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[Guide] How To Use Bb Code In The Forums.



Oh hai! ~a lolcat waves several printed pages of forum threads.


You probably all know that we have a limited WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) editor for our posts. So, mhmm, sweet, we can make things bold, write in italics, underline it or strike it through. Or combine it to a crazy mess of font stuff. But what else can you do?


Well, pretty much everything. This forum uses what is called BB code. What is BB code? It's a simplified markup code that was born from the Bulletin Board, a fairly wide-used forum software. The code applied there became a standard, if you will, with many basic things covered and additional elements added by subsequent forum software based on or close to BB code and/or Bulletin Board.


So, where does this leave us? Awesome country. Read this. The majority of those tags can be used here. For example,

Creates a list!
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3


Creates a named link, just as I did up there to link to the Wiki-article on BB code. Another common thing is
... to embed YouTube videos.



And of course, the ever-important:

... for images. ;)




But, how do you know that it works out fine? Type your post, then hit Ctrl + A (mark all), Ctrl + C (copy) and paste it into notepad (Start > Run > notepad) with Ctrl + V. Then hit "More Reply Options" - it'll give a preview of your thread. Now, copy the saved text back in, fix any errors your code caused, and when you want to check again hit "Preview Post" - and if that looks as spankingly awesome as you like it, post it up, butter cup.


Hope this helps! :)

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Could you show how the [ quote = name_date] works properly here?


I tried [ quote=name] and [ quote=name] but nothing showed up :/


[quote name='Username' date='Jun 30 2008, 10:39 AM' post='1735291']Quoted post content here[/quote]




Quoted post content here


You can omit any of the variables, too. I thought it might require all three, but it's perfectly possible to do any combination. Protip: Don't muck around with the date format unless you want your post to vanish, as I just discovered. =) Here is a handy BBCode reference for IP.Board. Not everything may be supported, but it's a good place to start.

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Id like to ask if we are able to change thread names and if yes how =) Huge thanks in advance =)

And this thread helped me immensely thank you! :D\


( Im having some trouble getting the embed youtube video function to work does it need specific space for it to appear ? ) - Complete newbie with forums -

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Found the title editor thanks =) Still cant make the link appear as a youtube video window Just see the link with the cmds in front and in the end sitting there but oh well ;)


Edit : all good managed to do it ;) thanks again :D

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