the frame anymore exept of Plat.

because i dont want to pay money for a thing that i can actual farm for

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I have the same issue but I haven't finished Limbo Theorem quest, could that be it?


They've seemed to changed the Limbo quest since I last played, where do I go to get the proof fragments now? Says interception mission on Mars but it's now an exterminate mission?

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Well I also have same issue, no quest in codex I tried everything,from doing every mission on Eris to logging in and logging off from my account and goin in to codex a million times, I don't have a freaking quest, please see this and fix it ASAP.. IM SAD :'(

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