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Prime Warframes And Weapons Non Primed Skins.

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I woudl like to see old skins.
For example if you had Frost sold him or not and you have Frost prime you can change his skin to normal Frost.
That same with Prime weapons.

I would like to see too second Prime skin for 50plat for example : P. If you don't like oryginal Prime look you can change to non primed with still Gold elements from Prime or buy a Second Prime Skin.
So we could see like Primes V2 or as Devs would like to say 2.0 XD. Frost Prime V2 skin (Frost Prime 2.0 Skin)

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Yeah man..

I want regular skins for weapons more tho.

I just cant stand the look of Paris prime,i really wonder who designed it.

I would love reqular paris look instead of that two plates,attached together with a stick.

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The issue with using non prime skins, and, by extension, skins that make primes look like non primes, on prime items, is that the model of a prime weapon or frame is different than that of its non-prime counterpart, so the skin gets stretched and distorted. What would be needed is not a change of the patterns, but a total change of the shape of the weapon or frame.

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