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Sliding, Coptering, Wall Flinging:

I think the speed bonus (aka Launch) should be more consistent when chaining wall running to other park our or copter abilities. Like rewarding Tenno for pulling off something 'Ninja'. Wall runs should be better than sprinting. (Sprinting plays a part of wall running and we have mods to further enhance both, so Wall running could be more of an evolution of sprinting.)

Wall-attacks from melee along with Ground Finishers should be "Finisher" damage.

(Wall attacks are already difficult to land and most of the time they are much weaker than a slide (copter) attack. (Kogake and Obex pre-Melee 2.0 had huge wall attack damage that got nerfed. Seems unfair given the small hit box of the attack and difficulty to perform.) Ground Finishers tickling high armored enemies seems like a joke, but so does performing a prompted animation attack that just alerts the enemy to your presence...another issue.)

Pick-ups Orbs& Ammo: I think ammo pickups should be based on Clip-size. (Glaxion,Dual Cestras, Miter, and Angstrum come to mind for disparity between ammo picked-up for total ammo pool and clip size.)

Pure Damage Mods like Serration:

My personal take is Serration/Hornet Strike/Point Blank/Pressure Point mods should have been removed and the effects should have been included in the base weapon stats as the weapon levels up.(Melee weapons should grant a stamina reduction per successful combo hit or combo execution (Single hits like coptering would not grant stamina reduction.)

Damage mods like: %damage increase to Head shots or %damage increase for body-shots. Shotguns and continuous weapons can have % damage for landed shots (non-wasted ammo/pellets) Melee can have a %damage modifier for combo tiers (mod increases damage tier bonus: instead of 2x multiplier for 15-44hit counter you can have say a 100% combo counter multiplier damage bonus so 15-44hits grants 4x multiplier instead of 2x) Or reduces amount of hits required for combo counter Or extends combo count static time between next combo count hit, so combo counter can be maintained. - ONLY After Charge attacks are brought back and Charge attack mods reverted from when they got changed to Channeling mods - we need new Channeling or Charged attack mods. (Stances should offer better returns for combo execution than they currently do. Stance mode should outperform quick-melee: Always if melee is to be viable.....having certain attacks in combos be finisher damage is a way to allow melee to compete later in the game.

Grabbing enemies: we sort-of grapple enemies with finisher animations. Kogake/Obex suplex or neck-snap. If you mean take an enemy hostage body-shield style a la Metal Gear...heck yes.

Otherwise: Grappling should be an ability on a new Warframe. (Thinking a Bladestorm like animation with a Warframe performing grapple attacks on several enemies.)

I mainly play as a Run'N'Gun Valkyr:

- I mainly use her 3rd ability Paralysis with augment : Prolonged Paralysis with a max Power Strength build without efficiency mods.

So I don't use the melee buff WarCry with a high energy cost of 116ish energy and short 10sec duration. I cannot cast Hysteria as the 155energy cost is larger than my 150 energy pool. And Ripline I rarely use for mobility as Directional-air melee costs far less energy (-55% efficency from Blind Rage) and does not require specific targeting.

So pretty much a spam 3 only.

Paralysis being different than most other damage abilities as it uses shield stat for damage multiplier. Extinguished Dragon key does not affect Paralysis damage.(Thinking because of the unique way Shields actually are used to calculate damage.) She has high effective HP for survival gun use and can melee life strike when health is needed.

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I can't stand running between one place and another. I didn't sign up for Warfarm to play a reality simulator: I can do that sufficiently in Skyrim, what with Frostfall, Realistic Needs, and Private Needs. No, I came here to kill things in an assortment of ways, and to have fun doing it. We need to keep movement speeds high, and reward said high speed behavior. I would like to see sprint revamped, and adding more parkour abilities. I would even like to see sprint unlocked from stamina entirely, and instead stamina be used for parkour and blocking. (OH, please allow us to block while not having our melee equipped, if you haven't already.) Parkour 2.0 would be an excellent time to implement this. I could see acceleration being removed from sliding, but only if sprint is made stamina-free, and/or reworked. Again, making stamina meaningful would be best done through Parkour and blocking.



I think ammo and other pickups need a complete overhaul. I would like to see every weapon pickups from 2 pools, primary and secondary. The amount collected would be determined not by an arbitrary ammo pickup, but by the weapon itself. This allows much finer control over weapon balancing than the current system provides. Not really sure how to handle the health/energy ones. I think making them restore amounts based on the base HP, and able to be boosted with mods (boosting drop chance/frequency and/or adding a Restore-over-time component to it) would be a nice solution.




You aren't going to get rid of this. Not by removing the mods, anyway. The problem is some weapons are, objectively, not suited towards end-game, endless content. Even for the weapons that are, I couldn't even begin to imagine going into t4 Survival and staying for 1hr or more without having a maxed or near-maxed Serration on my [insert top-tier weapon here]. It's pretty much a requirement, at least for the current iteration of gear. I think that you *might* be able to link the +base damage mods to Mastery/Weapon rank, but this would have to be carefully done in order to mitigate flack from the community, particularly the ones doing said Endless content. As for Primed Serration, I'm not completely sure. It would allow some less optimal weapons to be viable, but in so doing, the top-tier weapons would become even more overpowered. I can't really support this particular mod, without a major rebalancing of practically all the weapons ingame.




This could be a good idea, and I could support it's addition to the game. I would have to see it in action, however, as I am reluctant to see mechanics added that are rarely used, or simply viewed as a hindrance.



The energy system needs work. Currently, the system favors players with maxed out efficiency mods, as I can run though a mission (typically) and not worry about energy at all. As a player, I dislike finding myself unable to perform the action of my choice due to arbitrary enemy types (drain/leech) or RNG (pickups). As such, I would prefer to see the energy system reward players for using a variety of skills, and let the 4th skill be the ultimate skill that it should be: rarely used and powerful. This isn't saying slap a timer on it and call it a day; rather, make all powers meaningful on ALL frames, and reward players for using all skills, not punish them for 4th skill spamming. Come on, fix Well of Life already. It's useless for healing in comparison to Blessing.

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I think Parkour accel is fine, but it needs some polish (better flow).


As for pick ups, they look dated, especially the energy orbs. Now, I understand that these must be low rez and generally simple to avoid memory consumptions and such but they still can be improved and kept simple.

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This would have to been done exactly right meaning loads of the game would have to be replaced.

1. Some abilities are rubbish and not even worth a skill slot

2.putting cool downs on frames is a bad idea as many frames can't just play normally they need there skills to survive epically high level play

3. Abilities would need to be fixed properly not just all over the place frames with 2 mobility skills

4. Augments would need to be changed again

5. Putting cool downs on a fast paced game. Nah no thanks people will just wait in a room for the cool down to finish and make a boring mission longer

6. Enemies would have to be fixed in certain ways I cant have 4 bombards just shooting me then having to wait for a cool down or something to just survive

7. Ultimately would have to be that ultimates, massive damage that skills all enemies in range while he other skills would have to be skills that include cc/damage/utility all in each skill

I can also see it being half done such as augments are to band aid skills instead of fix them bad idea to change the system now

Serration/ damage mods

Then enemy's in the game needed to be nerfed or guns need to scale as then people will not be able to go to normal runs as they do now or again it's going to be everyone using the best single gun just to make it through missions. Requires changing the game system again

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Sliding and Coptering:
I feel like Warframe's movement is too slidy. What i mean is that our Tenno boots don't seem to have very much, if any friction on any of the surfaces we walk on. Standing up from a slide does not bring you to an abrupt stop, instead you continue to slip along a little further while standing up. Coptering and hitting the ground produces the same effect. 
I'd rather be able to control the momentum completely, and have all momentum disappear when I'm standing up and not pressing any movement keys. Retaining the momentum would only ever be intentional, and happen when I am holding down the crouch and forward key, or something of the like.


Also, I often find myself vaulting over obstacles when what I want is to jump over them. This is often quite frustration, especially in scenarios when I want to jump over a rail and wallrun but instead find myself vaulting over the rail and falling into nothingness.

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WATO (Wall Assisted Take Off) needs to be changed to be more streamlined. Right now it still feels like a bug. I don't really care about sliding, but if you change something about basic movement, it feels that sprinting should give Tenno a ramping up speed bonus. IE, after running for 2 seconds, Rhino's speed is increased by 10%, after 3 seconds it climbs to 20%, etc. The idea is to make sprinting a viable option, as opposed to being flat out inferior to sliding. Copter is a tough issue for me, it started with a legitimate purpose and mechanic (damage in slides) but it got out of control (dashing 9001 meters doesn't feel intuitive). I'd consider nerfing the distance. 


It pains me to say so (I have many maxed 10-ranks) but the pure ability mods really are just taking room for nothing and we're forced to use them. I feel their removal is an option to consider, but the "how" is much more important. 

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I would say if their animations were buffed and the sound differed, and it flowed better with the combat of the game, that would be all that needs tuning up.




Making their appearances differ would help. Actually seeing a neurode shining on the ground or flashing would be nice to be able to identify what drop it is, without having to look at the bottom of my screen in the middle of combat. Credit drops maybe should go up, and rarer resources should have more prominent identification, just like how rare mods differ from the appearance of regular mods. That kind of identification of the rarity of an item would go leaps and bounds to helping players see what they get.


Damage Mods:


They're cool, I like them, but I wish they had more variety. Not just a damage buff, but also something like Increased Damage and decreased loading speed. Or Increased Damage and an increase to status Chance. Increased Damage and an increase to Crit Chance. Increase Damage with an increase to [insert stat here] or have it be [increased accuracy] and what not. These added stats could diversify the use of different damage mods. It doesn't just have to be things like this, it could even be Increased Damage with a chance of Ricochet bullets, that way players can diversify their play style. Increased Damage with a chance of explosive rounds (explodes on contact with the target, dealing minimal secondary blast damage, but providing a stun to the target). Have the max be 130% or something for these mods, and have the pure damage mod still be 165%, but no bonuses given.


Grabbing Enemies:






First off, NO COOL DOWNS! PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NO COOL DOWNS! You're only hurting players for choosing to be casters, that isn't how it should be played. The reason why that thread is in the hot topics is because we've been fighting tooth and nail back and forth throughout the WarFrames & Abilities SubForums. Cool downs were one of the worst suggestions ever. We all saw how annoying they were in closed beta. I was pretty much fighting tooth and nail in those other topics too.


I would LOVE to use them all, but when an ability is just a damage ability, it isn't going to help me in later content. Having all powers within a kit not only deal damage, but also have some sort of CC/utility to help them scale, and also having each power function well on its own, but synergize with the rest of the kit would do WONDERS for frames. That way players can min/max if they wish, but also see that all powers within their kit are viable to min/max for, or that they could stick with the majority/all of powers by seeing how they synergize so well together. This ensures powers are useful in early content all the way through to the end.


IT DOES NOT MEAN that these powers should be dependent on one another to complete a task or overcome an obstacle, but that they function very well on their own (to ensure min/max builds still are awesome), but when used together, confluence to create such madness or chaos on the battlefield that players love using all their powers, and not just one.


I use most of the powers on my frames, but some I do not because their function is just primarily damage and they don't even do that well.


Here, Scott (Grineeer):


I got some good support for this thread, I hope you find it useful



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Wallrunning/wall grabbing/wall springing is fiddly and unpredictable. 

We need easily repeatable skills. Sometimes we keep jumping on front of walls like retards instead of connecting and wall-running. we need some way to have it more reliable/predictable/triggerable way to do that. 


The current air melee does not work quite like coptering, because of ONE THING. If you jump and trigger directional melee, it is common for the frame to lose all the momentum generated by the jump and having to reaccelerate.

This stop-and-run shouldn't happen. There is a skill requiring way to circumvent that. If you make a directional melee attack just before landing, the player will perform a ground-level directional melee attack and will slide fast forward for much longer. 


If you make the directional melee attack preserve the forward momentum more reliably, without requiring this finicky skill play, it becomes reduntant with coptering for forward movement. 


Coptering could then be retooled as an area-control attack, which could possibly be more about knockdown/knockback than damage. 


Pickups could be much more interesting in the way proposed by Einde.


I have my own ideas on Serration/Hornet Strike:



TL;DR version:

Serration  should not be added before other mods multiply damage, and should have its values nerfed. 

Would be split into plain and Primed version, granting 50% an 90% bonus respectively. 

Serration would only buff plain damage, not elemental damage. 

A duplicate of the new Serration/Hornet Strike would affect only elemental damage. 

Veterans would receive the plain and Primed version of all 4 new cards leveled up according to the cards they possess. 


Grabbing enemies and stuff could be a nice mechanic, if you can do something with them. 

Grabbing could make enemies work like shields from other attacks. Grabbed enemies and stuff could be thrown for damage or even used as melee weapons. 

Some frames could then have some powers changed to auto-grab+throw mechanics, and/or new frames introduced. I can see Frost having its first skill into a cold touch which freeze-grabs the target, and while the target suffers a DoT cold, Frost can also hurl it around as a big log, making it take damage as it is used as a hammer, or just thrown away, knocking down other enemies in the path. 


NO, I don't use all of my frame abilities, because many of them are UP or just too situational for me to remember using. 

I ONCE used switch teleport to pull back a capture target from the exit, but that was the exception rather than the norm. It's a good skill which needs just a little bit of extra utility. Loki could have a tiny window of invisibilityafter the switch teleport, or do a short area knockback on destination. 


Plain damage level 1 skills especially, need a bit of utility/oomph to remembered more during gameplay.


I think you should add telemetry for skill use in all cases, and gather it automatically. If a skill is not used a lot in the telemetry objective measurement, it means it's effectively UP. 

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I played with coptering since it was implemented so couldn't say if it should be changed, not without having ideas about proposed change



now the big part

the damage system & by extension the mods would in my opinion need an overhaul


as of now, high level ennemies (the ones game is balanced for, T4 survivals & defenses 40 mins/40 waves I understand) quickly become bullet sponges

hence multishot & damage mods are right now a prerequisite for high level content.

while this is a somewhat logic progression, it comes to the case that no player now use any weapon without them

so 1st issue: our 8 weapons mod slots become in fact 6 for primaries & 5 for secondaries (slightly more variety for melee weapons so won't go there), already limiting our loadout variety

2nd issue: the vast disparities between some weapons aggravate this, so much that some are deemed nearly unusable in high lvl content: if you don't use critical or overkill-damage weapons, you can't really play "to the max"


the only solution I could think about would be to integrate damage progression with weapon mastery, getting rid of at least the pure damage mods. elemental damage could stay as a bonus or changed as purely element status/proc chance increase mods I guess, as would multishot (can't see any way to replace multishot in fact)


to counter those that will say this would prevent them to play over 40 mins surv/over 40 waves survivals, the only thing I could think of was a tweaking could be made to the current weak point system.

it always struck me as odd that any ennemy could survive a bullet/arrow in the head for exemple (except bosses of course). so weak point hits could be made to have a chance of being lethal whatever the ennemies hit points (not a really high chance to balance it, around 10-20% I d venture). AoE weapons would be excluded from this

that way it would allow players to have a chance whatever the level, would encourage aiming a little with some weapons, shotguns would be made stronger (they're pretty weak right now, more pellets = more chances to kill & spread prevents them to be sure kill at range)


hope this will help, good luck with balancing all this

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Yes, it is fun to fling yourself across a whole tile by using a slide attack, but honestly, this makes said slide-attack a pain to use in actual combat since you always dash past enemies without actually hitting anything.


Wall-flinging doesn't impede anything and I consider it fine because of that.





Health pickups need to be changed to actually be percentage based. At some point 25 health is literally nothing and you'll need dozens of those to refill your health, which is easier said than done considering that enemies don't drop them on their own.


Energy pickups are mostly fine imho, since we have specific costs for our abilities. Making them percentage based would not be a solution, since it would allow Flow to be used similarly to power efficiency and would also give Warframes with a bigger pool an advantage since they can use their abilities more often.


Ammo pickups should also be changed to reflect how much ammo a weapon can store, but I am not sure if basing this on the ammo reserve is good since some weapons like the Braton Prime would be impeded by this while a Latron Prime would heavily benefit from this.


It could drop more rarely and give you one full clip, but then weapons like Tigris or Vectis would be at a heavy disadvantage since they have a tiny clip size of only 1 or 2 shots.


The conclusion to which I come is that the ammo capacity for all weapons needs to be adjusted and to allow percentage-based drops. Ammo capacity mods could affect the pickup as well to give them more use.



Damage mods:


They don't add variety to builds and are in no way unique since they apply everywhere equally at any time. A choice like "I use Serration for this mission because it's particularly good in it." doesn't exist. Also nobody uses a build without one of these mods because they think it's better to use a different mod.

In my opinion, it is a waste of a mod slot and I'd prefer damage to scale with weapon level like health/shields do on Warframes.


Energy 2.0:


A difficult topic to talk about.

I barely have any frame on which I use all four abilities frequently, usually because of one or both of the two following reasons:


1. The ability isn't worth using in the first place because it's too weak or too situational.

Example: Often first abilities like Ember's or Frost's don't kill one enemy on one shot, so why would I waste energy instead of killing them easily with my guns or alternatively kill them all with #4 since energy is usually available en masse, especially with a Trinity around or even just with 4 Energy Siphons.


2. My build reduces the usefulness of the ability into the ground, making it a waste of energy.

Example: I built my Volt on power duration at the cost of power range, making his Overload pretty much useless while the shield works like a charm.



One problem of abilities is that they don't scale as well as weapons do, so abilities that further enhance your weapons' damage like Molecular Prime or those that make enemies less dangerous are preferred in endgame.

As a maximum, a pure damage ability can only deal a maximum of 2.84 times its base damage when the Warframe is fully modded, but weapons can reach over 40 times their base damage with the right mods. In the case of crit based weapons like the Synapse or Dread this number can even exceed 100 times the base damage.

Modding for full power strength usually comes with a hefty drawback as well, since two of the mods that affect it are corrupted ones.

This means that weapon damage scales far more than ability damage does, making a full hit of an ultimate ability barely worth more than a single shot from an automatic rifle when fully modded while abilities will be quite powerful in comparison when using entirely unmodded gear.


Another problem that is that players have ways to get infinite energy to use abilities which means that everyone can spam their strongest ability all the time. Energy draining enemies are not the solution imho. I'd rather see energy acquisition more limited to make players think more before they unleash their ultimate. Before that, the abilities need to feel more devastating, though, since players don't get to use them as often.

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This is like the one thread where I'm actually perfectly fine with the current in game systems/mechanics. Only issues are that I wish wall fling could be directed a bit more as sometimes it throws you in the opposite direction of where you were intending. 


In terms of serration damage scaling could be replaced with level as suggested by other people which isn't a bad idea as it provides newer players a way to feel progression even if they don't have alot of mods. However when it comes down to it people will always min max for damage regardless of what mods are added or taken away. Conditional damage mods may sound cool, but it seems incredibly difficult to balance in a way that some of those mods don't end up completely useless or inconsistent in providing a damage boost compared to others. 

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The biggest reason I don't use most of my abilities is because many of them are only marginally effective without corrupted mods and most of the time it is not possible to use corrupted mods to enhance an ability without completely crippling at least one other ability,


on frames that are effective without corrupted mods or frames that can use corrupted mods without drawbacks I usually use all of my abilities unless they are completely useless.

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Sliding, Coptering, and Wall Flinging:


1- coptering has been for debate for so long now. i was almost certain that directional melee was going to finaly replace it. but then with the introduction of the tipedo, my hopes went down.

Why make a new system that is meant to be, its more polished and actualy animated if there will be difference between melee weapons? plz reduce directional melee effect on the tipedo. and plz, mantain balance with this new mechanics. one of the biggest issues with coptering is the fact the some weapons have too much of it, and others almost dont copter at all. at least for directional melee, make sure all weapons have the same viability.


directional melee could be a bit overpowred compared with parkour. however, it does help with the fact that most tiles are not parkour friendly. this tights with my next suggestion.


Stamina: I propose 1 month stamina free. remove stamina from the game for 1 whole month (or more) and have a megathread ready for feedback. Lets see how the player base reacts to this change. perhaps coptering and other manouvers are not so appealing if stamina is not a factor. also, it would make melee combat more balanced compared to gunplay.

Pickups: i think red orbs need an increase in drop chance. there are too many enemies that bypass shields (slash procs and toxic) and many of these are unavoidable at some point. so more health orbs would be welcome. this way, we also look into lifesteal mechanics, which are slowly becoming a must have.
and talking about must have...

Damage levels, Powercreep, and Required Mods: i dont think i can imagine a world w/o serration. however, if all weapon were to have a damage buff corresponding to what serration offers, it wouldnt be so bad. now, this opens mod slots, and power creep will always be there no matter what you do. reload speed, fire rate, ammo and magazine size are all factors for DPS. then you have split chamber, i know of no player that doesnt use it. thats 2 mod slots.
in short, if we remove serration and split chamber (example of damage mods, but take all of them into consideration), a complete review of the whole arsenal will be needed. the amount of work and the time it will take to re-balance all the arsenal will be imho overwhelming. to make damge scale with the lvl of the weapon sounds good, but it will also be confusing until the whole player base gets used to it. stats will be harder to read unless they dynamicly change with weapon lvl.
this a very delicated subject. i wont keep throwing pounchs in the air until i come up with something more elaborated.
Grab and Throw Mechanics:
YES! iv been having these idea rounding on my mind for months now. take enemies as shields, tos em around, jump over their heads and empty your mag in their skulls, land, roll, take another enemie as shield... omg. ill make a thread about it.

Abilities and “Energy 2.0”:

We need to balance all abilites so they allways have utility if damage is not enough (DoT is not an utility if you ask me, its just another type of damage). I think we need to achieve this goal before we can move to energy. However, to address the issue 4th spamming, i would go with penalties mixed with cool downs. this is not easy to achieve since not all abilities respond to the same mechanics. but at least to all abilities that deal damage (i. radial javelin, miasma) and very spamable, a cool down effect where you lose power strenght if you cast twice over a period of seconds. gradually decreasing damage output for said abilitie if you continue on this behaviour. this way, a player spamming 4 in draco, will lose damage but not utility. as if, your warframe overheats from all that casting and loses power.

once again, ive been trying to post so many ideas related to this subjects and i always fail due to time and english no being my 1st language... as you might have noticed. i guess ill have to team up with my buds and see if they can help me. this are very important matters of the game i´d like to be more tidy about it.
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Coptering is the only one that needs a slight change. It just needs an animation update, that is all. No change to how it works and stuff.


My opinion on pure damage mods is not really decided. Don't know if I just want damage mods removed all together or if I want them to be replaced with something else (preferably something more interesting).

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Do you think Sliding, Coptering, and/or Wall Flinging should be changed in some way?


Yes, I think we should be able to increase the speed/distance of these.


Use a Ceramic Dagger, seriously, it is hilarious how fast you copter.

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Do you think Sliding, Coptering, and/or Wall Flinging should be changed in some way?


Sliding by enemies should trip them up and wall flinging then landing on an enemy should do a special finisher. Let's start adding more utility to parkour.


Do you think pickups (orbs and ammo) need a revision?


I believe that health orbs should go, and energy gain should be reworked completely. I could fill a thread with ideas, but for now I'll just say that orbs need to go. Ammo, on the other hand, is a tough one. I personally think the current system isn't too bad at all, but other ideas could be explored.


What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?


Pure damage mods should have a reserved mod slot on all weapons. That's right, an additional slot that ONLY Serration, Hornet Strike, Point Blank, and Pressure Point can go into. Once again, a whole thread could be made to outline this.


Would you grab enemies if you could?


There are many things that grabbing an enemy could be used for; cover, interrogation, information, hiding bodies, etc...


However, with the current way Warframe plays, many of these would only hinder gameplay. I thing grabbing enemies is a good idea, but only for limited use.


On average, do you use all of your Warframe’s abilities?


Absolutely. With the removal of ability mods, I frequently use all of my abilities now.

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liding, Coptering, and Wall Flinging:


Remove it and make all frames much faster.  I really enjoy my arcane helmet Rhino Prime with a maxed Rush mod.




I like the % of max idea for ammo, health and energy and mods to increase that %


Damage levels, Powercreep, and Required Mods:


Remove serration and allow each weapon base stats to increase with level.  Or there was another idea somewhere about putting special potatoes in them to increase base stats with each application.  I WANT a reason to use other mods.


Grab and Throw Mechanics:


Not into this idea


Abilities and “Energy 2.0”:


Really the problem in my eyes is the abilities themselves.  Make useful abilities and they will get used.


Example:  Trinity


I use energy vampire, link and blessing CONSTANTLY because they do useful things.


1.  Give allies energy

2.  Reduce incoming damage and redirect it

3.  Heal allies in tough spots


I don't use Well of Life because I think this ability is backwards.  It should be a range ability that is applied to allies within range.  Any enemies they damage, they get a small % of life from it.


Spend more time on the abilities OR reach out to the community when designing a frame with a direction that you want to go (earth based, ice based, mind based, tank, wizard, whatever) and let us help shape what each ability will do.

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