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Hotfix 15.6.3 +


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Thanks for the fixes.

But please fix the Redeemer charge-attack. It's broken point-blank. Yes, I'm repeating that on every hotfix now!


Your post is just opposite of the Redeemer's charge-attack accuracy. It's right in the point. WE NEED A FIX

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At the risk of sounding like a broken record, when will the Rakta Ballistica be buffed?


Also, none of the new weapons like the Mara Detron can equip weapon skins belonging to the originals, despite sharing the same meshes. This is especially disenheartening with the Rakta Ballistica, which isn't even colorable. Can we expect to see a fix to this?

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Friend of mine can not go through doors in t4 capture. He is client. I am host. I can go through the doors as usual.


Also run into (instead of through) this issue. All clients consider the door solid, although it appears open and you can shoot through it. Needless to say, both the enemies and the host can use it fine. Won't be playing void for a while :(

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No mention as to the need for credits when he clearly states he wants Ducates?

Alright then. 


Instead we have him stand on a soap box. Great.


From 15.6.0 patch notes:



Void Trader


Baro Ki’Teer is a man of rare and luxurious tastes, willing to trade a wide variety of his acquired goods in exchange for the unique items that Tenno often discover when traveling the Void.  While he is often in demand his appearance on a Relay is rare, heralded by Ducat Kiosks in the main Concourse.


  • Players can trade in unused Prime parts for Orokin Ducats, the only currency that Baro Ki’Teer accepts.
  • Orokin Ducats can be traded to Baro Ki’Teer alongside a sum of credits for unique Mods, weapons, and cosmetic items.
  • Baro Ki’Teer’s presence on a Relay Station is random limited to only a few days.
  • Some of Baro Ki’Teer’s goods are tradable with other Tenno.


that you need credits seems to be clear enough for me.

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Yeah. Void got broken. You can't go through doors. Also I got infinite health and energy in T1 MD. But I couldn't use any of my weapons. They simply disappeared from my hands and appeared again after mission

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