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What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?


Pure damage mods should have a reserved mod slot on all weapons. That's right, an additional slot that ONLY Serration, Hornet Strike, Point Blank, and Pressure Point can go into. Once again, a whole thread could be made to outline this.

Damn, I actually like that idea a lot!

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Serration and all other damage mods should be removed and instead, become inherently linked to a weapon as it levels up, exactly whoe Warframe and Archwing abilities are gained in this game.


These damage are redundant in the mod system that supposedly offers players choice. But having a mod that literally increases weapon damage with zero down sides in terms of performance means it's a compulsory mod. Why can't this be something that is incorporated into a weapon as a form of natural progression in strength as one levels it up with experience?


So I agree Serration and all of its kin should be removed, but it's mechanics and effects must be combined with the natural leveling up of weapons.


Mods such as Heavy Calibur is a good example of a conditional mod you guys were considering introducing more into the game in the recent DevStream. Damage mods with rather modest damage increases along with unique or detrimental effects are most welcome.

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Sliding etc

I'd first prefer if regular movement and parkouring was more fluent and responsive. AFTER that, I'd tone down coptering to being less extreme (such as 3x Berserker stacks on a 1.3 RoF melee weapon etc, that's just so over the top). But I wouldn't remove it.



I'd like it if it was done as Einde suggested (percentage based on total and with a lower cap is BOTH very important!) As long as it makes it EASIER for the ammo-problematic weapons, so you don't HAVE to rely on ammo mutation on those, then it'd be swell. Running out of ammo should be a possible issue with some weapons... but unless you use ammo mutators on the ammo-eaters, it's not a POSSIBLE issue, it's inevitable.


Damage mods

I'd love for the all damage mods (mainly plain damage and multishot though) to be heavily nerfed dramatically, rather than removed. And, to go with it, enemy defensive scaling toned down too. Easier for the newbies + more potential modding-variety (damage would be less necessary, utility would be more viable considerations. I'd STILL like to have new dedicated slots for utility, because utility vs damage is always gonna be hard to balance with numbers alone).

But MORE power? Primed Serration? Are you kidding me?? Primed Point Blank was already a really bad move, don't continue on that path! Oo


Grab enemies

As long as it isn't clunky, then bring it on! Especially if it means we can do various grips a la ninjutsu / aikido / kung fu / plain old gruesome powerthrows of the enemy straight down to the ground, head first! >:)


Warframe ability useage

I always TRY and use as many abilities as possible, so, most/all, yes for me. Those I don't use frequently, well they are those moves that really need far more utility to be worthwhile. Examples:

* Loki's Switch Tele has its VERY niche uses, but they are few and far in between. Radiation proc on the enemy target, that'd make it so much better!

* I do tend to spam Psychic Bolts... on very low level missions. They are 100% useless on high level missions though, without the augment. Despite being a onehanded cast and going through walls and all. Even just a simple STAGGERING would make them far more useful.

* Tempest Barrage, I use it, in a pinch. But it often feels pointless anyway due to its horrible targetting (targets the area based on your flat screen, not in a sphere around the targetted area), the individual barrages not scaling in range (misses 90% of the time) and the inability to spam it (why??). It needs so much fixing.

* Many abilities I do use, but due to massive QoL issues, I tend to go back to non-broken Warframes anyway. Tempest Barrage, Tentacle Swarm, Tornadoes... they need to be massively improved AND to get similar recastability/spammability fixes like Mind Control, Blessing and now Cataclysm got. That "Power in Use", man do I hate it!


In short: Massive improvements are needed to all the bad abilities, be it due to their lack of in combat utility, lack of recastability and/or by simply broken functions.

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Coptering/ sliding/ wallflinging, I have no opinion. If they are changed, so be it. I will adapt like I always have with this kind of change.


Orbs I think should scale with health/energy pools, but should not be affected by efficiency. Them being affected by efficiency would either trivialize the tradeoff of, for example, Blind Rage, or they would be too punishing (god forbid, lower values for lower efficiency DX). Ammo should scale based on firerate. There's such a wide variation of firerate-to-ammo pool ratios that ammo pool being a factor would likely cause problems (kohm...). Firerate, I think, would be a better gauge of how fast a player is going to go through ammo, and thus a better gauge of how much ammo drops should scale. I guess that counts as a major revision, so that's what I'll vote for.


I could see myself being fine with pure damage mods being removed, with the caveats that weapon damage scales with level sufficient to offset the loss of the maxed mods, and that there is due compensation for those of us that have maxed them out. People will probably also want appropriate compensation for Primed Point Blank, and it might be a good idea to pull any other pure damage mods from Baro's rotation until you reach a decision on that, whatever your decision may be. My vote for this will be "they need to be removed," since I've seen some good arguments for it, though I'd really be fine either way.


"Would I grab enemies if I could?" Hmm... Can the grab be silent? This is an excellent opportunity to add in a little more stealth option, by making grabbed enemies silent. Grabbing an enemy should be a stealth action, not raising an alarm unless seen by another enemy. Drag them to a secluded spot and kill them silently, and if you aren't seen by other enemies it counts as a stealth kill.


All of their abilities? Not very often. But I do prefer to play support frames, and I do tend to make use of most of their abilities, depending on the situation. That being said, if you're looking to see if players want changes made to make other abilities worth using, I would say yes, definitely try to make those changes. I'd love to see more abilities used by more people.

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I think movement is ok but the one I have the biggest gripe is wall running. I kind of wish it was like prototype when it comes to direction and movement so you are able to control your wall running by just holding shift and run up with out any trouble against walls or any surface as long as the person has stamina to burn and also being able to change direction while running. Also being able to grab enemies and maybe use them as meat shields would be kind of fun or in use of deadly combo to execute or deal massive damage to a enemy.

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For sliding and coptering


Theyve obsoleted other mobility options entirely


They dont have a chance to be removed and improving sprinting wont really help the situation without making sprinting outright better


The only major change that could make a positive difference is massive improvement on mobility powers


Either buff them or change them entirely

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Currently raw damage mods like serration, heavy calibre and hornet strike take far to long to level. Considering that these mods are a must have then they should take as long to level. Players also have other things to mod as well (archwing, Kubrow, Sentinel an Warframes) and making those essential mods cost 150+ fusion cores makes the game a grind and DE said they will fix the grind this year. Reduce them from rank 10 to 8 or 6.

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I actually wanted to vote " Yes, they should have their acceleration removed and sprint should be improved.", but I don't want the acceleration for wallslinging removed, the other 2 should go though.




If this means furiously smashing/piledriving/supplexing enemies I'm all for it.




Depends on the frame really, On oberon or zephyr I use everything, Mesa only 2/3/4 because 1 is too situational (it takes the flow out of the combat), and on Ember I only use accelerant because everything else she has sucks.

It would be great if we could hold down certain abilities and feed them with more energy, with every stage of charge giving an exponential (not linear) increase:

At 25 energy fireball would do standard damage, at 50 + half damage/aoe of stage 1, at 75 + half damage/aoe of stage 2 etc..


This way all abilities gain some level of scalability, without outright adding utility.

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i did not know that see a vote results prevent me to vote :( . Maybe my english is not good enougth. Please write better decription to future votes.

However, there are my thoughts:


1)coptering is fine, but maybe some minor tweaks like accelerate slow weapons and slow-a-litle the super fast would be nice

2)The source thread for this is very interesting. On top of it, orbs should also have its max-cap so they are not overpowered with maxed flow/primed-flow. I also think about its-max cap can be affected by streamline/efficienci mods (in negative way) but this doesnot feel right to me.

3)Damage mods are fine, at least in current state(i mean the state how weapon are leveled and forma-ed)

   They are not easy to be maxed (for new players) so they determine the player progres in the game. I mean that player increase rank of this mod to increase the weapon overal damage to be able to do higher mission. Of course there are other mods like elemental or corrupted, but serration-like mods are there from start to the end.(but they can be replaced by primed mods for high-endgame i think)

Instead of changing Damage mods, i like the idea of make "Utility" mods more efficient - i mean bigger number, but maybe with min+max cap. And/Or a new one(or two) special slots that can only take this type of mods, even if these need to be unlocked thorought forma or something.

4)Grab/throw mechanics seem nice, but it depends on how fast and efficient is. I like the idea of throw enemy to "ragdoll" his frends.

5)I enjoy to use almost all abilities.It depends on abilities mechanics( i.e. saryn Contagion does not fit my playstyle, but i  like Venom alot).

   But this is mostly for "regular" mission/alerts, as all we know there, some abilities doesnot scale well  on highlevel-end-content mission (like T4x, ODD/ODS). Still i like lot of these abilitis, and try to use them when possible. 


"Later edit": I have one suggestion to ability balance, lets add some timer to prevent 4-ultra ability spammed all the way. I think that even half of second can make a difrence to play style.

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I think pure damage mods should be removed not for balance (don't know where War frame community got this idea, honestly), but simply for build variety and diversity. That's why this issue was brought up on the devstream in the first place anyway. I hate to use such harsh terms - but it's honestly stupid to keep them, they are useless and just waste a mod slot and points. Just integrate +165% damage gain on all weapons as you level them up like you did with Warframe abilities (+5.5% damage per level).

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Regarding drops I think if you can fix whatever causes this they'd be fine:





There are also a ton of weapons that are close to good, but hampered by relatively small things.  Off the top of my head:


Supra: back when it was introduced all the massive negatives were still there, but it did around 40% more damage than the closest autos of the time.  Now it does the same as Braton Prime/Vandal and less than the Buzlok which has similar projectile type.  Perhaps start simple and raise the damage to around Boltor Prime levels and let's see if the weapon is able to keep up.


Buzlok (and honestly any weapon hampered by "right click use" mechanics): Quite simply an interesting concept for a weapon, and there are a lot of suggestions as to how it could be fixed (https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/376817-buzlok-a-different-lock-on-mechanic/ and https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/374206-what-happened-to-buzlok/), but I'd like to see DE start by giving us a separate button for using special abilities on all weapons that have them.


Sybaris: very fun weapon, however the low magazine size basically puts it in sniper category, but it does less damage.  I understand the limited size from an aesthetic point of view, so why not just lower the reload speed to Vectis numbers, or even a bit lower.


It seems like there are a lot of weapons in this "almost good, but just not" category where they don't need massive reworks before being effective.  DE patches a lot which makes the game entertaining to keep up with, but I'd really like to see small adjustments being made, and as has clearly been shown with the Panthera stats can be hotfixed.

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The problem with damage mod is that it is staple mod, isn't it? So, like other comments above me, weapons' damage should increase over rank. Other than that, to make the modding can be more creative. Instead of focus on damage, status or critical build, we can now focus on fire rate or range or even AoE build. Maybe a mod/system that change the weapon's mechanic instead? Example: A mod that change the firing mechanism of Soma into semi-auto but increase its crit chance? I dunno, just some suggestions.


Sorry for the grammar mistake, English is not my main :P

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From my experience, I have the following stances on these issues:


Coptering, Sliding, etc - Aesthetically....displeasing to watch people spam these in order to move quickly. I would like to see noraml (read: Terrestrial) movement improved, especially running/sprinting. You should NOT be able to overtake a frame that is running full sprint simply because you 'spin your weapon around' or go into a flying-kick pose and slide along the ground. In the case of the kicking animation, it would be reasonable to gain a Small boost of speed, but have it capped instead of being able to constantly repeat it in order to gain infinite bursts of acelleration. If you wanna run fast then RUN FAST. Currently, coptering is the fastest method of moving outside of powers (cough nova, volt, loki, ash, excal(!!!) cough). That right there shows that there is a problem. ANd I hope to see this resolved in the movement system overhaul. Otherwise, why is there even a sprint feature in the game (Rhetorical question)? Fix sprint and remove (or HEAVILY tone down) the acceleration mechanics in coptering and sliding such that they fit there proper role: evasion and combat (not traversing the greater portion of the planet's surface area in ~2.625 seconds   <<< (minor exaggeration)).


Pickups - Said this all the time in game/clan/council chat and will say it again here: Make them percentage based. Health should have been the first to go this route. Considering that most frames wind up with loads of health later on, even the ones that are expected to be glassy, 25 health from a less-common-than-energy-orb pickup is woefully underpowered. Im not suggesting that you make them insta-heals, but I would say to follow the suggestion in the article and have them return either 25% of your warframes max health, or 35-45 (you decide) health, whichever is greater. This would not only increase their importance, it would also aid in making more builds viable (instead of necessitating maxed vitality or redirection). Who knows, maybe it would make health-orb-healing a viable approach, even in hp-tanky frames. Would save a stacks of health restores, that's for sure!!


Ammo - Again, percentage based. Set the ammo returned to be either 10-15% or the current value, whichever is greater. This would help make those ammo-eating weapons far more viable, and possibly even enable some weapons to not require a maxxed ammo mutator just to make a weapon even remotely practical, let alone 'viable' for higher tier. Looking at you gorgon, gorgon wraith, cestras, supra, grakata, amprex, glaxxion, etc. For weapons that are already stellar performers and that would only be pushed over the top by this change, lower their base ammo reserves, so htat these %-based pickups grant less ammo. This may avoid having ammo pickups return 8,000 ammo to your soma prime (like it needs that much, anyways xD).


Ditto for energy. Again, percent based. However, I liked the article that discussed using your other abilities to "fuel" or "combo boost" your ultimate. If not that, then perhaps even a separate combo system for power use (incrased dammage/effect for more stacks of "power combo", but the combo coutner resets after ~2.5 - 5 seconds). Also, Ults shoudl be penalized for producing "power combo stacks", as they can get way out of hand quickly. Instead, have the ults generate up to a certain cap of 'stacks' so that powers like excal revamped radial jav and saryn's molt (in a room of 99 grineer) don't completely outclass other ults (world on fire, anyone? TO be fair, I do like the remake he did to her recently.)



But serioisly, this is good. Do you beleive that a Tenno, skilled with firearms and melee weapons of all types, is completely incapable of mixing it up in close quarters (read: hand to hand) combat. OF COURSE NOT SILLY!!!! :D :D :D 

This is what I'd like to see - Chance upon staggering enemy to be able to grab them (prompt perhaps?) Upon grabbing them, you are given a brief choice during a SMALL (~1.5 - 2 second) window during which you are 'safe' (think of the invincibility frames of an execution manuever) to choose to either Press E to perform a mini-counterattack/throw/knockdown/etc or press X (or whatever use key) to take the sodder as a human shield. While taking your new friend on a tour of various collections of firing squads (wall of level-55 grineer elite lancers, nobody deserves that) you can either hit x again to 'execute' him (neck snap, stab, blast with redeemer, etc) or continue until his fixed health is depleted, at wich point he drops to the floor dead (or whatever is left of him T_T).


Finally, damage mods. Currently, raw damage is heavily trumped by status effects. I feel that armor/health scalling on enemies hsa one of the biggest impacts on the performance of many "physical" damage (anything that has low status chance and relies on physical damage types to be viable) weapons mid to late game, and this issue only becomes worse once you are in late game. Either cut back on the armor and health scaling, or change the damage system to compensate for this (massive buffs to impact, mild bufs to slash, slight buffs to puncture. Perhaps even have physical damage attacks inflict a minumum % of enemy health/armor as damage when used against the proper health/armor type. This will ensure that even low damage, high fire rate physical damage weapon can stil (albeit less efficiently than stronger weapons) cut down higher level enemies instead of merely scratching them. For example, a puncture weapon against a puncture-weak foe will do a minimum of 5% of his health in damage (before factoring in damage mods). And even after this, many of the raw damage weapons may still require a follow up per-weapon buff to bring them up to par with the few "top tier" physical damage weapons (soma P, boltor P (some builds). kohm (can't knock that damage, even before the recent buff) ).

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Question: What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?


Ah the very difficult question of pure damage mods and their future role in the game.


Personaly i think they are very flawed for two reasons.


First they are mandatory. What ever it's the best or the worst gun in the game you will want to put as many damage mods as possible on the weapon. You simply can't ignore them.


The second flaw is that not every player will use them at the same level or have them all.

This creates a lot of room for inbalance between players, even those who use the same weapons. A lot of room the devs have to consider when balancing the enemies to create challenge for them.



However personaly i don't think they should be removed completely but rather modified and made less flawless. For that i have two suggestions, one more and the other less drastic. I don't think they are the ideal solution for the problem, but i just wanted to throw them in as food for thought.


Suggestion 1. Set Limits (the less drastic change):


Limiting the amount of mods with the same damage increase could reduce the max DPS madness and make it easier to balance enemies and weapons again..


For example only ONE pure damage mod, only 3 elemental mods and 1 or 2 for a damage type increase.

Though for that DE would need to also make some of the other mods more attractive, i'm looking at you 15% status increase mod.

This could also be used to make people chose between corrupted, primed and regular mods more, creating more need for pro and contra choices.


For example let's say Serration and Heavy Calibre both get a maximum of 10 mod points. The former does 100% damage at max, the later 150% damage at max.

So Heavy Calibre is more powerfull but comes with the flaw of 50% more spread. The weapon handling becomes the balancing factor for these two weapons.

Now throw in Primed Serration as having 150% damage increase without increased spread but requiring 15 mod points at max.


Which one would you chose, the expensive one, the flawed one or the reliable one?


Suggestion 2. Remove straight damage buffs, add damage potential (the more drastic change):


No more direct damage increases equal to all weapons. If a weapon starts with 20 damage, divided by 10 puncture, 5 slash and 5 impact damage, they will keep that total damage.


The physical and elemental damage type mods could then be used to "transform" the total damage of the weapon.


For example 50% more puncture damage will mean that the slash and the impact damage will get 50% taken off and added to puncture. Meaning the weapon now deals 15 puncture damage and only 2.5 slash and impact (better for Grineer).


Elemental mods meanwhile could still add to the base damage but be limited only 100% more damage.

That means even if you have both maxed toxic and electric mods installed you will not get 180% corrosion damage but just a straight 100% corrosion damage added to your weapon. 


So the total damage of the weapon would be 40, with 20 physical and 20 corrosion damage.


Now for the second part.


With "damage potential" i mean that each weapon could have a certain limit by how much their damage can still be increased via a damage mod like Serration. This limit should be based around where the weapon is tiered, with the higher tier weapons having lower damage potential.


For example low tier weapons have a 120% damage potential, mid tier 60% damage potential and high tier having only 20% damage potential. With that a low tier weapon could work very well into mid tier, a mid tier weapon could come close to high tier weapons and high tier weapons would remain the top dogs but without strong additional damage increase.


Serration as damage "unlock" mod could then be a godsend to early level players, while high level players might simply ignore it and keep the mod slot free to decrease the recoild or spread of their weapon.

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Coptering and such: I can live with it or without it. I'll adapt.


Pickups: Personally I think Ammo in general needs some revisioning so...yes?


Pure Damage: Yeah, these things should probably go. The question of "Will it make the game too hard?" is an odd one. Wouldn't the durability and and armors and whatever of enemies be reduced to compensate for the lower damages? So...there wouldn't that much of a change besides freeing up an extra slot on every single weapon? Also, more mods with Dead Aim would be cool as a replacement.


Grabbing: Hells yeah! If it means I get to recreate my favorite luchador moves then sign me up!


Abilities: I mean, I tend to use all of mine but I also think a lot of them need some tweaking. So...I'd say it's a lower priority on the totem pole.

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With "damage potential" i mean that each weapon could have a certain limit by how much their damage can still be increased via a damage mod like Serration. This limit should be based around where the weapon is tiered, with the higher tier weapons having lower damage potential.


For example low tier weapons have a 120% damage potential, mid tier 60% damage potential and high tier having only 20% damage potential. With that a low tier weapon could work very well into mid tier, a mid tier weapon could come close to high tier weapons and high tier weapons would remain the top dogs but without strong additional damage increase.


Serration as damage "unlock" mod could then be a godsend to early level players, while high level players might simply ignore it and keep the mod slot free to decrease the recoild or spread of their weapon.

I am not sure if i like to have weapons-tiers. This also means, that low tier weapons is not worth for high level missions even if they have fun-unique mechanics.

In other words, i like the possibility of take the weapon that  is best/fun for me and take it near anywhere (yes, it does not work on all weapon in current game. but this is not hard-coded by desing(by tiers) but it is only balance issue instead).


There  is some potential in your idea, but i am not sure about the consequences.

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hmm well i dont like the mod sistem, because more than 50% of the weapon mods are useless, or just have a better version.. like the 60% electric damage, the 60% range, in melee or 25%  extra magazine, 60% reload faster, etc..

it will be better if the weapon have subcategory, for example type of bullet, type of gun, tipe of trigger, and all have 2 o 3 mod slot, then i have two choose, 2 mods of type of bullet (example, freeze and poison damage), 3 of tipe of trigger (faster shoot or more sustainable shoot) ETC.

with this i can create more varieties of weapons and have to use different mods.

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Im sorry, how is this NOT a hot topic?




26199 views,  516 replies



On-topic: No, do NOT add primed serration it is already far too strong. If you are going to remove the base damage mods then you must remove enemy armor scaling as well to compensate, unless you plan on implementing passive damage increases as the weapon levels up'


On abilities: It really depends: Certain frames just either have worthless abilities or only one good ability in my eyes. For example: Volt's 2 and 3 are the only abilities I ever use. Nyx's 3 and 4 are the only abilities most people I know use, excaliber's 2 and 4 are the only useful skills to have, etc. Mostly I use the ults of frames, depending on the frame. I would LOVE more ability synergy that would compliment each other/encourage the player to use the entire frame's kit, because some powers like bullet attractor, soul punch, shadows of the dead and many more are just plain useless 90% of the time, and need serious reworks

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Any chance of just baking the pure damage mods into ranking up the weapons?  i.e. every rank gives a small boost to damage, so by level 30 the weapons would have an equivalent of a max-rank serration/point blank/hornet strike/pressure point.


This minimizes the effect of mod removal, while freeing up a mod slot for utility.

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I am not sure if i like to have weapons-tiers. (...)


If i remember correctly Scott aka. Grineer, the man in charge of weapon balancing, has stated in a devstream that Warframe's weapons exist in tiers. Or at least that he thinks of them as such.





Question: "Are we aiming for tiers in weapons? Do you want weapons to be all equally viable like the Warframes, or do we want tiers?"

Scott: "In the ideal world, they would all be viable. We’re trying to have versions of weapons viable at every level – high and low level snipers. Obviously with mods you can push low level weapons into the high end, they may not be as viable, but if you like that weapon you can be able to use it"


Okay, i didn't remember his statement correctly. No official tiers, but a clear nod towards weapons existing on different strength levels on purpose.

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Sliding, Coptering and Wall Flinging

I do think there needs to be some changes to make it less glitchy and more reliable but removing acceleration from the slide is not something I want. That would basically remove a lot of the midair control the Tenno has. If people want slide attacks to be easier, the devs should just add more hitboxes during the attack's start up. Coptering is fine I guess but Wall Flinging needs to be a proper mechanic that can actually be aimed. (like aerial melee attacks)



Pickups definitely do need some changes. Health orbs should scale according to your max health and maybe Energy orbs should do the same as well with max energy. (Flow should do a bit more than be useful for Quick Thinking) Ammo pickups should also do the same and scale according to a gun's max capacity (or maybe introduce an ammo efficiency stat to guns) and have many of the gun capacities changed to fit the system. This would probably fix the problem with high fire rate guns running out of ammo despite not being drastically better than other weapons.


Also, this might be wishful thinking but I would definitely remove the different ammo types and just make ammo universal. I don't understand why other ammo types have to be rarer when they're not more powerful. (aside from explosives, which can still get too much ammo now anyways) In addition with such a change, picking up ammo should give ammo to both your primary and your secondary at the same time, further encouraging the use of more than one gun.


Required Mods

I suggested to remove them. Of course this would require a lot of changes to enemy scaling but if the mod itself isn't a choice, what's the point in it being in the system? There is also the alternative of just making pure damage mods innate to the weapon's level just like how it works for abilities and warframe/archwing stats. It would also make the new player experience much easier as you'll be getting enough damage to one shot enemies in the low level areas without too much effort. In the first place, mods should be about playstyles instead of what we're fighting at the time. (Corrosive/Radiation = Grineer, Magnetic = Corpus, Corrosive = Infested, it's so clear cut and rather boring)


Grab and Throw Mechanics

I think such a system sounds interesting and would give us more defensive mechanics other than taking cover (bad), killing enemies quicker (not a defensive mechanic) and spamming abilities (freakishly OP until Nullifiers then does jack all). I do regularly use the Dragon Kick from the midair slide to knock down enemies so this is something I'll probably use if it isn't too slow or clunky. (Like parkour, can't dodge bullets at that speed =/)


Abilities and "Energy 2.0"

I'm not sure if there's a need to revamp the energy system other than adding some innate energy regeneration to warframes. It is true that a lot of abilities do not get used but that isn't the fault of the energy system and more because they contribute next to nothing to the fight (needs more effects other than damage) or they don't scale very well with enemy levels. Also doesn't help that 1 and 4 are usually the same thing but at different scales. The solution? Give each ability a different role for combat and make sure every ability has more than just damage.

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