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Now that we have lifted the floodgates for Relays for the ultimate Stress Test, we expect lots of issues to come in hot.


Please use this thread to succinctly report reproducible issues.


Be aware that we are actively (as in, right this second) monitoring and optimizing connections and loads to keep the Relays up!


Thank you!

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Loading any new room, be that syndicate/darvo market/mission room will often lead to disconnection.


Baro Ki'teer's console thingies, have lotus/language text all over them.


Syndicate bosses don't always play audio log upon interracting.

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I was in vesper relay, got booted and logged out.


Reconnected to the game, attempted to connect to vesper relay, got disconnected. (repeat x2)


At the very least, a failed connection to the relay should put us back in the liset, not out of the game.

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