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Warframe Prime Time #54: Tonight At 7Pm Est!


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Yay another try at secret sanata


Twitch username: Brontolithz

Warframe Name: Brontolith


*sits on Santas knee*

Hi Sanata I've been a very good Tenno this year. Murdered many corpus, grineer, and infested.

I brought my list of what I'd like since I know I'm so hard to shop for(own to much).


Embers noble stance

Limbos agile stance

Mirage noble stance

Hydriod noble stance

Kuza liset skin

hima liset skin

Zikha liset skin

Resource booster

Orokin Reactor.

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no seriously I am


I Am as follows: Trinity lovin' dinosaur that drives taxi cabs in space!

so here is my:

Twitch: Taxiozaurus

Ingame: Taxiozaurus

EVERYWHERE: Taxiozaurus



(also, orokin reactors. there is so much stuff i need them for)

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cant wait to see you 2 tonight!!!, :D


Twitch: Agent_tiger007


PC IGN: Agent_Tiger



Reason for different names...

When I joined twitch, i was playing Ghost Recon Online, back when it was still called that, but i dislike that game for various reasons now, but anyway,my ign for that game was the same as my twitch, and coincidentally the name that was the only available name for my GRO ign and my twitch when i joined. 

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