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Hind Firing Speed Bugged - Far Slower Than It Should Be

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Ever since the patch where burst-fire weapons were changed so that their firing speed became independent from framerate, I've noticed that the Hind's firing speed has become far slower than it was before the patch. This seems to be the only gun where the firing speed has changed, so this leads me to believe there's a typo in the code somewhere.


Furthermore, when the Hind is used by Grineer Elite Lancers, its obvious to see that when they use it, the faster firing speed remains. This is extremely odd, as only when the gun is used by a player does it become far slower. Even with mods equipped to increase firing speed, the Hind doesn't get anywhere close to where it should be. I've noticed this on invasions especially, and a Grineer elite lancer can fire 2 - 2 1/2 bursts in the time it takes for me to complete 1 burst.


I'm probably in the vast minority when I say that the Hind is my favourite gun, but I enjoy a powerful, hard to control burst weapon because the high damage feels rewarding. I've put a lot of forma into the gun so I can take it into the void, but ever since this patch it's become a shadow of its former self.

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