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A Warframe Concept: The Dragon [2.0] — Final Update 2/09/2015


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This design is really solid! I especially love where you're taking it with the latest sketch, the volumes are more defined and the silhouette is more lively because of it.


If I had one suggestion that might make it more agreeable to DE it might be that the head is too literally "dragon", as in, it has eyes, a mouth, and horns, and he has wings on his back. This may be a moot point what with Mirage having eyes too, but I think if you could come up with an alt helm that seems more elemental rather than living dragon with recognizable features, it might fit in with existing frames better. Existing frames are all still quite human, with animal influences being largely secondary. Some sort of tertiary theme would help with that. I also suggest thinking about something more tech-y for the wings as well, something more like a gesture or suggestion of wings, rather than literal wing shapes.

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You know. Speaking story wise. I was thinking about this, but wasn't too sure about it until now.


So, we all should know, that there are ranks all the way up to rank 30. (Check your challenges if you didn't know)


Among those ranks, is the rank called, you guessed it!


The Dragon Rank.


So, wouldn't it be a unique way to unlock a frame? After hitting Dragon rank, you could embark on a long, and excruciatingly difficult quest to unlock the dragon frame. Why should it be so hard? Dragon rank IS a high rank, so therefore, you SHOULD be skilled, and have your abilities put to the test to obtain this frame.


This could fit lore wise, as a Tenno, you slowly gain in rank, attesting to your skills of Gun&Blade. When you reach the high ranks of the Tenno, you embark on a quest to become one of the elite few to have access to the Dragon Frame. Becoming one of the elite few who wish to protect his fellow Tenno, and bring all harm onto oneself, to see your brethren live to fight another day.




Well? Thoughts?

I llike that alot actually and that kinda (atleast a little) negates him being a lil OP

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While the Tenno slept in cryostasis ...

... they waited.


As the Grineer empire grew unchecked ...

... they hardened their bodies.


As the Corpus cult harvested Orokin settlements ...

... they sharpened their minds.


As the Infestation spread to every corner of the Sol system ...

... they honed their blades.


When the enemies of the Tenno finally tracked down the Lotus ...

... they found Dragons.





—Highly mobile, melee-focused tank/threat

—"Plasma" damage [Heat + Magnetic] (thanks for the idea, Evariskitsune)

—Skill-based (no more spamming 4 to win)



Among the oldest of all Warframe designs, and the closest in design to their Orokin archetypes, the Dragons are few in number, but have been watching over the sleeping Tenno since the beginning of the Exile. Bound by Orokin decree to never enter the affairs of the Sol system unless absolutely necessary, most Dragons haven't seen action for decades, if not centuries; they are sworn to secrecy, bound to defend the mainframe that houses the Lotus AI. For countless years, they have been unseen sentinels, spending much of their time training or in meditation.


When the Corpus managed to track down the Lotus's signal during a botched mission (thanks, Darvo), the Dragons were finally forced to act.


'Dragon 2.0' Art Concept 



Alternate Helmet 'Zirnitra' Rough Concept ↓



Kubrow 'Drakar' Alternate Skin Concept 



Old Art Concepts 



Modified (Old) Warframe Design with Visible Back (Also, Potential Boss?) 





HEALTH: 100 (300 max)

POWER: 100 (150 max)

ARMOR: 400

SHIELD CAPACITY: 120 (360 max)




AURA POLARITY: V (ideal for Steel Charge or Rifle Amp)


Dragon is a beast of endurance; reliant on his abilities and his high mobility, he lacks the higher shield capacity of Frost and Rhino (the traditional tanks) and their explosive high-damage ultimates. Instead, he draws the eye of all enemies, taking all their fury and wrath, and then he shows them what wrath truly is.




Energy: 25 Description: Dragon spreads his wings and storms through the air in the direction of your crosshair. After a long, high-speed "air dash" or upon pressing the ability key a second time (whichever comes first), flight ends and Dragon's plasma jets release a supercharged burst of plasma damage*, knocking over enemies nearby. Leveling up the skill increases the duration of flight and the AOE damage. Affected by Power StrengthPower Duration, and Power Range.

(Old) Visual Concept 




Energy: 35 Description: For a duration of 10/15/20/25 seconds, Dragon's health and shields continuously regenerate (even while taking damage) and Dragon's fire rate (melee and ranged) is increased. While in this state, Dragon cannot be staggered or knocked down. Affected by Power Strength and Power Duration.

Visual Concept 




Energy: 75 Description: For a duration of 15/21/27/34 seconds, Dragon issues a challenge to all enemies within range (continuous AOE taunt). When an enemy damages Dragon's shield, his Armor increases. When an enemy damages Dragon's health, his damage increases. Maximum increase are based on ability rank:

 —Rank 0: 1.5x Armor, 1.3x Damage

 —Rank 1: 2x Armor, 1.5x Damage

 —Rank 2: 3x Armor, 1.7x

 Rank 3: 4x Armor, 2x Damage

Affected by Power Strength (multiplier increase), Power Duration, and Power Range.



Energy: 25 (+4/sec) Description: Dragon launches into the air via plasma jets, dealing AOE plasma damage* to all enemies around him, and takes flight. Dragon has increased speed and free movement while in flight. While Rising Dragon is active, Dragon is engulfed by a plasma aura, dealing low continuous plasma damage* to enemies nearby; however, Dragon's energy constantly drains. When Dragon runs out of energy, Rising Dragon ends. Affected by Power Strength and Power Duration.


Plasma Damage: Plasma is not meant to be a new elemental type. Instead, it would just be 50% Heat damage, and 50% Magnetic damage (or whatever DE deems to be an appropriate combination).

Visual Concept 



Tell me what you think!


You should combine Dragon 2.0 with this: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/101708-original-melee-weapon-concept/ or this: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/105429-split-second-energy-blade-with-concept-art/

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