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Melee Autotargetting Overestimating Melee Range


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So as the thread title states, I have noticed that rather than simply forcing the player to a walk, melee autotargeting seems to be stopping the player a fair distance away from the target, often resulting in the melee swings failing to hit with all but the longest melee weapons. A solution would be to decrease the range at which the player slows down, or simply get rid of it altogether. An easy way to see this in action is to start swinging the Kronen at a stationary enemy as you run up to them.


As it stands players are forced to either forgo melee autotarget and have half their attacks miss the intended target, or turn it on and miss because the player slows to a crawl 10 feet away from the enemy.

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... I can confirm the bug exists...


In fact, I can confirm three bugs:


1) Quick Melee still exists. With Melee 2.0, Quick Melee has to be a quick strike to stagger the target long enough for the player to get away from Melee range, not a neverending flurry of "Melee 1.0" strikes. That whole story is long gone, either change Quick Melee to a -proper- Quick Melee or remove Quick Melee completely.


2) Melee Autotargetting exists. Real Tenno aim their melee weapons and attacks without it. Take it off.


3) Melee Autotargetting doesn't work properly. Like Horonelius said, its not working properly. Fix suggestion, follow number 2.


... Because reasons.

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Real Tenno aim their melee weapons and attacks without it. Take it off.

Yea that is not a valid reason for using it or not. It is a function the game offers, and it should work the way it was intended.


Either fix the bug, or remove the option.


EDIT: The only thing I use autotargetting for is Homing Fang. Autotargetting is the difference between stabbing people, and stabbing around them.

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