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Tools & Tricks, Keeping Your Rig Running Smoothly


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Seeing allot of questions and problems that can be resolved easily.

Here are some tips and tricks with some tools to boot.


Drivers: make sure your drivers are up to date, this will ensure your experience is optimal.

Also some crash related problems are related to drivers not being properly updated.


Clean PC: Take some time every month just cleaning your PC.

it seems some what tedious but like everything it needs some work to keep your rig running smoothly.

A clean PC is a fast PC and will not crash when you regularly clean your PC.


Dust: The nightmare of everything inside your PC.

As it uses electricity it will be a magnet to dust and it will clog up your fans and inner workings.

I use a Antec Darkfleet with dust filters on the 2 intake fans to filter dust but the fine stuff still get's in.

Clean your PC in the inside prevent dust clogging and negatively influence your performance.

It might even cause blue screen errors and other related crashed such as over heating.


Windows Update:

Warning on when there is a update but no need for automatic download.

Some minor updates for your hardware might be included in windows updates.


System Read Out:

Start --> Run --> type: dxdiag --> enter

Readout of your PC with details about your current driver(s) version.


3DP Chip:

Little program that checks what hardware is on your rig and then find the proper drivers.



Memory Cleaner:

Clean RAM and System Cache, optimize your gaming experience.




Keep your hard drive clean and remove any unwanted files.

A range of scanning profiles for novice to expert users, comes with disk defrag.




Keep and eye on your core(s) temperature work with System Monitor.



System Monitor:

Live stats of about your rig, cpu coreloads, RAM/Page File and more



GPU Monitor:

Live stats about your GPU compatible with all CPU's



Network Monitor:

Live stats about your network connection(s)



Ping Monitor:

Ping any server/wesbite with live stats.



AusLogic Disk Defrag:

Defrag and optimize i use this in conjunction with DiskMax.




FPS read out while gaming



Some you might already know ,in any case enjoy and keep the FPS going strong!

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Part II


With the new SSD hard drives there has been a change in how you preform maintenance.

SSD does not be cleaned by a dsk defrag, switch this of it is actually really bad.

Will slow your SSD down or even cause errors.

Only clear a SSD of temp files etc, anything except a defrag would be in order.



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Part III


If you have high spec pc that is able to run the game in DirectX 11 and a 64bit environment.

Make sure you launch the 64bit version of warframe, shortcuts in start menu, desktop or steam.

In the main warframe directory is a warframe.64.exe, make sure you use that.


Hosting games is atm without a proper CPU a bit trouble sum, make sure you can host.

With a i7 3770 OC i can host lag free for all members of the squad.

Take this into account when hosting a game, also having a proper internet connection is needed.

You need a good cpu or connection at the moment, both is better.

And remember FPS is CPU/GPU related, drop in fps can be fixed by tweaks or upgrading cpu/gpu.

Lag aka latency issue is connection related and could be a low upload speed or squad members are half way around the globe.

Even with a good connection hosting games for people at the other side of the world can be a issue.

No matter how good your connection is it still has to travel the same distance.


DE stated that there is work in progress in performance issue's this will be implemented as soon as they have found the problem.

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