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Tactical Alert: Overtake


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This has to be the worst tactical alert since tactical alerts started.


- You're forced to use melee

- There are too many nullifiers that deflect melee weapons easily 

- No one uses throwing weapons so you're going to see people with unforma'd and unpotato'd glaives or kestrels

- You're trying to defend a moving object that has virtually no health

- Magnetic damage messes up your shields which cuts them in half and messes up your energy

- Cold environmental damage that halfs your shields even further


Like this is insane



I'm all for a challenge, but this is damn impossible.

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You have easy job DE:


1. Fix the Nullifiers

2. Run the alert

NOT the other way around.


Also it still takes 16 (8 if thrown through) throws to shrink one nullDome.

Also it takes ~1 second more to charge shot while Glaive is equipped compared to fastmele charge.

Also please do playtest events multiple times before launching it.

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IDK what's so bad about it, I soloed it for both tries.


Except I ran a maximized Disarm Loki for the first, maximized Javelin Excalibur for the second, and was dropping a Large Shield Restore every now and then to keep myself alive and the rover moving. Leaving the rover to engage nullies close up was a gambit, as any other enemies would swarm the rover. Using the throw attack of the Glaive P (also maximized), took between 5 and 6 throws to kill a nullie; less if I got lucky and hit the him on the way back. I reached extract with less than 400 health left on the rover both times. Overall, fun idea, but definitely catered towards players with maximized gear/decently equiped squads with dedicated nullie killers. Granted it IS on a higher level planet, but these alerts should probably be more balanced for newer players as well, as I can already guess Astral Twilight is gonna be quite the rare drop. Speaking of Astral Twilight...


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Yeah this is impossible for me to do, I kinda have to solo due to internet (I'd have a ping in the 500-600 range going by other games I've tried) and I've used all my revives on three different frames trying to do this, Zephyr, Rhino, Mag.


Edit: This edit is abit late but after getting a bite to eat that evening and thinking it over I was able to "get gud" and  solo it in two tries.

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Experimented with multiple warframe configurations


This is simply impossible with the amount of nullifies.




Found a viable strategy


I saw the difficulty of the mission and forgot to apply DarkSouls logic to it. Suceeded with 2 Nyxs and 2 random frames that killed nullifiers.

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worst tactical alert ever I have not complained about any tactical alerts ever but this is just 100 per cent overkill


1. nullifiers require damage from the outside to make smaller while using a full moded glaive prime it takes about 4 hits

2. to many nullifiers

3. they also have a frost shield that's just OP

4 shields are halved

5.they also slow you if your inside the bubble

6. there damage is way to hit I get one shoted on certain frames

7. loads of other enemies

8. restricted to only melee

9. the rover takes your shields as well typicall

10. the rover has hardly any health...

if you go inside the bubble your dead they slow you and have huge damage especially when you have halved shields

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TRied to do it few times but fuc it.

Got to that place where rover goes into building and bam 10 fu... nullifiers one above other and you can't do crap while they kill rover. Yeah you could run in front and do S#&$ but then well yeah nullis everywhere.

I'm just happy its S#&$ty tactical allert that only changes the useless ugly stratos emblem, and I don't wear sygils so I don't care how it looks.

Worst Event/Alert ever Thank you DE but no thank you.


Quality year started nice.

A: lets make a quality event

B: how about we make some nice new game mod that shows quality with this event

C: How about we just give players useless weapons and spawn F-load of Nullifiers

A: Brilliant idea C.

B: ...


Year of quality -_-.

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