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A. No, coptering/sliding/wall flinging are fine and i would imagine intended, all be it perhaps not as they are currently being used. i would imagine they were intended to gap close for melee, seeing as melee is close quarters combat. if you cant close that gap you might as well shoot yourself in the head and save the enemy a bullet. keep it as is. speed makes things more intense and enjoyable

go fast or go home


B. I would prefer health orbs and energy orbs be more available, also wouldnt mind stamina orbs, preferably health orbs. Energy has quite a few instances where your entire storage will be taken. grineer doors, disrupters, magnetic eximus'. if there is going to be an instance where you will lose all your energy, then inversely energy should be more available. whats more is that abilities are fun to use in most cases. people like using their abilities. there should be more instances for people to use their abilities because abilities are a fun aspect of the game. ammo i guess is okay since there are the ammo conversion mods, although one has to ask in this future where there are 'universal assault rifle ammo' why isnt there instead just 'universal ammo'


C. ah, damage mods. this is a sensitive topic. personally i think that combat itself should take a major look at. as it is, atleast in the end game, its basically 'kill it in in one shot before it kills you in one shot' and with scaling enemies your ability to one shot them falls off rather quickly as compared to their ability to one shot you. melee is kinda a joke because its damage falls off far sooner than guns. people on this forum will say 'oh you can still kill things with melee, it just takes longer' and that is the problem. it takes longer, where in a game that has continuously spawning enemies that's damage scales better than you. taking that risk of longer fights, in an already vulnerable state that is CQC is asking for defeat.

i got distracted. i think mods should be changed, where the point of a mod is more utility in a certain aspect. as is there is only like two builds for any weapon. damage multishot elemental combo x2 if status chance > crit, damage multishot crit chance crit damage if crit chance > status. but again, for a change to happen it would require rebuilding from the ground up.


D. grabing enemies. what benefits would there be? a body shield? ehhh. dont get me wrong, i appreciate that you want to add interesting concpets to your game. but if the foundation of your house is questionable as is, adding on a floating balcony, while definitely cool, should raise a few eyebrows.

its a interesting idea, but you should hold off implementing it until the system gives it a reason for being there,


E. some abilities are more worth using than others. some abilites are maybe not so much worth using at all. a lot of abilities dont scale to well past the first half of the planets. it reminds me of a funny comic where a beefed up rhina proclaims that he will tank this charlie and cries out "IRON SKIN ACTIVA-" before having a hole blown through him with a single pew laser from a level 105 crewman. when there is an upper cap to how much an ability can do, unless it provides some form of utility, it falls off relatively quickly. its why nova, trinity, and loki are the prefered frames for the void. their abilities bring utility.

personally, if the whole combat system got a do over, depending on how its done over, i'd be okay with damage abilities beng relatively nerfed, like the more detestable forumites cry for.

if combat is desired to be drawn out, give it a reason to be drawn out. dont just abitrarily make things worse because a minority dont like being outdone by others

This guy gets it .. like all of it spot on. More like this please.

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Sliding, Coptering, and Wall Flinging:

I don't think these should be taken out entirely, or changed dramatically. For one, slide attacks and wall jumps are super ninja, and part of the whole warframe ethos. I do think, though, that the animations should be reworked so that they looked like a more intentional part of the game. When you dive into a slide from sprinting, maybe there could be a little hop added in before the slide, adding just a slight pause as your Tenno coils up for the pounce. Likewise, when you spin attack for a copter, maybe a little pause as your Tenno's feet gain traction, you coil into a crouch, and then explode forward with a sweeping arc. At this point, you're shifting from feet-first to head/weapon first, so a believable pivot there to really feel the jump and slash forward would be awesome. Also, as you sprint up to a wall for the launch, a little pause as you contact and coil up against the wall would be great, and then a believable jump animation with your Tenno launching out from the wall sword first.


As they are now, the whole mechanic is kind of glitchy/jumpy/unpolished/not smooth. It looks accidental (which, it sort of is) and not fluid. So, no, please don't cut out such an iconic part of Warframe- embrace it, polish it up, and make it super smooth and satisfying. And maybe tone down the fling speed/distance a little. It's rather jarring as it is.



As the original post says, health/energy pickups would be better as a percentage of the total pool, or alternately make some cool mods that increase energy/health gain per pickup. Also, improve the model. I love the light pillars that were added to rare/insignia drops- how about shrinking the orbs a little and adding a light pillar in the same color? That would look sweet!


Ammo is a whole other issue- the pickups themselves are only a part of the problem. The max ammo pool needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, taking auto/semi-auto and single/dual pistols into account. There's no reason that a Latron and a Braton need the same max ammo- obviously the Braton eats through more ammo, and does far less damage per round. If the automatic weapons, which trade damage for firerate, have the same pool as the semi-auto, which do far more damage with much less firerate, then that's a handicap. To keep even, autos need a larger ammo pool. The same goes for single vs. dual pistols, where the duals should have double the ammo pool and firerate and somewhere around half the accuracy. That only makes sense.


Then, I guess, the amount of ammo you get per pickup would need to adjust to whatever loadout you take with you- a Boltor and Lex needs more primary rounds and fewer secondary rounds, whereas a Vectis and Twin Vipers is just the opposite. If the overall system is overhauled, there could be tiers- a secondary ammo drop could yield x rounds for semi-auto sidearms, y rounds for automatic sidearms, and z rounds for dual sidearms, etc.


Although, I also like the idea of making ammo a little harder to come by in game, so that players have to mark hard choices and really play with some skill and intelligence. I can run with almost any loadout and not have to really think or worry about ever running out of ammo. But I wouldn't mind if it was more of a consideration. That could be challenging and fun.

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1. If anything it should receive additional freedom in maneuvering. Still, it's not too shabby at the moment.


2. I have not paid attention to them too much. It means the system works.


3. I do not mind them per-se, but I have still not maxed Serration (it's expensive, you know) and it leads to weaker performance. As Arthan said: "Instead of having mods, I think our warframe and weapon's stats should increase as you level."  Seeing something like this would be a nice and fresh change.


4. Grab all the things!


5. I use the abilities diversely, whatever the situation requires. Some powers do feel pointless though, so again, no pitchforks or torches would be brought out even if major changes were made.

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"they need their damage bonus increased"


Please,Please tell me that's a joke option. 


I also notice the precentages change significantly since i last looked. Do a few have alts or... 


What do these players want? 

Customisation: reduce or remove damage mods. 

Balance: reduce or remove damage mods (or everything that adds damage around them)

Progression: reduce of remove damage mods.( If everything didn't die in one hit, development on AI, new enemies, and functionality on weapons could grow. At the moment we just get the same enemies but tougher.)


Status quo: do we need that? It's beta. I'm sure a lot of players voting 'they're fine as they are' hold concerns that they will loose the effort they've put into high rank mods. Since DE can refund that, it's not so much of a valid concern. 


Powertripping: Why not just ask for an easy mode?  must everything be brought down because a few people like being so op that gameplay is pretty much passive? Just give the game an easy mode and then not worry about these kinds of people degrading the quality of feedback. 


Anyone who's put enough thought into it would pick reduction or removal options. It'd open new doors, make parts of the game easier to fine-tune, add replay value beyond 'collect em all'. The game would become more engaging. Currently I often find myself playing with one hand (eating, though as developers you should feel well proud of yourself if it was something else) because there are times where the game just doesn't engage the player (survival, definitely survival, for reasons already listed in my threads). 

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I'd like to see coptering & aerial melee removed, but ONLY and i repeat ONLY if parkour 2.0 is implemented with VASTLY superior contextual controls for the players. (diagonal wall runs, being able to shift from vertical to horizontal movement during mid-run, a way to control dismount, etc)


the reason aerial melee is so useful is that you can control your target point. parkour moves, as they exist currently, are clunky at best.

hence the reason so many ignore it in favor of coptering & aerial melee. 

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My idea on how Serration/"required mods" could be IMPROVED rather than flat out removed, resulting in many complicated system revamps and rebalancing (which should be done anyways imo) is as follows:


Rather than remove Serration and other such mods entirely, perhaps it would be welcomed to instead fuse damage mods at stat mods. An example of how this could be done is make multiple variations of the Serration/other mods in which rather than just having damage, would also have another effect such as: faster reload speed, higher fire rate, increased status proc chance, increased crit chance, increased crit damage, etc. As only one Serration could be put on a weapon at once now, only one of these could be chosen. Although this would not change the fact that Serration/other mods are REQUIRED on a mod loadout, the new variations on them would allow players to choose one that fits their style, no ONE would be required on your build.


Another idea of how this general idea could be implemented is rather than adding variations to the required damage mods, the damage mods themselves could be removed and all existing mods could receive a damage stat on the side. I personally think this method may be easier to balance by simply giving every mod the same amount of damage boost, meaning whichever mod you choose you are getting the same amount of raw damage increase. This would also encourage players to potato/forma their weapons in order to fit on the max amount of mods, regardless of what they are. This would mean that rather than people who have done the most grind to get better mods has stronger weapons, people who have put in more TIME and effort with that weapon would be able to make it stronger.


A last note I'd like to make here is that this idea came to me after seeing another user's post about adding more dual stat mods like hammer shot to help with customization of builds. I have forgotten who you are, but you may know who you are so thank you. :)


As this is rather long I intended for it to simply be a thread but I am also going to post it here since the poll asks for an opinion if you chose other.


Thank you all for reading and I would like to ask that you leave your thoughts and comments below. :)



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1- slider coptering and wall flinging are the base of my mobility. Even if they were not intended at the beginning of implementation, they became more with the time and different usage.


Considering modifications:

make coptering lockable on ennemies, rather than a mobility mechanic.

make sliders and wall running (at the expense of removing wall flinging)  more potent with mobility, go further and faster

For parkour 2.0 i'd like to see more chaining movements for exemple slide to wallrun, wallrun to directional aerial attack or vertical wallrun to horizontal wallrun.


2-orbs and ammo pickups i don't have anything to say about it, they are fine the way they are.


but what can we say? we have plates to make up for them in the rare case we don't have enough. there is no reason to change something that will have no impact.


3-Pure damage modding is a difficult topic to board, i'm torn between the choices.


Weapons are designed in a way if you want to tackle high level missions and/or endless mission it is a must to use those mods.

Meaning if we want to go further this way, an increase of damage bonuses (aka the primed mods) is needed, but we lose versatility.


But the other way is also interesting in it's way, to remove those mods and set a new way to deal damages:

-damage weapon scaling as ranking up

-ennemies armor/health scaling revised


4-Grab mechanics

I don't see how we can sucessfully implement this mechanic in this game. The way the game is designed there is nothing to gain from grabing a mob, as they are either too numerous (in high level missions) or too fragile (in low levels)


5- Warframe Power usage

I use warframes that are widely power balanced, as loki, limbo and mirage.


i tend to use as much different powers as the situation impose, but i have to confess that when rep farming, mirage tend to go full prism. but it might be that i'm relying more on my weapons than my powers wich is why i don't really have this power 4 spammer.


Many forums topics proposed wondeful ideas:

weapon scaling: yeah if weapons are better than powers, we won't have to deal with nuke spammers, logic and simple.

Over heating powers. the more variant use of powers the more efficient and powerful it is. you can either spamm it at the cost of decreasing power strengh, or use a wide variety of powers and keep the power strengh at his highest number.


In my opinion power scaling won't matter, it's still efficient, iven if it's a percentage, players will continue to spam it until they destroy the ennemies, where the weapon scaling is a solution.

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Do you think Sliding, Coptering, and/or Wall Flinging should be changed in some way?

     I think the game would benefit from considering inertia.  Heavy melee weapons should cause some sort of redirection if used mid-air, while light ones shouldn't cause any kind of acceleration whatsoever.  Exceptions could be made (such as in the Jat Kittag).  Sprint would need to be reworked in order to make up for these changes.


Do you think pickups (orbs and ammo) need a revision?

     Maybe some slight changes.  Ammo availability is an interesting mitigating factor in itself, but weapons with scarce ammunition should be powerful enough to make up for it.  At the moment, they're equal at best.


What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?

     They're must-have.  It would be more interesting if someone could swap out "Serration" with something like "Ammo Drum" and have it be considered a viable decision.  I think it would be better if Warframe considered weighed these four factors equally when considering weapon effectiveness:  Damage, Range/number of affected targets, proc benefit, and logistical considerations (ammo scarcity, etc.).  Right now it's all about damage...but if procs were better, people might consider those as well.  Ammo scarcity is almost a non-issue, and that should be changed.


Would you grab enemies if you could?

Yeah, that's a fun idea :)


On average, do you use all of your Warframe’s abilities?

     Some warframes have a duplication of effect in their abilities, and in those I almost always choose the better skill.  Mag is a good example:  "Pull" does damage and has CC, while "Crush" basically does the same thing on a bigger scale at greater cost, while locking Mag into a cast animation...so I never use it.  "Blessing" and "Well of Life" are also good examples (although the latter is sometimes useful if you're going for an offensive build with Trinity). 


Many 'frames also have abilities that necessitate specialized builds that render their other abilities useless--"Bullet Attractor," "Miasma," and "Desecrate" are all good examples of skills that benefit from something that the other skills do not...so either you choose the one skill or you choose all of the others.


In situations where skills duplicate effects, there should be a proportional increase in effect without a major downside (as in "Crush").  In situations where specialized builds are required--I think the best way to deal with it would be to make more abilities viable when range, duration, power str., or even energy cost are affected negatively.  "Molecular Prime" ("fast" or "slow" Nova) is the best example I can think of.

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Movement that exists is fine. Tuning up would be nice, but I'm not sure why anyone would want to remove things. I know [DE]Steve finds wall launches "buggy" because they seem unpredictable, but it would make more sense to make them "more predictable" then.

The pickup suggestion is pure powercreep, and would be counter-productive to the game. If they were changed to the suggestion, the associated mods would require a heavy handed nerf to keep the game any semblance of balanced.

The "let's remove serration" crowd just wants more power. If you suggest "make serration inherent, so we get +1 slot", or "just give us +1 slot", they're all for it. Suggest "let's make serration inherent, and remove a slot to balance this change", they all start whining "THAT'S NOT WHAT I SAID!". Clearly they just want to pack another damage mod in there.

It's actually interesting that when trying to describe their thoughts in detail, it boils down to them being angry that the game is balanced currently, and they want it unbalanced and then re-balanced, but without any indication what they think that will actually accomplish.

There's nothing stopping people from using other mods, it's annoying that so many flock to the pretense that they would. If anything, it's fueled by anger at how much it costs to max serration(but they don't want to admit their argument is based on nothing more than that).

The throwing thing is interesting.

The energy system works fine the way it is now. Those of us who want to use skills often find a way(was never that difficult to begin with, and it's gotten much easier as time goes on).

If you take this as a sum, the whole CHT here is a push towards forcing everyone to have tank-based frames with cheap weapons so that they can spend more money maxing vitality, rather than actually exploring the variety the game has to offer.

Unless you guys at DE agree that "slap a vitality in a warframe and go" is the ideal situation for character building, you should probably ignore almost everything from this CHT.

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Sliding, Coptering, and Wall Flinging:


I love coptering, it's the only way my frost and rhino can keep up with all those damn light frames. Also without coptering and sliding I'd be reduced to pure stamina run, which would greatly increase the time it takes to get around.


I can see the problem in the current system making it extremely easy to avoid enemies and just run through a mission without firing a shot, leaving them all in the dust. On the other hand removing these methods would more than triple the time an average sabotage, spy or deception mission would take me. I only run these missions because they take less than 7 min and I'd be less motivated to run them if I had to slog through the entire mission.




Quite honestly my biggest issue with these are that the health and energy orbs are boring, ugly and clashes with how the rest of the game look (especially in Archwing where you can hide in one), I'd also love to see the entire system revised so that pickups don't just bounce out of dead enemies, this is only a matter of immersion though and not due to game balancing. 


Abilities and “Energy 2.0”:


It's not only press 4 that's an issue. Several of my frames I never touch my ult (Volt, Frost, rarely on Nyx, Oberon, Mag) but instead use only 1-2 other abilities. So if you look at this don't just look at ults. Please

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I'm one the guys that thinks this needs to go. Especially now that we have directional air melee. The new broom Tipedo launches you ridicolously far, for instance. Combined with actually sprinting and jumping, you can rush just as good as with coptering.



It'd be nice if it were easier to see what kind of ammo is on the ground. I've been here for more than a year now, and I still haven't figured out what color is what. I'll check the Wiki soon.


Pure damage mods

As long as everything is somehow scaled/fitted to how things are now. A quick thought goes something along the lines of: If Gun A  at rank B does X% damage to Enemy1 with a fully modded Serration, it should still do that once the mod is removed. This'll be a pain to balance, when you have to factor in amor types, damage types, and what have you.


Grapping enemies

A very fun idea, but with the fast paced gameplay of Warframe, and the "plow your way through hordes of enemies" style it has now, it would probably go mostly unnused, apart from defense missions, I think.

If Warframe ever gets some sort of dedicated single player mode, where the enemy best weapon is something else than simple drowning you with sheer numbers, it could have a place.

I really want it though, and some of the changes I think it will require, so I've voted for it.


Warframe abilities

I want to use all my abilities, but the speed and pace of the game doesn't cater to it. Either that, or the ability is plain and simple crap. I'm looking at you, Dive bomb...

I really want to use Switch teleport, but it's just as fast to just plow my way through the 800 enemies in front of me, as it is to accurately target the one at the back, and switch with him.

I want to use most of the abilities that are available, because they really fit the frames, but they don't fit the game and its pace. There's a severe lack of synergi. Looking for an excuse to use abilities gets really tiring in the long run.

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Do you think Sliding, Coptering, and/or Wall Flinging should be changed in some way?

I do not happy my mili weapon it just a transport. I want just choose it by my desire. Maybe i will even use it someday, becouse your recenty changes like nulifer do mili to dangerous. And manalichers. So its not only about movement system.


By the way it a bit boring now. Toggle slide-run, or jump if u have a space. Wallrun can be good, but it to hard to use it propertly.

And i never understood why i need look in the sky to moove forward.



Do you think pickups (orbs and ammo) need a revision?

I think all orbs system is strange.

Let me explain. I have warfame will only 4 abilities. Ult cost 100 mana. So, by defalt i am just a soldier. I want use my frame. Really want. But all this S#&$ it S#&$.

Using synd tablet induces me stand in one place.

Random orbs are random. And it not a best idea try to get mana at a battlefild full of enemy.

Orbs from boxes? ......


All of this is totally bad and not fun at all.


Dont get me wrong, but i was happy with my Gammac Rakta Balista. I understand it broke all game mechanic, but it mechanic just suck.

I want use my frame. Restrict a spam, but dont force me do crap instead of battle.




What is your opinion on pure damage mods (for example, Serration)?

Actually i dont have any problem with Serration.

I mean its not only one mode. I dont feel much choises now. Status/damage/crit not so big choise. I mean if you will want do something it need to be a better balance to do a Fast Hands an option in most of weapon, not a waste of slot.


Would you grab enemies if you could?

no. I am already say it first. Mili combat now not a best way. Loki invisibility, Valkyr invulnurability. No place to grab anything.



On average, do you use all of your Warframe’s abilities?


The average temperature in the hospital is 36,6 °C. Some patient in a fear, some is cold dead, but average its normal.


Many abilities must be reworked. I mean reworked, not eat frame slot like an augmentation. Believe me, i have better way to fill it instead of correcting your mistakes. I'm not going to use it just to make a useless ability a little less useless.

For exampe Valkyr. I would be happy to use (1) for movement, but the cast is too long, and I somehow fall to the floor on the road. In addition, I had not realized the chips, can I get a mod to energy efficiency and to receive all the same, only for all abilities. Yes, maybe there is a little sense to combine it, but as I said, the ability inconvenient.

Or Mag. I don't see a single reason why this augmentation cannot be part of the ability, if you are not going to return to its normal effect. You do understand that this is a question of capacity? And I choose between augmentation and main shield? Why should I buy and use this mod now?

Just play all the frames and you will see what abilities are useless. For example, spend mana to inflict direct damage to a single purpose is a very bad idea, unless this damage does not become huge or we have a lot of mana.




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Sliding and coptering speed bonus should be removed, but to complement this, other speed increasing movement should be added/current should be tweaked. Something that looks cool, more ninja parkourish.(ninjas who spam sliding and coptering look kinda $&*&*#(%&) Good example of such move is wallrun(currently only in esthethic mean), this one is barely used by players, because there is barely space for it, and wall flinging won't do either, because You are thrown in a high velocity in a not really desired direction(this is why wall attacks are unused too). If there only was more control of it, and if it would be usable in more places...


Damage mods


I think they should be removed completely and weapons should gain 10% extra damage on every level-up.

This would give them 300% bonus damage [Which is what you usually get out of stacking something like max Serration and Heavy Caliber together.]



Honestly I've always thought mods shouldn't increase damage, only utility/how the gun feels. But that's just me.



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For ammo pick ups I think that they should be changed to replenish a percentage of your base ammo reserve. As it stands now weapons such as the Latron will get a lot more mileage from a 20 round ammo pick up than weapons like the Glaxion.

As for health orbs, I think that orbs created by Oberon and Nekros should remain at 25 health, but orbs from life support units and containers/lockers should be increased.

I am quite happy with damage mods as they are right now, but I am not averse to mods like Serration being removed if some adjustments are made to all weapons base damage.

If all rifles, for example, were given a 100% boost to their base damage I would be happy to say goodbye to Serration. However, I think a change in how weapons level would also be beneficial.

If weapons, like Warframes, had stats that improved as they increased in level it would be quite interesting. All weapons could have three stats that improved, with damage being common to all, but two others varying from one weapon to the next.

This would then allow for more interesting mods that could be introduced to bolster damage output in different ways or under specific circumstances. For example, a mod that gives a percentage increase to elemental damage for X seconds after inflicting a status proc.

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I know [DE]Steve finds wall launches "buggy" because they seem unpredictable, but it would make more sense to make them "more predictable" then.

I actually find wall launching very predictable, then again I've practiced with it a lot.

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I would love to see a rework of the movement system as a whole. While I like coptering, sliding, and wall flinging I feel limited by what these actions offer and usually don't use my environment as much as I see the potential for.


As for pure damage mods, I think they could definitely use a little reworking. Personally I would love to see them done away with altogether, and the bonus damage from having them just transferred into the weapon leveling system. I.e. as I level a weapon it deals more base damage. Maybe the first time it doesn't do the full effect of a maxed serration, but as I put forma into it and relevel the weapon the max damage will increase. There would need to be a cap on this (maybe 3 forma) but it opens up the damage slot used on every weapon while still requiring a decent amount of work to achieve.

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I think melee needs a double strike mod. this would make melee more viable end game. i think it should only be a 60% chance for your melee to strike twice. also i think all status chance mods need a buff. they don't do anything unless the weapon started with a very high status in the first place.

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Pure damage mods like Serration/Hornet Strike/Pressure Point should be removed, or at least their bonus changed, and the equivalent amount of damage bonus just flat out added to weapons. If the weapons, say, gained 20% damage every 3 levels, it would add progression while leveling weapons, something that's currently sorely lacking. Rank 0 weapons are completely worthless unless you're running level 1 missions.

Honestly, thinking about it, it'd almost be nice if leveling a weapon didn't effect the mod points, but the stats. A rank 0 weapon with 30-60 mod points would actually make it far more usable for people who have actually progressed through the game and are leveling the weapon for mastery. It would also make formaing a weapon far less painful. The only thing is, it would almost require Serration/Hornet Strike/Pressure Point be removed, and have their damage bonuses added to the weapon as it's leveled up to 30. I'd include Point Blank in this, but shotguns are underpowered as is, and they could use the buff.

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For movement:  


Coptering needs to go, it looks like a bug and is a finger-twisting munge of annoyance to execute.  Wall jumping I'm fine with, though I'd be ok if it were removed, because it also seems like a bug.  And I'm referring to the massive propulsion short wall-jump, not wall jumping in general.


The most important thing about movement -- and this drags the whole game down -- is when you execute any moves like this, you inevitably get stuck on the ceiling for a moment (as your momentum slowly drains away --- this is the worst physics ever) or you land on top of a door ledge or you get stuck on something weird jutting out.  All of that needs to go away.  All of the little things all over the maps that serve no purpose other than to annoy you and prevent you from actually using any of the cool movement mechanics.  Please get rid of those.  This is the kind of thing that isn't so annoying at first, but when you've played for a while, they really start to wear you down.  I just want to be able to zip into a doorway without landing on top of the tiny doorjamb or get stuck by the lip of a stairwell.  If I miss the doorway that's one thing, but if it's because I land on something 6 millimeters wide..? Getting down from the top of a doorway is way harder than getting yourself up there.  I don't care how ninja you are, landing on a doorjamb after jumping 50 feet should be able the hardest thing a human can execute.  Not something so easy you do it 100 times per day. :P 


And really the getting stuck against the ceiling when you have high momentum.  Ugh.  Every time I see myself floating against a wall or a ceiling unable to move because I was going so fast when I hit it, I just want to scream to the physics gods.


And jumping down holes.  You keep grabbing the lip and there is no way to stop this except to do a ground slam through the hole or get lucky with a roll and slip through at the right time.  There needs to be something better here.


Ammo drops


I'd rather we simplify things here.  There is primary weapon ammo and secondary.  Get rid of the types.  But not a big deal.

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Explanation for question 5: I do not normally use any of my abilities.


If coptering is to stay, it should have its animation completely changed and it should be unaffected by weapons' attack speed.


All weapons should have the same coptering potential and none of them should fling you across the universe the way 1.3atkspd weapons do.


Completely disagree with you.

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serration is indeed a must have for primary weapons. I think the whole enemy difficulty scaling is entirely wrapped around the level of damage output you have, so late game enemies still survive maxed damaged weapons even WITH max serration plus whatever elemental mods you have on. as for the ammo, each drop should scale based on the weapon you have equipped, and the orbs should scale as well. affinity definitely needs a major buff for higher level frames and weapons

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On Damage Mods

Once you have them, it's not a problem. But it's just another (very expensive) stepping stone. I'm of the opinion it'd be easier to maintain balance if the numbers stayed lower, and (more importantly) consistent. At the moment, people put great expense into getting their numbers big enough to match everybody elses numbers. Consequently, all the enemy health and armour is also really big numbers. So, yeah. I can't help but think it'd be better without the silly scaling. 


On grappling

I think with the current flow of most missions, it wouldn't be viable. But I'd still like to be able to do it.


On abilities

I use all the abilities on some frames. Ones like Loki, where it's worth using them all. Tha said, I think Loki is the only frame with abilities that are all good enough, work well enough to want to use, where none of them render another redundant.



On Coptering

I'd like it a lot more if it didn't look so out of place. Aerial Melee was designed, and looks like it.

There's a clear difference in the flow of movement, coptering looks messy and disruptive.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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