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New (Weapon Class) Fist Weapon : Dragon Scales

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So ... Been thinking that there's not much fist melee weapons (along with sparrings) and seeing other posts I thought of one with an improved version (based on the nikana-> Dragon nikana system)


The basic one would be named Scale(s) (like a reptile's scale) and the improved one, well you guessed it, Dragon's scale (wich would be a weapon specifically thought for the dragon-themed frame https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/37089-a-warframe-concept-the-dragon-20-%E2%80%94-archwing-art-update-8182014/ )


The shape of the weaon would ressemble this shield : http://www.avalonfrance.com/image/cache/data/AH6757-09_LRG_so-450x450.jpg and slithly folded like Mirage's white armored plates on her thighs


The major damage would be puncture due to the pointy end being above the fist, and the other end almost at the elbow, acting a bit like shield too.


If someone interested could make a quick draw of it, that'd be awesome T_T

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