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Hotfix 15.6.2

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  • Reduced color research time for Dojo Polychrome to 36 hours.
  • Only one color can be researched at a time in the Dojo.
  • Removed weapon trail effects in Relay.


Archwing Changes:


  • Applied Shield/Health/Stamina/Energy upgrades to Archwing that increase with each level (like Warframes), dramatically increasing the base stats of a level 30 Archwing.




  • Fixed Dojo Obstacle Course leaderboards not properly holding all player times.  
  • Fixed issue caused by changing loadout when in the Relay.
  • Fixed issues caused by logging out while stuck on loading screen when entering a Relay.
  • Fixed only Nullifier Crewman and Scorching Osprey spawning after the portal is destroyed in Orokin Sabotage.
  • Fixed elements of the Dojo’s color research UI panel not displaying correctly.
  • Fixed issue that would allow players to jump out of Cephalon Suda’s Syndicate room.
  • Fixed Alerts and Syndicate Daily Missions as being a selectable choice for Mission auto-repeat.
  • Fixed Medallions not appearing in Syndicate Daily Missions.
  • Fixed UI issue that allowed for incorrectly priced Mod fusion.
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What about fixes for not being able to interact with anything in the relays? And being there with literally no-one.

I can't redeem medaillians or sell prime parts, plus no-one is in the relays for me and I crash every time I leave.

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