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Tube Loli Theory - A Laughing Matter.

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 Fast and easy way to explain how the Tenno are made. Good for a giggle.


 Tube Loli Theory! Cookin with BFool!


 1. Take one (Or more, if you have Sentients over.) Loli. Thank god for all those War Orphans, yeah?


 2. Stick in Void set to 'Deify' for 30 minutes.


 3. Remove from Void. Let cool. (Do not hug.) At this stage your Loli is practically overflowing with dangerous, unstable Void energies. While it certainly is strong it is also far too fragile for combat. That just wont do! The next steps are preparation for that.


 4. Stick in Stasis tube. Switch on The Lotus. Stasis will keep the Loli in a deep (non hostile) sleep and dramatically extend their lifespan. The Lotus is an AI specifically made to act as caretaker and guide to the Loli while they are in this state.


 5. Uplink to Warframe Doll. Now your Loli has a nigh unstoppable body of its own! The good news doesn't stop there either, as the Void energies they possess can be focused through the Warframe to preform specific actions call 'Powers'. The extent to which they can manipulate their own strength within this body will also increase gradually over time as they master using it! With the Void soul as a battery the only thing that'll stop a Warframe doll is it's destruction!


 Congrats! You've made a Tenno in five easy steps! Yaaay LORE!


 Leaked Orokin Plans:


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What happens if I forget to pull my loli out of the void and leave it in there for 4 hours?

Ever add that extra zero to the microwave timer when you're making popcorn?

Also, shame on you, Blatant. This should be in fan concepts or players helping players, not GD.

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