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Broken Syndicate Mods Thread!


Hello all!


Recently I have been seeing a few threads about certain syndicate mods currently not working, in order to keep people updated on which syndicate mods / augments do not work, I have made this thread to compile them and their issues, and to keep you guys updated in case there are changes to the mods. 


I will update the list with more mods that do not work once I get and test them, but I encourage you guys to take part and let me know if there are other "broken" mods,


URGENT; This list is in no way 100% accurate, I rely on you guys to help me compile this, error is likely in some of these augment notes, though we strive to avoid this is possible, I update as often as I can, but I am not online the whole day, and therefore cannot always fix / update any mistakes at times

Last Updated ; 15 /1 /2015




1. Mod name : Toxic Blight

Syndicate : Red Veil

Weapon : Mire

Problem : +100% toxic damage either does not work or damage value is not displayed when modding

Status : Fixed ~15.6.0

Source : Via my own testing


2. Mod name : Bright Purity

Syndicate : New Loka

Weapon : Skana (Prime)

Problem : +100% Melee dmg value is not displayed when modding

Status : Fixed ~15.6.0

Source : Via my own testing


3. Mod name : Justice Blades 

Syndicate : Steel Meridian

Weapon : Dual Cleavers

Problem : +100% Melee dmg either does not work or value is not displayed when modding

Status : Fixed ~15.6.0 (geninrising's Fix confirmation)

Source : Hollow118's post


4. Mod name : Entropy Burst 

Syndicate : Cephalon Suda

Weapon : Supra

Problem : Additional Status chance does not consider 20% base status, but rater is multiplicative of base status without augment

Status : Not fixed - As of 15.6, status still multiplies from supras base status as opposed to base status + entropy burst bonus 

Source : xyLoneZ's post


5. Mod name : Entropy Spike 

Syndicate : Cephalon Suda

Weapon : Bolto

Problem : Explosions deal 0 damage

Status : Fixed ~15.6.0 (Judqment8's Fix confirmation)

Source : AstroBoy_DE's response


1. Mod name : Greedy Pull 

Syndicate : Perrin Sequence / New Loka

Warframe : Mag (Prime)

Problem : Does not work for clients

Status : Not fixed - As of 15.10, despite being patched, Greedy pull still does not work for clients, only range was increased with the patch Jax_Cavalera's reference

Source : AdFinitum's postDarkix's post


2. Mod name : Savage Silence (Requires Testing)

Syndicate : Cephalon Suda / Perrin Sequence

Warframe : Banshee

Problem : Finisher damage not being applied even after fix

Status :  Awaiting confirmation

Source :Tigrexian's post

3. Mod name : Resonance 

Syndicate : Cephalon Suda / Perrin Sequence

Warframe : Banshee

Problem : Does not work Possibly may not work for clients (Jeht's Fix confirmation)

Status : Fixed ~15.6.0 (ebya's fix confirmation

Source : Gazie's thread / xyLoneZ's post


4. Mod name : Pacifying Bolt 

Syndicate : Arbiters of Hexis / New Loka

Warframe : Nyx (Prime)

Problem : Pacifying bolts do not always stun enemies

Status : Fixed ~15.6.0 Nobunigun's Fix confirmation

Source : Man_In_Suitcase's post >
5. Mod name : Muzzle Flash (Needs confirmation)

Syndicate : Red Veil / Steel Meridian

Warframe : Mesa

Problem : Not affected by range mods

Status : Awaiting confirmation

SourceIshki88's post 
6. Mod name : Irradiating Disarm (Requires Testing)

Syndicate : Red Veil / Arbiters of Hexis

Warframe : Loki (Prime)

Problem :  Possibly working only for hosts

PSA > Irradiating Disarm currently causes hives in Hive missions to become invulnerable

Status : Awaiting confirmation

7. Mod name : Swing Line 

Syndicate : Perrin Sequence / New Loka

Warframe : Valkyr

Problem : Does not work after hitting a wall or ceiling

Status : Not fixed

Source : Naftal's post 
8. Mod name : Repelling Bastille

Syndicate : Perrin Sequence / Cephalon Suda

Warframe : Vauban

Problem : Randomly allows enemies through after filling (*sub-notice > bounce sound effect seems inaudible when using repelling bastille as client)

Status : Not fixed

8. Mod name : Tesla Link

Syndicate : Perrin Sequence / Cephalon Suda

Warframe : Vauban

Problem : Teslas do not appear link for clients, potentially more thann 4 links between teslas

Status : Not fixed

Source : my and Samura1Kitten's testing
10. Mod name : Fire Fright

Syndicate : Steel Meridian / Red Veil

Warframe : Ember (Prime)

Problem : Does not guarantee panic proc when maxed as advertised in patch notes

Status : Not fixed

Source : geninrising's post
11. Mod name : Shock Trooper

Syndicate : Arbiters of Hexis / Red Veil

Warframe : Volt

Problem : Does not buff allies

Status : Not fixed

Source : skRose's post
12. Mod name : Despoil 

Syndicate : Perrin Sequence / Red Veil

Warframe : Nekros

Problem : Does not calculate efficiency as client

Status : Fixed Otenko's fix confirmation

Source : geninrising's post
*Note; Death without being revived by a teammate causes efficiency to be counted as intended
13. Mod name : Shield Transference

Syndicate : Cephalon Suda / Perrin Sequence

Warframe : Mag

Problem : Does not shield sprinting / sliding / knocked down players 

Status : Fixed ~15.11.0

Source : TDS0Spoderman's post
14. Mod name : Hallowed Eruption

Syndicate : New Loka / Steel Meridian

Warframe : Oberon

Problem : Does not cause explosion as both host and client

Status : Fixed geninrising's Fix confirmation

Source : geninrising's post
15. Mod name : Total Eclipse

Syndicate : Arbiters of Hexis / Cephalon Suda

Warframe : Mirage

Problem : Does not show mirage's personal damage buff

Status : Not fixed

Source : geninrising's post
*Please note that mods like stinging truth on the Viper and Winds of purity on the Furis intentionally do not work with their Dual counterparts
*Augment mods and syndicate weapons no longer self -revive you
*A response by a dev team member has been posted, suggesting these mods will be fixed in tomorrows (12/12/2014) update > Mods that were supposed to be affected by this will  be captioned "Requires Testing" until fix confirmation
*Fixed mods will have their status changed to "Fixed" once it can be confirmed they work as intended or "In progress" if there has been additional information on them from a dev
*Some mods may require additional confirmation, those mods will have "Needs confirmationlisted next to their names and  their statuses will be listed as "Awaiting confirmation"until it can be made absolutely sure they have a problem. "Awaiting confirmation" may also be used to list statuses of mods that require testing
*Reporting a bug means you will be qouted as a Source for reference, I will link to your post as a source, I'm counting on you guys to be responsible and honest when reporting!
*If you encounter a bug and have no idea where it goes, i encourage you to post it in Crackle2012's Shiny Bug Thread 





  • More clarification for Repelling Bastille added
  • PSA added for Irradiating Disarm
  • Added links to The Oddball Bugs thread 



  • Added Fire Fright
  • Added notice that self resurrection is no longer possible



  • Clarification and status changes for Resonance
  • Multiple "requires testing abilities now have their status changed to "Awaiting confirmation"



  • Entropy Spike now confirmed to be fixed
  • Justice Blades now confirmed to be fixed
  • Added sub notice to Repelling Bastille



  • Resonance now confirmed to be fixed
  • Added Tesla Link



  • Added Shock Trooper



  • Added Despoil
  • Added Shield Transference



  • Added Hallowed Eruption



  • Added Requires Testing for both Despoil and Irradiating Disarm
  • Added urgent general notice





  • Despoil now confirmed to be fixed



  • Total Eclipse added to the list



  • Shield Transference now confirmed to be fixed



  • Hallowed Eruption now confirmed to be fixed





Edit 1; Added Entropy Spike to list

Edit 2; Removed Entropy Spike (Thx to Tveoh) Reverted, the explosion works, but there is no damage

Edit 3; Added Justice Blades to list(Thx to Hollow118)

Edit 4; Clarification on Bright Purity added (Thx to Misanthroplonker)

Edit 5; Added Entropy Burst to list(Thx to xyLoneZ / MrNonApplicable)

Edit 6; Added Greedy Pull to list (Thx to Darkix / AdFinitum)

Edit 7; Added clarification for Winds of Purity and Stinging Truth mods

Edit 8; Added dev response citation to main post

Edit 9; Added clarification on status change of fixed mods

Edit 10; Added Savage Silence to list (Thx to Tigrexian)

Edit 11; Added Pacifying Bolts to list (Thx to Man_in_Suitcase)

Edit 12; Separated syndicate weapons and warframe augments

Edit 13; Corrected grammatical mistakes

Edit 14; Added notes 

Edit 15; Entropy Spike status revised and clarified

Edit 16; Edited introduction

Edit 17; Added Resonance

Edit 18; Added "Needs Confirmation" notice

Edit 19; Justice Blades currently needs confirmation

Edit 20; Added Sources and posts relating to confirmation for reference

Edit 21; Added Jet Stream (Thx to Larcetosus)

Edit 22; Added Muzzle Flash (Thx to Ishki88)

Edit 23; "Awaiting confirmation" status added

Edit 24; Toxic Blight and Bright Purity confirmed to be fixed

Edit 25; Added requires testing captions for mods meant to be affected by 15.6 changes

Edit 26; Confirmed that Resonance is not working

Edit 27; Added Repelling Bastille (Thx to Hawk197)

Edit 28; Added Irradiating Disarm (Thx to maj.death)

Edit 29; Added Iron Shrapnel (Thx to CenSilver)

Edit 30; Removed Iron Shrapnel

Edit 31; Clarification added for Jet StreamIrradiating Disarm and Repelling Bastille

Edit 32; Added Swing Line

Edit 33; Pacifying Bolts now confirmed to be fixed

Edit 34; Clarification added for Repelling Bastille

Edit 35; Jet Stream removed as it works as intended

Edit 36; Repelling Bastille removed as it works as intended   (Reverted, Repelling Bastille has now been updated to reflect this)

Edit 37; Added Irradiating Disarm PSA at request

Edit 38; Added a link to The Oddball bugs thread

Edit 39; Added Fire Fright

Edit 40; Added clarification in notes that self resurrection is no longer possible

Edit 41; Added clarification to Resonance

Edit 42; Updated statuses of multiple mods to awaiting confirmation

Edit 43; Entropy Spike now confirmed to be fixed

Edit 44; Justice Blades now confirmed to be fixed

Edit 45; Added sub notice to Repelling Bastille

Edit 46; Resonance now confirmed to be fixed

Edit 47; Added Tesla Link

Edit 47; Edited misnamed mod

Edit 48; Added Shock Trooper (Thx to skRose)

Edit 49; Added Despoil (Thx to geninrising)

Edit 50; Added Shield Transference (Thx to TKS0Spoderman)

Edit 51; Added Hallowed Eruption (Thx to geninrising)

Edit 52; Added note to Despoil (Thx to ebya)

Edit 53; Despoil and Irradiating Disarm now updated to reflect that they require testing

Edit 54; General notice provided to prevent confusion on how accurate the list may be

Edit 55; New link to Crackle2012's Shiny bug thread 030 added

Edit 56; Greedy Pull still does not work for clients, though it's range has been extended

Edit 57; Despoil now confirmed to be fixed

Edit 58; Added Total Eclipse (Thx to geninrising)

Edit 59; Shield Transference  now confirmed to be fixed

Edit 60; Hallowed Eruption now confirmed to be fixed







Because I live in  the (Kuala Lumpur / Singapore) timezone, I won't be able to update at some times during the day / night, as I will be asleep, additionally, I sometimes may not be able to update on Thursdays as I will be at chemotherapy sessions


We're currently OFFLINE and not updating! 

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I'm currently testing a few augment mods , mainly irradiating disarm on hives to see whether it is just irradiating disarm or something else that is causing hives to become invunerable, but2 runs in, I still cannot tell definitively whether it is the problem, to be absolutely sure I will test seperately whether radiation damage / procs affect the hive similarly or not, will update soon <3

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The new Rhino I.S. one isn't workin at all. Can you put it in?

Also, the Viper one Failed to ress me, despite the fact that I activated it twice while downed...




Shrapnel Skin is working fine. You can remove that.

Stinging Truth (Hexis - Viper Augment), however, is not ressing anymore.

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Well then it's definitely not working as intended, or the animation isn't showed with MP (it could be my computer I'm playing WF on ultra low settings, Using Unix+virtualization).

Will try to switch roles with nova and see if it works.


Alright! As ling as you shoot the weakspots it should be causing more sonars to happen, if it isn't the mod is still unfixed :/

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Ok, confirmation that Savage silence is still bugged. as both host and client.


Update 15.10: Still broken, but received a slight change.
While counter finisher damage is unaffected by the augment alone(no overextended in build), adding strength mods does increase the damage.
There is still no prompt for a finisher on the stun effect, not sure if it should get a prompt but other stuns have a prompt at times.
As for the stealth finishers as far as I can tell these are working properly now as well as ground finishers.



Gotcha, I will kep it as requires testing until we can see if it's fixed, I suspect there should be a hotfix for it soon

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It can be very useful mod aug, but it's just terribly inconsistent. Thanks for adding, +1 for thread.


I agree, it's a hit and miss usually. Thx!


Also shock trooper for Volt doesn't always apply its buff effect. And there's no way of telling when or if the buff is applied since there is no visual indicator (also assuming this applies to other 1st ability buff augments too)


Oh hold on, I think its just because both of you have to stand still to use the augment


Nice thread! your work is really apreciated man!


Thank you mate, but t be fair, I couldn't have done it without the help from all these guys in the community correcting my mistakes and letting me know which mods didn't work, t'was a team effort

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Bumping again. This needs much more press than what it is getting.


Thank you for your continued support :D


I'll hold on to my boots, we might just get stickied soon!

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Awesome sauce! I'll remove it right away, thx for helping out!



Edit; my mistake, I believe I misunderstood your statement, your confirmation was that the mod didn't work, thoguh I thought you meant it did >.>

You are welcome and ty for this post. I will look at testing other mods as well to see if  can confirm specific circumstances via in-depth analysis if I have time to see if we can help pin down why these things fail.

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Apparently they do, it's just extremely unnoticeable, according to Tveoh's post above


"Once per charge up"? Bolto isn't a charge weapon. It sounds like he's talking about the big explosion that happens when the affinity meter fills on every syndicate mod. Entropy Spike is also supposed to make the Bolto's bolts have a chance of little explosions, like Thunderbolt does for bows.

I don't have the mod so I can't say for sure whether it does or not but I've seen a lot of people complaining about it being broken.

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Getting word that this will be fixed with tomorrows Update! 


Thanks for the detailed report :)

Yay! Awesome thanks. Though, I am holding you guys to this one.

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Fix Nyx's Dance Bolt mod. They don't Dance anymore D:


Could you clarify mate? I don't really understand what that means :/

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It's working for me.

I was the Host tho.

Went in with my Vauban again, it worked as client, but stopped working after Host Migration, works as Host as well. It might just be a Migration bug.

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Currently working on Jet stream testing, I cant tell for sure whether it only works for hosts yet, but it seems on and off so far, i;ll update it if i find about anythign more about it

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No no, you're fine, just keep doing what your doing!  :-)


Alrighty ^.^


Heh, I cannot take full credit for this thread all to myself though, as you pointed out earlier this was inspired by the oddball bug threads, I didn't think it would be as useful a resource as it has become currently, but I'm really glad I've been able to help a bunch of people so far :D

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Playing Warframe with all setting the higher possible

Played a kappa as host with a nova (prime if it changes anything)

My resonnance did stack with his molecular , some grineers were even fully covered by the sonar. Dunno what's happening there :c


Perhaps is there a cap on resonnance , as i said above i saw mobs fully covered with weak spots. It may just stop proc'ing at this point

Or perhaps it is just a setting/ host-client problem ? definitively need more testing though


Definitely comes from low setting.

Tried as nova(host prime too) and a friend on a banshee (where is banshee prime when you need it :3) and even if I wasn't able to see it, procs were there (but I wasn't able to see the new weak points and it's beyond logic for me).


Seems to nearly works.


It might be due to WINE (windows emulator), I'm probably the only one playing this game like this (please DE port it to unix soonTM).



EDIT : I should learn english :c


EDIT2 : I'll try on windows7 next week, but as I said I might be the only one to encounter those troubles. 

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Zephyr's Jet Stream isn't working correctly on teammates. testing mostly in dark sector conflict, but didn't seem to be working in normal missions either

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Broken syndicate mods?

All of the Weapon ones. Basically every single one doesn't have it's advertised bonus but does properly add the various AOE Effects.

i mainly use toxic blight, and it has -zero- effect on the elemental damage of the weapon, but it's burst effect does work properly.

So either that's broken, or the bonus effects are only during that "Power up" phase and that's not made clear anywhere important or obvious (If thats the case, the mod card should be like "+1 Blight, +100% Toxin damage while Blight is active" Rather than "+100% toxin damage, +1 blight")

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Made some thread about it here. I PM'd DE_Adam about it, still hoping someone would shed some light on this matter.

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Entropy Spike does cause an explosion.  Its once per charge up,.

What do you mean by "once per charge up"?

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Has anyone had problems with Irradiating disarm or repelling bastille? I think they might not always work when clientside, but can't confirm yet, so I'll leave em out for now

I haven't had any problems with Irradiating Disarm yet, thankfully!

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Repelling Bastille is not repelling enemies after it gets filled up. I have the Augment maxed out for a 100% chance to repel.

It's working for me.

I was the Host tho.

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Honestly this thread may not get stickied due to it sounding like bad press. Although in the grand scheme of things I think posts like this are completely necessary. Thus far this is the only thread that actually compiles any bug testing which is what I thought the beta states of the game were for.


As an aside I have made it a point to ask community moderators to move this to Bug reporting as I figure that department would be the ones to sort these out and ensure they are handled properly. I don't know if that was the correct idea or not but this whole thread screams FIX ME!!!!!!!!!

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