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Ps4: Mesa (+ Hotfixes)


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(Update 15.5)
Operation: Mutalist Incursions
Stop the Infestation!
A message from Alad V:
“Inhabitants of the Origin System! It is my singular pleasure to announce that today is the first day of a new empire. An empire populated not by Corpus, not by Grineer and certainly not by the Tenno. No, the Mutalist Empire will be populated by you. A glorious new you, baptised by Mutalist flesh. You’ve called this a disease, an infestation? I call it Unity. One army under me. Welcome you to your new species.”
– Alad V
- The Infested are taking over areas of the Solar System. You must try to stop them, Tenno!
- You will receive an Inbox message from the Lotus with instructions on how to earn the Bounty for four different Infested enemies – Tar Mutalist MOAs, Swarm Mutalist MOAs, Brood Mothers and Boilers.
- Infested Alerts will begin appearing in the Solar System. Visit the areas of the Solar System that are under attack to take down the Infested and earn the required amount of enemy kills for each of the four Bounties.
- Each Infested you take down will contribute a point to your Bounty totals.
Required totals:
Tar Mutalist MOA: 100
Swarm Mutalist MOA: 100
Brood Mother: 50
Boiler: 50
- Upon completing each Bounty, you will receive a Reward.
Complete all four Bounties to unlock access a special Survival Mission! How long can you Survive? Make it past 30 minutes and you’ll be rewarded with a New Puncture Mod Set!
Clans can compete on this Survival mission for the leaderboards! The top 3 clans in each tier will receive a Trophy.
The Tethra’s Doom Mods are also available as drops in this event within the Survival Mission.
Tenno…the more familiar you become with these enemies, the better you’ll fare against Alad V. Get out and take down the Infested, Tenno!
A torrent of offensive destruction, Nova Prime bursts into Prime Access.
Get Nova Prime Access now and make the newest Primes yours - instantly - including Nova Prime, Soma Prime and Vasto Prime. Plus, stock up on discounted Platinum and get Exclusive Gear available only through Prime Access!
Packages include:
Harness electromagnetic energy and command control with Nova Prime, the newest addition to the ranks of elite Prime Warframes.
Add the deadly Soma and Vasto Primes to your Arsenal.
Modify your Warframe with the Pyra Prime Syandana and the Velorum Prime Sigil. Add Exclusive Nova Prime Avatars to your online presence! Speed up your in-game progress with 90-Day Affinity and Credit Boosters.
Give your Platinum supply a boost at a great price.
New Player Quests:

Once Awake
 Intercepted Grineer communications reveal that Grineer have been experimenting with some sort of bio weapon. You must investigate.
This new quest will be immediately available to any player who has completed Vor’s Prize, and can be accepted directly from the Codex.  It will also be made available to players who skipped Vor’s Prize when the quest system was first implemented, meaning that only players who are yet to complete Vor’s Prize and are brand new to Warframe will need to wait to play!
New Quest: Patient Zero
Consumed entirely by Infestation, Alad V has thrown the Solar System into turmoil using his new Infested experiments. Be warned, Tenno – Alad V is the likely cause of this new outbreak and must be stopped at all costs. Use the deadliest tools at your disposal to bring down the renegade Corpus madman!
You can encounter Alad V by beginning the PATIENT ZERO Quest. This Quest will take you through the steps to locate and fight what Alad V has become! Find Mutalist Beacons through Infestation Outbreak rewards. The Lotus needs 3 Beacons to triangulate Alad V’s position.

Mesa: The Gunslinger
Ballistic Battery: When activated, this power stores damage caused by guns. When triggered again, that damage is channeled through the next gunshot.
Shooting Gallery - Gives an ally extra damage while jamming the guns of nearby enemies. This power shifts between team members.
Shatter Shield - Envelops Mesa in a barrier of energy, reflecting back incoming bullet damage.
Peacemaker - With intense focus, Mesa draws her Regulator pistols, shooting down her foes in rapid succession.
- Obtain Mesa through defeating Mutalist Alad V!
- Longhorn Mesa Alt Helmet can be found in the Market today!
New Weapons:
-New Melee Weapon: Redeemer. Striking with massive twin blades, the Redeemer fires the killing blow with its built-it shotgun.
-New Weapon: Gammacor. Designed to quickly vaporize minerals for content analysis, users discovered its powerful beam was equally efficient at dispatching hostiles.
-New Weapon: Paracyst. Completely overwhelmed by Infested biology, this former Quanta now fires organic ordinance and a harpoon like appendage.
-New Archwing Weapon: Dual Decurion. Delivering twin streams of highly accurate, rapid-fire ordinance, the Decurion are specifically designed for combat in the vacuum of space.
-New Syndicate Weapons: Each weapon has an adjusted stat and built-in Justice / Truth / Entropy / Sequence / Purity / Blight to better reflect its Syndicate’s nature.
- Steel Meridian: Vaykor Marelok
- Arbiters of Hexis: Telos Akbolto
- Cephalon Suda: Synoid Gammacor
- Perrin Sequence: Secura Dual Cestra
- New Loka: Sancti Castanas
- Red Veil: Rakta Ballistica
Offer standing to your Syndicate of choice to obtain these new Syndicate-specific weapons!
RATHBONE: Archwing Melee
- Using Archwing’s jets for thrust, this massive hammer crushes anything in its path.
 VELOCITUS: Archwing Primary
- When fully charged, the magnetized barrel of the Velocitus accelerates a metal slug to tremendous speeds, piercing hulls and obliterating armor.
New Melee Stances:
Redeemer: High Noon. Bullets spray between wicked slash attacks.
New Infested Enemies:
New Enemy - Tar-Mutalist Moa: Discharges tar-like mucus slowing its prey.
New Enemy - Swarm-Mutalist Moa: Discharges swarms of infested spores.
New Enemy - Brood Mother: Spawns maggots that attack its target.
New Enemy - Maggot: Overwhelms prey with sheer numbers.
New Enemy - Boiler: Riddled with boils that erupt into spawn pods when hit
New Customization - Liset Exterior
Players can now customize the exterior of their Liset using New Skins and color palettes!
Customize your Liset by selecting Equipment, Decorate Liset, then Customize Hull.
Hima Liset Skin
Kuza Liset Skin
Zikha Liset Skin
Level Expansion - Corpus Ice Planet
New Mission Types - Ice Planet Mobile Defense!

-2 New Trophies!
- Added an option to preview Syndicate Sigils on your Warframe.
- Added new Mastery Tests for Rank 15>16, 16>17 and 17>18!
- Added many Archwing mods into the Archwing Interception Mission Reward pool.
- Trinity’s Immortal Skin has arrived and is now available in the Market!
- Added Rejoin Last Session as a new matchmaking option.
- Added outline icons in Survival for incoming and activating Life Support Capsules.
- New loading screen! Now you can see your new Liset customization!
- Added resource drops to enemies in Archwing Missions!

Enemy Accuracy Changes:

Enemy accuracy will now be affected dynamically depending on what movements players are doing. Sprinting, sliding, jumping, and wall-running will all decrease enemies accuracy, and the faster you move the better that penalty becomes.

Weapon Changes:

Braton Prime Changes:
- Increased Physical Damage from 25 to 35
- Increased Status Chance from 10.0% to 20.0%
- Increased Crit Multiplier from 1.5 to 2.0
- Increased Fire Rate
- Increased Magazine Size from 50 to 75
- Decreased Ammo Capacity to 375

Archwing Changes:

- Reduced AI ‘sprint’ acceleration and max ‘sprint’ speed to make enemies easier to target.
- Enemy spawns will be staggered so enemies are not as bunched together.
- Small optimization made to AI pathing in Archwing.

Stalker/Miniboss Changes:

- Stalker will now activate lockdown when he Spawns.
- All minibosses will now be targeted less frequently by other enemies in a given mission.  
- Better spawning logic and placement for all miniboss type enemies.
- Perhaps certain minibosses now have a chance to drop a Sigil….

Warframe Changes:

- Enemies targeted by Nyx’s Mind Control no longer take friendly damage until the duration of the ability ends, at which point all accumulated damage to the target is applied at once.
- Vauban’s Tesla beam from the Tesla Link Mod has received an improved visual effect to reduce visual clutter when cast multiple times and
- Vauban’s Tesla beam from the Tesla Link Mod should now properly deal Slash damage.
- Banish / Rift Walk will no longer stack energy regeneration when used on targets in a Cataclysm bubble.
- Loki’s Decoy now has an ability timer.

Interception Changes:

- Points can no longer sit neutral, they must be owned by either AI or players
- Score now scaled directly by the number of points you have, instead of being reduced if the AI owns more.
- Abandoned points (eg. was capturing but left point before completing the capture) now start to drain faster (5 seconds after leaving from 10 seconds) and drain back to the original state far quicker (at a rate of 25% per second)
- Updated all point prefabs so the points will start captured by the AI and must be taken by the player, score does not start accruing until a player captures a point

Syndicate Changes:

- Syndicate Standing gain per day now capped at 2000 + (2000 x Mastery Rank Number).

Mod Changes:

Augment Mods:
- Updated Valkyr’s Prolonged Paralysis Mod to leave enemies stunned on the ground, open to execution attacks.
- Enemies affected by Banshee’s Savage Silence Mod are now open to finishes while under the effects of crowd control.
- Reduced pull distance and increased pull force on Zephyr’s Dive Bomb Augment Mod.
- Slightly increased the range and damage of Nova’s Neutron Star Mod.
- Healing speed from Hydroid’s Curative Undertow Mod slowed. Also increased energy consumption from 2 to 5
- Buffed effects from Rhino’s Ironclad Charge Mod.
- Limited the number of links that Tesla can make when under the Tesla Link Augment. Now connects with up to 4 other Tesla orbs.
- Removed the health and shield penalties from Nekros’ Soul Punch Augment Mod
Archwing Mods:
 Energy Inversion.
- Changed from Max +20% Shield Capacity to Max +80% Shield Capacity.
 Energy Amplifier.
 - Changed from Max +6% Power Range to Max +60% Power Range.

General Changes:

- Changed the way Melee Channeling colours are generated to restore brightness to those with brighter customized selections.
- Optimized visual effects to save memory.
- Altered the Arbiters of Hexis sacrifice to be the Prime Bo Handle.
- Altered Nova's Wormhole ability sound effects to now only be audible when in the proper proximity.
- Increased the resolution of the New Loka Sigil.
- Removed redundant textures, tuned sound and texture defaults for better performance and faster load times.
- Removed the Update 14 Option on Login to choose between story/tutorial or instant Liset mode. If you haven’t logged in since before Update 14, you’ll be required to complete the tutorial.
- Added the option to have the minimap expanded or collapsed upon entering a mission. This is option can be selected in the Options Menu.
- Increased the health of Syndicate Eximus teams.
- Changed the Sacrifice item for the fourth title in the Arbiters of Hexis Syndicate.
- Changed status chance on Dual Stat Mods to be displayed as a base status chance for clarity.
- Capture targets less susceptible to knockdown and stagger locking.
- Changed the cinematic intro to the Exterminate Mastery Rank test to be cleaner.
- Changed brightness in the Visual effect of Limbo’s Rift.
- Regular attack drones and corrupted drones now play proper explosion sound, not space explosions.
- Slightly tweaked Foundry usability: when choosing to build an item in the foundry, the foundry will try to instantly return to the item being built, instead of scrolling down the list.
- Changed Calculation method of 2 Syndicate Augment mods:
= Shattering Justice (Sobek Mod) changed to max +20 Additive to base Status Chance.
= Entropy Burst (Supra Mod) changed to max +20 Additive to base Status Chance.
- Trinity’s Energy Vampire can no longer be cast on inactive Corpus turrets.
- Changed and fixed several spawning, navigation, and objective details on Eris - Viver.
- Warframes can now be rotated in the Sigil preview diorama.
- Tweaked the volumes of Ancient Screams.
- Improved the Corpus Drone engine audio and increased the audible distance of related sound effects.
- Increased the volume of Grineer hacking minigame related sound effects.
- Removed the doppler effect from Orokin alarm sound effects.
- Increased the volume of numerous Grineer combat barks.
- Increased the movement speed of co-op hack doors to match the movement speed of other doors.
- Rewrote and re-recorded one of the Archwing Quest opening transmissions.
- Reduced the amount of reverb heard on the Pyrana sound effects.
- Increased the volume of the Pyrana reload sound effect.
- Capture Targets’s Shields Drone will not provide instant shield recharges.
- Improved performance and stability of long missions by setting a cap on active Mods in a session. 50 mods can now exist simultaneously before new mods will replace the old.
- The "50 mod" = 50 simultaneous mods. It's not like once you hit 50 mods, they stop dropping forever. You can still pick up endless amounts of mods provided you pick them up as they drop (or wait a bit then go). The quick session I just had in 10 waves of defense yielded 3 Mods. I think the main point here is that some movement is required.
- Minor Improvements to Syandana physics in space.
- Performance improvements to mod-pickup effects. 
- Optimized Dojo memory use to improve performance and load times.
- Optimized game code to improve loading times and performance.
- Enemy spawn points are now spread into clusters in Dark Sector Conflicts.
- Removed brown fog from Archwing missions.
- Made small adjustments to flaming debris in Archwing Trench Run missions.
- Previewing the front sigil will now display the default color for the sigil you are viewing without changing the color of your equipped back sigil.
- Huras Kubrow Hunt Mod will now prompt Kubrow to pick an enemy near other enemies (since the charge is AoE).
- Added knockdown to Huras Kubrow charge that should make enemies hit suffer an entertaining knockback.
- Gilded Truth Mod will now provide a multiplier of 1.2 instead of a multiplier of 0.2.
- Moved Vor’s transmissions during Vor’s Prize to sit on the right hand side of the screen to reduce obstruction.
- Adjusted timers on special effects particles to prevent lingering FX (ie. smoke from destroyed crates).
- Removed Neural Sensor Requirements from Large Restore Crafting Recipes.
- Eximus units in the Void now require 3 scans for a Codex entry, as opposed to the original 20.
- Changed all entries of ‘Fire’, ‘Poison’ or ‘Freeze’ damage elements to ‘Heat’, ‘Toxin’ and ‘Cold’ respectively to remove inconsistency.
- Archwing Parts (Weapons etc.) are now untradeable.
- Adjusted holster position for staff weapons on Hydroid.
- Relocated capture and spawn points on Viver, Interception missions.
- Improved the weapon trail on the Fragor/Brokk attack animations.
- Viver, Eris is now a Infested Hive mission to return Eris to a purely Infested region.
- Base standing gain now ten times faster than before.
- Notification message when failing to meet a Conclave restriction will now be more informative.
- Capture targets are now immune to Nyx’s Mind Control.
- Life Support drop rate in Survival will now scale with node difficulty.
- Archwing weapons can no longer be purchased if Archwing Quest has not been completed
- Made slight lighting changes to Dojo so that objects feel more connected within the Dojo’s environment.
- Made several adjustments to Syndicate XP sounds.
- Added sound and particle FX to sending a Gift, same as when buying an item.
- Removed unnecessary audio cues from Syndicate Death Squad sounds.
- Raptor boss will now play a proper 3D transmission when taunting players, instead of its previous 2D image.
- Improved load times for clients
- Improved texture streaming settings.
- Altered the icons seen on the Syndicates screen to better support foreign language translations.
- Improved tintmask visuals.
- Improved the performance of in game spawn points.
- Warframes will now play a standard animation when Sigils are being previewed.
- Updated Augment Mod cards to specify what type of augment they are.
- Certain hallways and catwalks have been given a facelift!
- Performed multiple optimizations toward memory usage reduction.
- Increased the sound gain on numerous Syndicate Powers.
- Increased the volume on numerous Moa attack sound effects.
- Improved the look and performance of many head tracking animations seen during the tutorial levels.
- Removed a number of low performance sprites effects to improve shader memory.
- Made various other improvements to memory efficiency.
- Made several improvements to the consumable item wheel including making item selection easier to see.
- Added ability timer for Saryn’s Molt.
- Updated Inventory page to reflect changes made to the UI post Update 14.
- Removed unnecessary descriptive wording from Ordis transmission in Limbo Theorem Quest.
- Updated visual on Velocitus hit effect, increased visual distance of shot.
- Removed the word ‘charge’ from the Scoliac’s Codex description as it’s no longer relevant.
- Made various tweaks to lighting, bloom and particle effects.
- Defense and Survival now have a finite length during Invasions / Outbreaks to match Alerts.
- Survival start mission console Ciphers will now be easy, regardless of enemy levels.
- Updated trading in Dojo to no longer incorrectly display Mod stacks. Will now properly display how many Mods are being offered in a trade.
- Added Ability Augment category to Mods and Upgrade screen.
- Changed boss scaling to consider Mastery Rank 0 players. Should prevent boss encounters from becoming too difficult at lower ranks when higher rank players join missions.
- Frost’s Freeze ability now has an AoE on impact similar to Ember’s Fireball.
- Increased Outbreak rewards on ‘Hard’ Planets: Doubled the offered rewards (i.e 2x Fieldron, etc).
- Players can no longer use or benefit from energy restore items while using an Ability that drains energy.
- Those under the effect of Limbo's Banish can now un-banish themselves via acrobatics: Front roll or backflip will reverse the Banish.
- Made various optimizations to help reduce load times and video memory consumption
- Updated in-store icon for the Dendra Armor better represent the purchasable item.
- Vauban’s Ability grenades have received their own unique texture!
- Infested minions will no longer make sounds after dying.
- Reduced frequency of Lotus transmission notifications.  Lotus will now remind players about unstarted quests once every three days.
- Multiple NPCs can now use the zipline at once.
- Increased the radius of Infested Hive ambient sounds.
- Updated animations on new Thrown weapon combos.
- Updated map navigation to upper areas of Ice Planet, Mobile Defense that was previously unavailable.
- Added extra security terminals to Ice Planet tileset to help prevent players becoming trapped in any rooms.
- Weapons that have secondary fire abilities can no longer use their primary fire while the secondary is active. This fix affects weapons that require the secondary fire button to be held down.
- Nyx’s Mind Control is now a toggable ability.
- Made ambient Archwing music a little quieter.
- Various adjustments have been made to AI footstep audio.
- Missions that have been aborted or failed no longer reward players with Syndicate Standing.

Archwing Fixes:

- Fixed description for Elytron’s Core Vent ability incorrectly stated that it hurts enemies.
- Fixed an issue with Archwing melee weapons not extending when viewed in the Arsenal.
- Fixed color changes on Archwing weapons appearing to revert when modified in Arsenal, changes now correctly saved.
- Fixed Archwing parts loading into non-archwing missions.
- Fixed Odonata’s Disarray not affecting Dreg Spheres.
- Fixed Elytron’s Core Vent not affecting Dreg Spheres.
- Fixed the activation of Odonata Archwing abilities not properly issuing 25/50/75/100 Affinity respective of ability used (1/2/3/4).


- Fixed Captain Vor not firing his Void Key Laser Beam in the Tutorial.  
- Fixed an issue with Syndicate messages not appearing properly in different languages.
- Fixed Syndicate Assassins joining as allies if you're supporting their faction on an Invasion node.
- Fixed an issue with Archwing components not appearing in the Archwing tab of the Foundry.
- Fixed Ragdoll death effects causing performance drops.
- Fixed the Liset being semi-invisible during the first Archwing Mission end cinematic.
- Fixed an issue with incorrect stats being displayed on the Profile page.
- Fixed a loss of functionality that could be encountered while opening the View Mission Progress window during the tutorial.
- Fixed an issue with performing a directional air melee attack right before landing, would cause the player's weapon to remain holstered while firing.
- Fixed an issue with the End of Mission results screen title becoming incorrectly swapped if the player clicks on the Syndicate Title.
- Fixed an issue with Sentinel Stats not appearing correctly in the end of mission stats if the Sentinel is dead.
- Fixed an issue with ‘Power in Use’ occurring on Limbo’s Banish when used on certain enemies (Grineer Rollers).
- Fixed various map holes across multiple tilesets.
- Fixed a random black barrier blocking the objective room in Archwing Sabotage missions.
- Fixed only seeing Fusion Cores when prompting the Mod Inventory screen.
- Fixed PBR error that caused black textures to appear on Liset and star map.
- Fixed Grineer Archwing enemies not playing movement sounds for clients.
- Fixed an issue with expanded minimaps being reverted to a small state after hacking minigames.
- Fixed an issue with Aura Polarity slots being swappable with Mod slots.
- Fixed Event Nodes not automatically being chosen after selecting it in the World State Panel.
- Fixed Burst weapons fire rate being frame-rate dependent (Semi-automatic weapon fix to come!).
- Fixed in-game Market packages not being purchasable.
- Fixed Grineer Archwing enemies not playing movements sounds for clients.
- Fixed Codex Quest info appearing in a wrong location after attempting to scroll within the text box.
- Fixed the in-game Market not showing the price of items if you've already purchased them.
- Fixed being able to navigate away from a selected Syndicate banner when you're viewing their detailed info panel.
- Fixed an ice chunk texture colliding with the crashed Corpus ship.
- Fixed being able to select an already selected Syndicate banner.
- Fixed the Dark Sector Status Menu displaying 12 Mod slots.
- Fixed the Dark Sector Status Menu only displaying progress towards Mods placed in the Aura/Stance/bottom right slot.
- Fixed absent End of Mission results screen for Dark Sector missions.
- Fixed overlapping text in the mission info panel.
- Fixed activating a hack panel while sliding, causing you to keep sliding past the screen.
- Fixed absent Archwing movement/flight sounds upon joining a mission.
- Fixed the Archwing button in Arsenal overlapping Chat Box when displayed in Spanish.
- Fixed issues with minimap waypoint generation in trench runs.
- Fixed Mirage’s Hall of Mirrors clones not animating if you are using a different frames Animation Stance.
- Fixed issues with Crewman in Bastille not being affected by headshots with the Opticor.
- Fixed an issue with Syndicat Sigils appearing as tradeable in the Dojo.
- Fixed an issue where purchasing things in the Arsenal and loading into a mission will not save any of the changes made after the purchase.
- Fixed an issue with Arcane Helmet descriptions not showing in the Arsenal.
- Fixed a UI issue on the reward screen in Defense missions which would not show any rewards to players if a Host Migration occurred.  
- Fixed an issue where Rank-Up test messages would continuously appear even after declining.
- Fixed broken UI and overlapping text when pausing during the End of Mission screen.
- Fixed an issue with the Opticor not having a listed Trigger type.
- Fixed multiple crashes and gameplay freezes.
- Fixed Sugatras not being visible when equipping them.
- Fixed Power Cell Carrier enemies not spawning in Limbo Quest Excavation mission.
- Fixed new "Prefer Overlay Map" setting not appearing in Options > HUD menu.
- Fixed game becoming unresponsive when using Transmutation
- Fixed doors and hack panels locked by the Stalker not always unlocking after he leaves.
- Fixed incorrect camera position when previewing Sigils.
- Fixed in-world tutorial messages being obscured by environmental objects.
- Fixed gameplay crashes.
- Fixed Revive button resulting in an instant mission fail when playing alone.
- Fixed Archwing Trench Run levels having invisible walls.
- Fixed issue with AI flying into geometry in Archwing missions.
- Fixed stealth finishers being far less effective than they should be.
- Fixed Christmas coming early for Dojo Decorations.
- Fixed an issue with melee channeling effects not properly matching the selected energy color.
- Fixed several Sigil icons appearing as ammo boxes.
- Fixed potential issues with Interception and Defense reward screens not showing mods or player names past certain waves.
- Fixed an issue with Odonata’s Energy Shell impeding Melee attack homing on enemies.
- Fixed issues with floating rooms and items on Europa.
- Fixed an incorrect objective marker on the minimap during the Archwing Quest.
- Fixed Mag's Bullet Attractor killing player sentinels.
- Fixed a floating Cryopod in Corpus Defense maps.
- Fixed an issue with players not always receiving Cryotic after completing an Excavation mission.
- Fixed a loss of functionality that could occur when attempting to access the Syndicates menu via the Pause Menu.
- Fixed a number of broken visuals associated with breaking windows during Trench Run mission.
- Corrected an outdated Basic Training Codex line.
- Fixed a scaling issue seen with Valkyr’s ambient visual effects during Archwing missions.
- Fixed an issue with Infested Healing Ancients spamming their charge sound effects.
- Fixed another instance of lockdown’s not ending correctly after the Stalker leaves.
- Fixed an instance of the Stalker getting stuck in waiting to spawn mode on Interception and Defense maps.
- Fixed a number of AI navigation issues seen on certain Ice Planet tiles.
- Fixed an issue with Ash’s Smoke Shadow Augment lasting forever if cast by a client who subsequently quits the mission.
- Fixed an issue with Ash’s Smoke Shadow affecting Defense targets.
- Fixed an issue with enemies not always spawning at the start of Capture missions.
- Fixed an issue with the player getting stuck in missions if the End of Mission screen appeared while viewing mission progress via the pause menu.
- Fixed an issue with getting inside asteroids
- Fixed a Client-side hitch when Miniboss type enemies spawn.
- Fixed issue with floating props on the Gas City tileset.
- Fixed Resource drop chance boosters having no effect in game. We are currently generating a script to refund all purchases, stand by, this may take a while.
- Fixed weapons being enabled in the Liset after releasing the Grustrag Bolt (for real this time).
- Fixed missing localization for Solar Rail customizations.
- Fixed an issue with the Kubrow and Sentinel Codex entries freezing the game.
- Fixed an issue with the Ballistica where it would only burst fire on the first attempt. After that the "tap fire" would only shoot once.
- Fixed an issue where Ballistica’s magazines floated after reloading.
- Fixed size scaling issues on Melee Attachments.
- Fixed minor grammar and typo errors on Training entries.
- Fixed an issue with Dojo Transporters being broken if created without a name.
- Fixed numerous instances of Sargas Ruk being spelled ‘Sargus’.
- Fixed issues with Excavation Scanners sometimes not appearing in missions.
- Fixed issues with the correct appearance of Harvester/Grustrag 3 Deathmarks on Profile Screens.
- Fixed an issue with missing Orokin Stairs.
- Fixed issues with brightness on the Corpus Outpost levels.
- Fixed an issue with energy colours not working on Archwings.
- Fixed an issue with a checkered wall blocking progression on certain areas of the Infested Ship tileset.
- Fixed a UI Bug that made Affinity Orbs appear to give 100 Affinity in the ‘pickup ticker’ when a Affinity Booster is active, when 200 Affinity was in fact being rewarded.
- Fixed pause menu becoming inaccessible when viewing mission progress.
- Fixed a crash that would occur for players with pending recipes available on login.
- Fixed an error where Kubrow would still be heard when using Arsenal or when muted.
- Fixed issue where using the search bar for Mods would always display Fusion Cores in the results.
- Fixed a game freeze that could occur when selecting an event from the World State Window.
- Fixed scrollbar inaccuracies in Events tab of World State Window.
- Fixed inbox messages breaking after transmissions have played.
- Fixed some profiles appearing incorrectly as Grand Master.
- Fixed Trench Run minimap issues to correctly display objective marker and load correct room.
- Fixed issue with Huras Kubrow Hunt Mod where charge would end after 5 frames of no movement.
- Fixed issue with Huras Kubrow Hunt Mod where all Kubrow in mission would share the same cooldown recharge time.
- Fixed issue that caused Sigils to never display warframe energy color.
- Fixed issue that caused planets to not zoom in when on Solar Map, also reduced lingering on the full map once a planet/node has been selected.
- Fixed dual wielded secondary weapons appearing in players hands in Archwing Arsenal.
- Fixed menu tabs not displaying correctly when player switches quickly from one tab to the next.
- Fixed login screen not displaying last used Warframe, should now be corrected after one login.
- Fixed defense objective on Ceres alerts spawning off the lift, breaking enemy pathing.
- Fixed loading issue with Grineer shipyard zones.
- Fixed Europa incorrectly displaying 500-1200 conclave requirement, now properly reads 500-1000.
- Fixed pathing error on Infested Corpus Ship tileset that would occur when entering certain hallways.
- Fixed continued issues with Stalker not spawning properly.
- Fixed Flappy Zephyr missing from leaderboards.
- Fixed Rathbone requiring two handles to craft, now reduced to one handle.
- Fixed Sigils not showing their proper selected color.
- Fixed Rathbone having 9 Mod slots, reduced to 8.
- Made improvements to Archwing enemy navigation, should no longer get stuck in asteroids when being fired at.
- Fixed Gilded Truth Mod giving higher fire rate than intended, now gives up to 80% when fully maxed.
- Fixed issue that caused Zephyr suddenly stopping mid air due to physics bug.
- Fixed VIP not spawning in quest defense missions.
- Fixed World State Window not accessing a Syndicate Mission on a planet you haven’t unlocked.
- Fixed script error that would stop progress on Capture missions.
- Fixed portions of Ice Planet tileset near crashed ship where players could fall out of map.
- Fixed Interception point D on Corpus Ship, no longer floating off the ground.
- Fixed issue regarding host-migration, items will no longer be lost during host-migration mid Defense or Interception missions.
- Joining an Archwing mission that’s already in progress will no longer mute Archwing sounds.
- Fixed inaccurate collision on crashed ship on Ice Planet tileset.
- Fixed players not receiving Archwing during space extraction cinematic on Archwing quest mission. 
- Fixed instance when Molt’s decoy would not properly die at the end of the ability.
- Fixed unintentional cap on Syndicate bonus standing gain.
- Fixed Phage sound firing indefinitely when player is killed / revived.
- Fixed Mastery Sigils being unable to identify players Mastery Rank correctly.
- Fixed the name of a Clan now properly updating within an Alliance.
- Fixed Stalker’s music not looping.
- Fixed Infested behavior to sprint to target rather than briskly walking.
- Fixed Mastery rank of Sigils resetting on login.
- Fixed Eximus enemies that required too many scans in Codex (mostly Orokin).  Reduced scan requirement to 3.   Please note, should also fix Affinity Issues with Corrupted Eximus units.  An attempt was made to fix this in 15.2.0, but we’ve got it for real this time!
- Fixed Elytron Warhead damage and radius not increasing when ranked up.
- Fixed Spectres being unable to use the Opticor correctly.
- Fixed players being able to fly through Grineer ships in Archwing with no collision.
- Fixed Archwing not equipping to players during third mission of the Archwing quest.
- Fixed issue where rare Loot Crates would cause mission to not save any items obtained once mission was completed.
- Fixed the Grustrag Three and Zanuka not spawning properly under particular circumstances.
- Fixed Challenge tab locking up if player inspects tab but hasn’t completed any challenges.
- Fixed Nyx’s Absorb not playing the end explosion animation.
- Fixed Limbo’s Banish ability playing the incorrect sound.
- Fixed issues with Grineer Skiff and Drone sounds in Archwing missions.
- Fixed Extractor Drones getting wrong system’s resources. 
- Fixed the Corvas charge shot not having any additional effect or damage.
- Fixed error that would leave players running instead of flying in space during final Archwing quest.
- Fixed Archwing missions allowing players without an Archwing to start mission
- Fixed an issue in Archwing Interception missions that could affect enemy spawning.
- Fixed Archwing Interception objective point generation that was causing map generation issues.
- Fixed an issue where players completing the final mission of an Invasion set would not receive battle pay if the Invasion completes while they are in the mission. There is now a one hour grace period for missions in progress.
- Fixed an issue with the World State bar overlapping the notifications window.
- Fixed Ember’s Fire Blast only damaging targets once, rather than causing damage over time.
- Fixed issue where Nova’s Null Star could cause game to freeze.
- Fixed various Augment Mod bugs.
- Fixed pricing and scroll bar display issues on Prime Access and Prime Accessories Marketplace tab.
- Fixed an issue with mis-aligned objects in Ice Planet tunnel.
- Fixed issue in French, Italian and Russian UI that would cause text overlap on the Mission Result screen.
- Fixed issue where Matchmaking dropdown would get stuck on player’s screen after entering Navigation.
- Fixed UI incorrectly selecting equipment from the top left tile when navigating equipment.
- Fixed a number of text strings running off the screen when viewing certain Codex pages in specific languages.
- Fixed an issue with Extract button that appears in Extraction and Interception missions exceeding the size of the associated button when playing in certain languages.
- Fixed squad invites sometimes auto-accepting.
- Fixed various issues with the elevator on the Ice Planet tileset.
- Fixed planet, node and matchmaking buttons not notifying players when selectable.
- Fixed Saryn’s Molt not dying properly when the ability expires. Also removed Molt image properly when Molt dies.
- Fixed login rewards potentially causing a game freeze.
- Fixed textures on Corpus door frames that allowed players to see outside the level.
- Fixed markers created by a player in Rescue saying ‘Enemy’ if attached to hostage NPC.
- Fixed bug that caused Mind Controlled enemies to only die when killed by clients, and not the host.
- Fixed loot crates and NPCs spawning inside of walls / the ground.
- Fixed spawn trigger that would cause players to respawn outside of a level.
- Fixed respawn trigger on Ice Planet tileset that would cause players to become stuck in a teleport loop between two objects.
- Fixed occasional instances of overlay map not functioning when joining a mission in progress.
- Fixed weapons inaccurately showing increased accuracy % when equipped with a Mod that gives negative accuracy.
- Fixed players being able to activate Archwing early during the third Archwing quest by jumping out of a window on the Corpus ship. Kinda made sense, but still not ok.
- Fixed tileset art overlapping on some levels.
- Fixed Infested tileset features appearing in non-Infestation missions.
- Fixed Marketplace not counting Noggle decorations that have been placed as Noggle decorations owned.
- Fixed improper indentation on Nova’s Abilities panel.
- Fixed lockers appearing both red and green for clients.
- Fixed Auto-install Mod option equipping two of the same type of Mod with different levels. Will now only equip one Mod per type, favoring higher ranked Mod.
- Fixed Ciphers not solving Corpus minigames.
- Fixed resources not appearing in player’s inventory.
- Fixed error that would occur when scrolling through inventory while highlighting sorting tabs.
- Fixed reconnection errors that would occur when attempting to rejoin a session that you’ve been dropped from.
- Fixed enemies not taking damage from Rhino’s Charge when under the effect of Ironclad Charge. Also correct strength Mods double applying to explosion damage.
- Fixed Mastery Sigil rank not displaying properly in profile diorama.
- Fixed Stalker music blending in with level music in some instances.
- Fixed ‘global’ chat channels not appearing when in the Liset.
- Fixed an issue where opening a player profile when your profile was already open would show your stats instead of selected player’s stats.
- Fixed clients in Excavation being unable to see the scanner (but can still see waypoints and effects).
- Fixed issue where signing in with one profile, logging out, and then signing in with a second profile will give the second profile the wrong keybindings.
- Fixed player not being able to leave the Market after entering the Market
- Fixed various localization issues for text descriptions.
- Fixed typo on Oberon’s Smite Infusion Mod.
- Fixed error when selecting Show Profile immediately after loading into game.
- Fixed enemy bodies becoming invisible after dying inside of Hydroid’s Undertow.
- Fixed Ash’s Bladestorm disabling all stealth finishers after use.
- Fixed Extractor Drones picking up the wrong planets resources. (For real this time!)
- Fixed issues with Interception missions showing rewards as Waves in increments of 5 (like Defense) instead of Rounds in increments of 1.
- Fixed a hole on Ice Planet that players could fall into.
- Fixed UI Codex dioramas displaying unintended elements of the UI.
- Fixed floating NPC spawn points on Ice Planet Mobile Defense missions
- Fixed enemy pathing that would cause enemies to sometimes to leap into pits to their death.
- Fixed Infested Ancients getting stuck at spawn points on Grineer Asteroid Defense tileset.
- Fixed issue with Helios not scanning properly.
- Fixed Nekros’ Shadows of the Dead ability when spawning Kubrows.  Kubrows spawned now have the correct visual effects and will die once Shadows of the Dead has expired.
- Fixed players seeing two ‘C’ points during Archwing Interception after a host migration.
- Fixed energy efficiency Mods not applying to Nekros’ Desecrate and Valkyr’s Rip Line.
- Fixed enemies not spawning as frequently on Ice Planet Mobile Defense missions.
- Fixed Infested Ancients not melee attacking players.
- Fixed transmutations not working when using more than one type of Mod.
- Fixed rewards from aborted Alert missions appearing in future Mission Results screens.  This used to occur after a player would abort an Alert and then proceeded to start a new mission.
- Fixed issue in Archwing Interception that would cause enemy team to gain points when owning no territories.  
- Fixed Infested jumping off level to their death after a host migration.
- Fixed an error causing a false entry in the Codex
- Fixed an issue in Hive Infestation that caused Excalibur’s Radial Javelin to cease functioning.
- Fixed Clients not counting achievements that track deaths due to damage dealt.
- Fixed a rare instance of item keys falling through the floor.
- Fixed enemy drones getting stuck on objects / running in circles. This should fix the common cases in Void Defense where Orokin Drones get stuck at spawn.
- Fixed enemies aiming at your actual position if they cannot see the player.
- Fixed error caused by Grineer Scorpions.
- Fixed numerous unusual AI navigation issues.
- Fixed an error that would occur when ranking up a Syndicate playing in Russian.
- Fixed an error on Dark Sector battlepay that inadvertently caused Defender information to be erased once there was no reserve pay available.
- Fixed Infested Swarm Armor buff overriding player’s Corrosive Projection Aura.
- Fixed uncommon issues with players falling out of Ice Planet tileset.
- Fixed hole in Archwing Corpus Trench Run tileset.
- Fixed the main menu occasionally becoming blocked by other text elements on screen (ie - objectives, player names, markers)
- Fixed pathing on enemies walking through Ice Planet tileset ship tunnels.
- Fixed weapons with fire rate below 1 not accurately displaying stat changes when Mods are applied.
- Fixed an issue where several weapon types did not have a proper slide-attack event hooked up, resulting in a ‘broken’ feel when attempting to use advanced maneuvers.  
- Fixed Excalibur’s Radial Javelin not stunning enemies who survive the attack.
- Fixed incorrect calculation on Fire Rate for charged weapons when equipping Mods that affect Fire Rate.
- Fixed various broken objective markers on Ice Planet tileset.
- Fixed enemies shooting through crates surrounding Mobile Defense console on Ice Planet tileset.
- Fixed error caused by aborting a Survival mission mid-mission when not hosting.
- Fixed holes in Archwing Corpus tileset.
- Fixed navigation bars in the Codex overlapping when backing out of a selection under Enemies.
- Fixed Archwing Interception missions force extracting players still within mission bounds.
- Fixed issue caused by falling off the edge during the Mastery Rank 15 test, causing players to be caught in a teleport loop.
- Fixed performance issues that would occur in long sessions where Vauban's Vortex was often used, resulting in FPS issues.
- Fixed Conclaves being unplayable.



-Fixed issue with Mesa BP causing freeze. 

-Fixed Ruinous Extension to work with Gammacor.

-Fixed alignment of dropdown box for Clan and Friends lists.

-Fixed broken texture on ice planet mobile defense.

-Fixed invasion battle pay not being awarded.

-Added some additional loc translations.



-Fixed bug with Rank 1 Antimatter drop

-Fixed Arsenal bug that prevented rotating
-Fixed bug with Orokin Sabotage caches


-Fixed issue with new Prime parts not dropping. 

-Fixed issue with english showing for Russian players


-Fixed an issue with inbox videos causing a crash. 



-Fixed a bug in the Cold Revenge Tactical Alert that prevented some players from progressing.

-Fixed issue with Patient Zero BP now showing properly in the Market.  


-Removed Holiday items from Market. 

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- Can't spin my Warframe and Kubrow in the Arsenal.

- Lower end of the Dragon Nikana is bugged AGAIN. The band has no animation and is only stiff.

- Harkonar Syandana is more bugged than before on the lower end.

- Mastery Sigil 11 looks like a very low resolution.

Edited by (PS4)NeroRedgrave
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I have ran into the update the primes appear no where in the Codex the game freezes when you try to by the Mesa blueprint unless your paying for the warframe or bundle with plat (funny). The game is bugged DE plz help!

We're working on correcting both of those bugs. Sorry about that. 

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Couple things: Ability Damage on body-part multipliers is still broken. Broke with Archwing update. (Can no longer headshot with Paralysis or Rhino Stomp basically 1/2 damage compared to pre-GU15, when accounting that although we got a 55% powers strength increase most enemy levels were raised so losing the ability to get the body-part multipliers is just a damage Nerf.)

Cannot complete Patient Zero as not all the Hives are able to be damage even if it says 5/5 Tumors destroyed, making the Hive undestroyable; thus mission cannot be completed and Quest cannot be completed.)

Will add video link in a bit.

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