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Warframe Patch Notes Video - Update 5.3 Blazing Embers

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Hey guys thanks for clicking the link. That means you are interested! Well lets get to it shall we. Essentially I will be creating a video like this for every major patch that happens from here on untill the game servers get nuked from low orbit. I play the game and love it, 40 hours logged since Closed Beta began. I have 3 war frames at the moment and I am working on getting them all so I can test all the changes that occur. I own Exacibur,Rhino, and Mag (buff please ;) )

I am trying hard to make a quality video and I do realize that I was not able to test everything in the patch notes, although most of it I did experiance. Any tips from you guys would be awesome as well as anything you want to see in the next video. Let me know!

An easy way to swallow patch notes.

PS: The video playing has nothing to do with what I am saying in the video, although it is footage from Update 5.3

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