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Hotfix 15.6.3 +


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Once again, a hot "fix" that breaks more than it fixes. Trader is no longer appearing, warframe stats are wrong, showing up different everywhere you look.

Gonna say again, as I've said before, maybe consider testing things before making us all download them?

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  • Fixed Void Trader running away!
  • Fixed doors in the Void not opening properly.


After this fix I have crashed twice in a row, when trying to do Gift of the Lotus, and I never EVER crash. (right when I start the mission)

Literally my first time crashing.


Push some more hotfixes?

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Hosting an Mutalist Alad V seems to crash host - reason unknown (Going through door bug?)


Spin doors ONLY in Void, Loki can get team through - (I thought this was fixed?)


Banshee pinches the hell out of her model (at elbow) when using her arm to support that really heavy Opticor

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