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Void Drop Tables' Rotation C Was Stealth Nerfed, Please Raise Awareness Of This Issue

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IMPORTANT! Everyone! Please raise your concerns about this rotation C issue in THIS topic so it is addressed in the next dev stream!


(Please PM me screenshots of your Rotation C drops so I can use them as evidence in this topic)

Firstly, remember the line in the prime gear drop location topic that stated that rotation c had a 100% guaranteed prime drop? That line was removed from the topic without a word from the devs, take a look:


I'm noticing that the guaranteed random prime part at round 4 intercept, wave 15 defense, 20 minute survival is no longer guaranteed at all. I just ran 8 rounds of t4 intercept and got:

r5 core, forma, akbronco prime, forma, akbronco prime, r5 corex5, akbronco prime, wyrm prime systems.

I ran t2 survival and got

R5 core, R5 core, R5 corex5, forma.

I ran t4 defense and got forma, forma, forma, forma, R5 core, R5 core, braton prime reciever, forma, R5 core, forma, forma, forma. Holy jesus how high is that forma drop rate??

While I don't have screenshots of these drops, I HAVE found some to backup my point:






These pictures are of any screwed up rotation c rewards outside of the void (Sabotage key farming, anyone?):




this pattern is recurring in almost all my runs. And before you all cry "that's just bad luck bro" I'd like to point out I'm not screaming that the new prime parts be handed to me, I'm saying that I'm not even getting CRAP prime parts. Please stop putting forma and cores in the rotation C, It is highly upsetting

edit: To clarify, many are not understanding the nature of this topic. We are NOT complaining about the RNG, we are complaining about the stealth changes made to rotation c of drop tables, as none of us want cores, keys, and forma for rotation c. Keep that stuff in rotation A, it was fine there

DE, I respectully request you change back the rotation C changes, as it was fine the way it was and made farming far more tolerable

To anybody that wants more info on the screwed up drop tables, PM me and I will link you to reliable resources about the borked drop tables

IMPORTANT EDIT: DE acknowledged this issue in the 45th devstream, I am hopeful that they will address the issue properly

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shield should not interfere with your weapon (ability will still be nullify)

all of my yes

Right now they are too OP, but blocking abilities only will do the job.

Um....we arent talking about nullifers at All dude.....what?

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shield should not interfere with your weapon (ability will still be nullify)

all of my yes

Right now they are too OP, but blocking abilities only will do the job.

wrong thread?

we'r talking about viod drop table.


Edit: ninja'd thx to slow net...

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I also don't like how much you have to wait for rotation C to come again. It's not even worthy to keep going past 20 minutes/20 waves/4 rounds if you have keys to spare (which is the case with T4 keys and OD).


And yeah, just finished a T3 survival, Forma BP at 20 and 40 minutes. It feels like playing for 40 minutes to get punished (because T4 def drops them pretty often when enemies start much weaker than they are in T3 after 30 minutes).


They really should reward people better for staying longer.



Though at least it's not as bad as 4 natural talents in a row and no T4 key at round 8, because you just got 5 Natural Talent instead, if not more.

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alright, i totally agree ...


i was doing T1 def for 12hours long since this morning and i'm pretty rich in cores and keyz now ...

seriously, the waves 5 - 10 - 15 rewards only cores and keyz ??? WHY ???


as for the time spent in (would be same as survival) my clan mates and i spent 45min doing 40waves of defense for 2prime parts and a ton of cores and keyz

that's definitely not rewarding and kinda disgust me from doing void

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That's the old rotation. It was changed to AABC (matching the survival rotation) once rewards became stackable.

This ^




And after C it starts over again actually.. which is no-fun

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The problem is they stuff too much into Void drop tables. I've been saying this since 2013.

They really need to add more Void missions if they want to keep these drops in the Void...just adding the items is drowning the loot and players.

The loot itself is being beaten down by the RNG...because the more loot you add the more numbers you add and certain numbers will come up more often than others...The players are being beaten down because after so many runs and NOT getting even KIND OF close to what you're grinding for,many will just walk away and leave the content to rot...


I'm not against RNG...AT ALL. I do think it needs an overhaul though...We need MORE missions with SMALLER loot tables.

Each mission should have 4 basic rewards 25% drop chance) and one 1% drop that is rarer and more desirable.

(JUST an example)

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