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Update 15.11


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oh cmon on this update, not this please happens " like this last worst sunday " again " upnp port problems " i guarantee my ports are for surely right settet !

fix it please.




edit: an " needed " outbound update can fix this problem.


Edit²: Thanks for fix !



I'm also still having issues with the "Firewall" problems, and I was hoping they would be fixed, because I can't play until they are (I've tried every solution on my end, and it had been working perfectly before, so I can only assume the issue isn't on my end). I've seen a ton of people having problems with matchmaking (in my case I can't do anything that isn't solo), receiving invites, viewing chat (though I can see the chat) and other similar issues.


Anyway, thanks to everyone for your hard work! I hope there's a fix to this issue soon so I can continue to play Warframe.

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Ember's fire blast animation last alot less then the times displayed, by using narrow minded and Primed continuity, the ability lasted for 50 seconds but the animation would end 15 seconds earlier.

Anyone can confirm this?

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still no fix for:


* Enemies hit directly by torid are not damaged by it's clouds (4 month old bug, you guys obviously never use the torid)

* character heads can be stuck trying to face a direction (you look straight ahead and your character slowly turns their head somewhere else

* headshot sounds don't play on client (bug since warframe started, which makes headshots less satisfying)

* saryn's molt dosn't mimic position on clients, stands straight up with no pose

* Sanquine Ancient Healer specter only provides damage resistance aura to other specters and not players



those are the ones i can think of at the top of my head. all of which i know will never get fixed. a staff member even commented on my post i made a year ago that head shot sounds don't play for clients and he said it was a "good idea" but when i explained that they do have headshot sounds they just don't play for clients: no response. 




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So i'm seeing that ember is still not viable. Fire damage does NOTHING compared to all of the other frames! THAT is what needed to be fixed! Sure, the additions are nice, but the damage still isn't there!

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In regards to "Still no fix for...."   (here's a link to my post about it: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/381877-mirage-winter-skin-bug-still-present/#entry4214101)


Will multi-quote here:



Good evening,


     I remember around the time the winter bundle came out, there was a bug/glitch in regards to Mirage's Winter Skin, where you would use her third skill Eclipse, her skin would revert back to the default.


I recall a few updates ago they mentioned in one of the patch notes that it has resolved, but its been a good month now and the problem still persists. I did leave a ticket about asking for a possible refund for the bundle a while back due to that what I purchased isn't functioning as it should.


Here is also a video provided on exactly what I am referring too earlier today for example: 

 [new link EDIT]

(Only the first 5 seconds really only needs to be seen which shows the problem I've been having).



Anyways I really hope this gets cleared up soon! I really do love this skin and it's a real shame that this problem still persists for over a month now.


Cheers! (:



Taking a look into this :) 


Edit: Reproduced on my account (both solo and public missions). Bug confirmed and sent over to the team. Thanks for the heads up guys! 



A bit delayed but thank you so much for sending it over! (:


I really hope the team looks into it very soon!


Cheers! (:



Hope that helps! (:

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Wyrmius, the most anticipated Warframe-themed; side-scrolling mini game of the year is here!




Ember Changes:


  • Base Stamina increased to 150.
  • Base armour increased to 100 (125 for Ember Prime)
  • Movement Speed increase.
  • Fire Blast has had a mechanic added. In addition to placing a ring of fire on casting location, it will now also generate a growing wall of fire (like the Arson Eximus ability).
  • World On Fire is now a toggle ability with a 50 Energy cost on cast. It will drain 5 energy over time as well as consider your power duration (affected by mods).
  • World on Fire has had its casting time reduced.

YES! Thank you, DE!

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I didnt see this on the fix list in the latest patch notes so:




It happens mostly when channeling before executing a finisher, the amount of health recovered by lifestrike seems to be capped at enemy max hp ONLY when playing as a non-host or joining a match, it also seems to be recovering less hp via non-finishers melee attack too as a non-host.


Old thread but Hysteria is also missing the multiplier on finishers:




On a side note, i find a bit strange to have wyrm as a requirement to play wyrmius, not a big deal tho.

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Nope, no improvements for World on Fire whatsoever. Nothing to see here, move along.

However, if that's intended to keep me from running into Embers who just rush ahead of the team spamming 4 in every other pub game, then by all means, keep at it. At least the armor and speed increase means equipping Steel Charge =/= suicide.

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Fire Blast has had a mechanic added. In addition to placing a ring of fire on casting location, it will now also generate a growing wall of fire (like the Arson Eximus ability).

Ok eximus powers... Then please bring us the snow globe from ice eximus to frost or at least to frost prime. I hate how looks the actual snow globe on frost when you compare to the eximus globes.

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