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Hotfix 15.6.1

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  • Fixed an issue with mods of similar effect not being equippable simultaneously (channeling and Sentinel mods). 
  • Fixed various crashes and issues with Relays (including forced logouts). 
  • Fixed an issue with unfinished content appearing for purchase in the Market. 
  • Fixed an issue with pressing “I” to inspect causing issues on Companions (Kubrows/Sentinels) 
  • Fixed Spanish and Portuguese localization for the latest augment mods.



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Would it be possible to add a function that either saved our progress locally untill servers were back up or that you could not extrat during the small window of the updates?

I know you warn us but sometimes people just miss that anyway. Maybe if you reach the exit you'll be invoulnerable (and gain no exp for kills while in that zone) untill you get stuff back to normal again.


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