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Hotfix 15.6.2


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P.S You need 1255 ducats total to get all 4 items from Void Trader.

P.S.S All four items are not worth the time of day

you can't even %!& most of the things being that anyone's whos ran void to pay for the 1mil trade tax have alrdy traded the crap they got from the void to just get the mods

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My thoughts on the Baro update so far:


Hub-performance is chuggy, but playable. The design is pretty nice. Lets hope we get mission browsers and bulletin boards soon :)




Archwing stat buffs - welcomed and needed. I have almost the same stats as before on my loadout, besides energy.


172 energy is not enough on rank 30. This could easily need doubling. I had well past 400 before this.




Archwing mod buffs - HP and shield seem okay, but the rest is not enough.


System Reroute needs to be at least doubled in its effect for being a Rare +10, or cut down to +5. I wouldn't mind 2 Legendary Cores again per. :P


Auxiliary Power should be a rank 5 mod, maxing out at +100% energy pool.


Morphic Transformer could easily be twice as strong, or make it a rank 5 mod at +30% max.




Arch-gun / Arch-melee mods might need a few tweaks, too.


Dual Rounds could very well go close to 100%, imho. +30% multishot is pretty much not worth the 11 skillpoints. Your choice if you feel the need to make it a +10, but compared to Primary or Secondary Multishot mods, Dual Rounds is kind of not a valid option for a build.


The elemental mods should be evened out. Sure, keep the whole 'ice being D polarity' thing going on, but at least give them all the same %.


I'm not sure whether you consider Caelus to be high or mid-tier. If it is mid-tier, then Rubedo-Lined Barrel should get a 2x treatment, as in doubling its boost percentages.


Also, if you could look into the drop rates for Blazing Steel, they're my personal Archwing Jagged Edge in terms of how rare they are, and I played a good chunk of Caelus.



Baro's deals are overpriced, imho.


I understand that these goods are supposed to be elite stuff for players that maxed everything else already and that you want to level the playing field by eating everyone's spare prime part resources up, but I hope that his future stuff is actually well affordable within 2 weeks of being in the void, without tiring grind.


The last thing you guys want is a) people to tire from void grinding and b) people not being able to afford it all even tho they spent every single free hour they had in the void or c) people hoping that Baro runs out of new stuff because their Ducat resources are going slowly but surely down each time he comes around.


As a rule of thumb, I'd suggest, the amount of void mission that it takes a non-booster player of around MR15+ to play to get their daily rep capped, that should be more or less enough to prepare for his bi-weekly deal. Anything far above that would pretty much leave the sweet spot of being in several grinds at once which reward constantly here and there, thus not making the player focus on one specific grind and get frustrated over that.


Also, I am definitely not a fan of a too long rotation on his goods. Having to wait months for some mod to show itself again just because you weren't able to log in for a weekend is not a good idea. Dont turn this into a frustrating vauban style waiting game, please.


Comparing Baro with Destiny's Xir, which, lets face it, is pretty much the rolemodel here, at least on Xir, each week's deals are all affordable, if you, as Destiny encourages you to, have three characters, one of each class. You know what to do, you know how long it takes, there is no anxiety of not having enough before he drops by. This is, frankly, how you do it.


As a fix, maybe you should consider special Alerts that reward players with Ducat, even though that might go against the point of it all.


Maybe even something tedious that Baro hands out for you to do while he is available.


I personally am just hoping that we'd know beforehand and you're not hitching the prices further up beforehand again next time. A bit of planning ahead is always nice. People have actual lives besides Warframe, after all, or at least that's how the saying goes.




The new music I am definitely not a fan of, as with all the new music, really. They remind me of any other game, ranging from Mass Effect (Corpus themes) or a generic shooter (Grineer themes) to actually making me want to rather play NIER again (Void themes) - and no, that isn't a compliment, as NIER has the infinitely better score. As a hint, as a dev you generally dont want me to want to play a different game while playing your game.


Describing music is hard, so please bear with me:


What the new music feels to me is someone who doesn't really know or care about the game's mood went by some artworks and applied 'the usual themes' of wellknown games and movies. I'm not saying that it is this way, I am just saying that it feels like that to me while playing. There seems no overall quality to it, it feels very wishy washy and generic, uninspired and outright cheesy. Especially the Corpus theme grinds me the wrong way.


On top of that, music phasing is not a good thing either and for some reason WF manages to be worse at it than PSO back then was on Dreamcast (the game that I first noticed it, though I guess Nintendo invented it for Mario 64?). PSO had several switch spots in two tracks that played at the same time. Mario 64 did the same, just in MIDI. I thought that this would be standard by now. So far though, and please correct me if I'm wrong, I noticed the action theme in WF just starting at the exact same spot all the time, breaking the pace like a stumble over one's own feet whenever 'action' happens.


Especially in defence missions I found it very grating, how the music abruptly cuts off when a wave ends, just to simmer for 5 seconds and then start up again. Defence missions need a pulsing, adrenaline pumping soundtrack throughout the whole thing that doesn't start-stop every so often like public transport. Action music changing over to higher intense action music would be the best idea here.


In general, I don't understand why you didn't just keep working with the drums theme on everything. That was actually giving Warframe an unique, cool feel to it. Drums are easily intesifyable, they can swell up and simmer down without much break in the actual pacing. There could be actual increase in volume and instruments, intensity and drum hits per beat scaled to how many enemies are on screen or how dangerous they are, for example.


I guess I'll just mute the music and play my own soundtrack to it. Sadly, too. I liked the drums.

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