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Hotfix 15.10.2

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  • Increased Affinity received for killing Nullifier Crewman to 150, and increased Affinity gained for killing Corrupted Nullifiers to 500.
  • Reduced enemy spawn rates in Infested Hive Missions to be more in-line with other non-endless mission types.
  • Adjusted Panthera audio when hitting flesh or metal.  Firing your weapon on stone will now make the appropriate metal grinding noise!




  • Fixed instances where players became unable to move after picking up Syndicate Medallions or other interactable objects.
  • Fixed an issue where a new host would not be immediately created from the current host disbanding a squad, leading to a session timeout for all players.
  • Fixed players not being able to build Corrupted Dragon Keys in Foundry.


If your post in a Hotfix/Update thread includes 'Still no fix for...."


1) Include a link to a relevant bug report/screenshot that has details on reproducibility and the nature of the issue.

Without these details it is increasingly difficult to troubleshoot the specifics involved in resolving a bug.

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Still no fix for Vay Hek pigments not dropping in anything other than solo. My clans currently STUCK on this since farming keys for this is really making my brain hurt!



or the Corpus Crewman shooting nothing but the sentinal for the rest of the map after casting Silence?



I don't usually do a "still no fix for" post, but these being ignored is making me sad =(

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