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A Warframe Concept: The Dragon [2.0] — Final Update 2/09/2015


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What happened to this concept?  It would be totally awesome in-game.

With zero response from DE, I've given up on it. It's not like I'm part of the Design Council, so it doesn't really seem to matter what I suggest.

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With zero response from DE, I've given up on it. It's not like I'm part of the Design Council, so it doesn't really seem to matter what I suggest.

Don't lose your hope yet man, you never know what could later on. But you do what you think is best, what i'm trying to say is that it doesn't matter if the dragon doesn't get in-game, as long you do the things you love to do, if you love to draw and show it to the world that your a great artist, is all you need. If you love to draw you draw, if you want to put in a game or something is your choice it doesn't matter what peoples want we're not your boss or anything is what you want to do not us, i'm/we're only here to admired the arts of other's and your one of them! So it doesn't matter if it doesn't get in the game and it doesn't matter what peoples think, you do what "YOU WANT" to do, its your life and nobody's else remember that! That's all I gotta say...man I hope I didn't over do it?! Laurent out ;-)

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-sigh- sadly... the design council has the higher saying.... us normal/regular/average people, can throw out ideas, but ultimately, the design councils are the ones to decide since apparently their voice/idea are more important than ours.... but i do hope this gets put in, it seems really awesome.


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DE picked the suggestions for the DC to vote on... wished this one had got in, but.. oh well.. theres always 'next time'. DE steve did want a new warframe every major update, so.. (livestream 6 i think it was)

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I like most of everything in the 2nd concept but I'm not a big fan of abilities that effect weapons sorta like saryn with were poison melee attacks -not a big fan- Overall I love the idea and I hope it makes it through in game.

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I WOULD SIMPLY LOVE to see that winged lancer ability implemented in some Warframe!

Allowing you to fly freely, i can already imagine myself playing with it xD.

Hope there is something like that in the future of Warframe.

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I've always preferred sci-fi/steampunk to medieval themes, and invariably the medieval fans will try to inject their style into things. I think I'll go into the official Dark Souls forums and ask them, "Have you guys considered laser pistols?" I thought the abilities you came up with were cool, though.

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Monster hunter reincarnated xD all in all its good, I like the skill idea but I guess the concept look should be less rigid and spikey(not that I hate it but), its sort of too far off from the usually WF look.

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Dragon needs to be made into a Warframe. If the community knew about this guy... he would have to be made. DE needs to show case amazing concepts like this on the stream and get a poll going in the design council. 

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ok, its obvious this is going in the game...and that make me happy! XD btw if this doesnt get selected and it ends up being another female warframe who's first abiltity is the only good one then i will be mad...and you guys probably know im talking about nova. :|

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You should be the one who desing the Warframes(Sorry DE), you have some great talent. You even take the work to do the abilities and history of the concept, amazing. I really hope they accept your idea and even hire you if possible :P.

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As only two tanks currently exist in the game (Rhino and Frost), here is my proposal for a third tank warframe, which I have dubbed "Dragon." It functions as a hybridized team-oriented tank, mixing team support and defense abilities with high-offense skills at a cost to his defenses.



—Highly mobile, melee-heavy tank (or pure melee-focused bruiser)

—Introduction of "plasma" as an element type (basically, lower damage, anti-armor/anti-Infestation blue fire)

—An Infestation-influenced warframe (for increased organic aesthetic)


[i'm not an expert on Warframe lore or physics or science, so keep in mind I'll probably say stupid, fictional things! Be gentle, please.]



Not long ago, a prototype warframe was invented by the Tenno, dubbed "Torch." Its purpose: to use high-power plasma cutters mounted on its gauntlets and fueled by internal power cells to destroy the reinforced metal armor of Grineer foes, as well as to "cleanse" the taint of Infestation. Though not as devastating as Ember's fire, Torch's plasma weaponry had capabilities Ember didn't, through focused destruction.


One day, while on a test run cleansing Infestation from the outer edges of the Sol system, Torch's Tenno found himself badly outnumbered by Infested. He had made a miscalculation, venturing too near Naeglar, the heart of Infestation around the lost planet of Eris.




(something about possible new Infested boss, and an attempted Infestation of the Torch warframe that resulted in a personality change in the Tenno and a mutation of the exo-armor, resulting in Dragon)




Rough Art Concept 



Alternate Helmet 'Zirnitra' Rough Concept(s) ↓



I'll be going by Wiki stats in order to define what I'd consider his abilities.


HEALTH: 100 (= Rhino/Frost)

POWER: 150 (> Rhino/Frost)

ARMOR: 150 (= Rhino/Frost)

SHIELD CAPACITY: 100 (< Rhino/Frost)

SHIELD RECHARGE: 22.5 (= Rhino/Frost)

SPRINT SPEED: 1.0 (> Rhino/Frost)



Dragon is highly dependent on his abilities and his mobility; thus, he sacrifices a larger shield capacity for greater power and greater speed. He's a big, fast guy.



1. PLASMA BREATH — 25 Energy — Dragon releases a blast of plasma (think blue fire) from his gauntlets in a cone in front of him, dealing 50/50/75/100 plasma(?) damage (increased damage to Infested). For 10 seconds (at all levels), enemies that have been hit by the Plasma Breath have reduced defenses (melted armor) and may catch fire (i.e. fire panic effects). Leveling up the skill increases its range. Affected by Continuity, Focus, and Reach.

Alternate Name: Plasma Burn


2. DRAGONSKIN — 35-50 Energy — For a duration of 10/15/20/25 seconds, Dragon's health and shields continuously regenerate (even while taking damage) and Dragon deals increased melee damage. While in this state, Dragon cannot be staggered or knocked down. Affected by Continuity and Focus.

Alternate Name: Dragonscale Armor, Berserker


3. RING OF DEATH — 50-75 Energy — Dragon creates a large, burning circle of plasma that lasts for 15/20/25/30 seconds. Dragon, his allies and allied objects (such as the warframe cryopod) within the circle take reduced ranged damage from enemies outside the Ring. Enemies inside the Ring are dealt increased damage from all sources, even from allies outside the Ring. Affected by Continuity.

Alternate Name: Ring of Challenge, Ring of Defiance


4. PLASMA STORM — 100 Energy — Dragon deals 1000/1000/1000/1000 plasma(?) damage in an enormous globe around him (increased damage to Infested). Enemy defenses, fire rate, and movement are reduced for a duration of 10 seconds (at all levels). Leveling up the skill increases its range. Enemies may catch fire. Affected by ContinuityFocus, and Reach.

Alternate Name: Dragon Storm


Tell me what you think!


EDIT: Reduced sprint speed from 1.2 to 1.0.




ALTERNATE VARIANT: High-Damage Melee Bruiser Specialist


Modified Warframe Design with Visible Back (Also, Potential Boss?) 




POWER: 150

ARMOR: 100 (reduced from 150)



SPRINT SPEED: 1.2 (increased from 1.0)

POLARITIES: 4x= 1xD 1x(no change)



1a. WINGED LANCER — 25 Energy — Dragon spreads his wings (actually more like a plasma jetpack) and storms through the air in the direction the cursor is pointing. At the end of the short flight, he does a high-damage, short-range AOE attack with his weapon (360° area coverage), knocking over enemies nearby. Leveling up the skill increases the duration of flight and the AOE damage. Affected by Focus (damage), Continuity (flight duration), and Reach (size of the AOE).


1b. (ALTERNATE) PLASMA BOOSTER — 25 Energy — Dragon spreads his wings (again, the plasma jetpack) and storms through the air in the direction the cursor is pointing. At the end of the short flight, he spins around and his wings explode in a low-damage, short-range AOE attack (360° area coverage), dealing plasma damage and reducing enemy defenses for 10 seconds (at all levels). Leveling up the skill increases the duration of flight and the AOE damage. Affected by FocusContinuity, and Reach (same effect as 1a).


Winged Lancer Concept 



2. DRAGON RAGE — 35 Energy — For a duration of 5/10/15/20 seconds, Dragon deals increased melee damage and has increased fire rate (melee and firearm). While in this state, Dragon cannot be staggered or knocked down. Leveling up the skill increases duration and melee damage; fire rate could always be a set amount (2x? 1.5x?). Affected by Continuity and Focus.

Alternate Name: Berserker


3a. PLASMA WAVE — 50-75 Energy — Dragon releases a large AOE burst of plasma fire from his gauntlets, dealing moderate damage but primarily reducing enemy defenses and dealing damage over time (increased damage to Infested). Enemies may catch fire and panic. Affected by Continuity, Reach, and Focus. (NOTE: If Dragon has 1a, he also has 3a. If he has 1b, he has 3b instead. Gotta keep both melee damage and plasma damage represented.)

Alternate Name: Plasma Breath


3b. (ALTERNATE) DREAD SPIRAL — 50-75 Energy — Dragon spins in the direction he is currently looking, swinging his melee weapon continuously and dealing high physical damage to all enemies along the path. All but the heaviest enemies (bosses) are also bowled over by this attack. Leveling up the skill increases damage and duration of spin attack. Affected by Continuity and Focus.

Alternate Name: Death Spiral


4. DREADNOUGHT 100 Energy — Dragon increases in size and/or gains some sort of terrifying plasma flame aura, and becomes a great deal hardier (he needs it, since he'll be spending so much time in melee). His shields and health continuously regenerate (even while taking damage) for a duration of 15/20/25/30 seconds. Additionally, enemies within the range of his aura suffer from reduced defenses and take continuous plasma damage. Leveling up the skill increases duration, aura damage, and regeneration amount. Affected by Continuity and Focus.

Alternate Name: Ancient Legacy


EDIT: I have a concept for Dragon's alternate helmet, but imgur keeps failing on me and won't upload it.


EDIT #2: Imgur finally worked; uploaded alternate helmet and am contuinuing to fill out ideas for the DPS version of Dragon's abilities.


EDIT #3: Tweaking ability descriptions, coming up with concept art (EDIT #4: Uploaded additional 'Zirnitra' alt. helmet concept.)


Tell me what you think!


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I was messing around in a simple art program, decided to use the opportunity to try and create a more simplified version of the warframe.



Amazing although I like the initial concept better.

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