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Nekros: Changes Coming For 15.12

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Volt is fine.


Yup he is mighty fine, and in a good place ^_^



As for Nekros... a more useful SOTD? I'm up for that.


I use Terrify a lot, so that's cool. Just wish the enemies didn't SPRINT away. I know they're scared and all but they shouldn't run double time.

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Eh necros will still play the exact same way with these changes, was hoping some of the powers would get full rework or changes.

Hey that's not true! People will less use des...


I mean, they won't...


...Yeah... ('-')

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When will this ability be finally looked at as anti-tenno, anti-squad, anti-strategy.

Having multiple NPC's in the battle doesn't make them being good or worth, just like all of the useless specter features.


More NPCs (the shadows) means:

- more mess and confusion on the battle for the tenno

- shadows blocking passages and escape routs.

- shadows in defense block the view of the pod, block the access to pod, when this is getting attacked.

- they get in front of the players view blocking the shots; it works both ways ppl, they not only are bullet sponges for the enemy but also for our shots too.

- they usually are useless AI wise, and also in damage, I don't think this buff will do much of a change.

- to call this ability an ultimate is pretty bad, since terrify is 100 times better as an ultimate ability, then shadows.



To make shadow of the dead, an actual useful ability, or worthy of being an ultimate, it needs changes, real ones.

Like perhaps reducing the shadows to only 3 or 5, but each actually is strong, powerful, and reliable.

Or to change the way it works, only because it was thought up as an ability, doesn't mean it is actually tactically beneficial.

And besides limbo idiotic abilities, I consider this shadow ability as being the worse ability in all the game, cause it will work against the players, as I have seen so many times, the nekros die, or the team die, or the mission failing, because shadows were summoned.

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I look forward to testing out Nekros after the changes. I love Nekros dearly, he is my second most used Warframe, next to Frost! I do hope this would be a first in a series of changes Nekros desperately needs.


I will edit my post here to include my report on the testings afterwards!

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As I pm:ed Scott - plz let us see how many shadows we can spawn (when not activated) and how many are alive (while activated).

Also If we could create a maximum of 10 shadows but have only killed 4 enemies, perhaps the remaining 6 could become something else?
Maybe 6 soul-punch projectiles or something?


Also desecrate as an aura or adding corpse explosion to the desecrated enemies could let himbe more active and present in the combat. (each corpse could drain energy when Nekros was close enough and get desecrated).

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If you watched Devstream #45 or caught the post-stream discussions, you may recall the talk of Nekros ability changes. We are planning on releasing the first pass of changes to Nekros in 15.12 (on PC today!).



Shadows of the Dead Changes:


Increased the damage output (x2.5 with Maxed SOTD) of summoned shadows created by Shadows of the Dead.

Increased the health (x2 with Maxed SOTD) of summoned shadows created by Shadows of the Dead.


As with all Warframes, modding can be used to enhance different aspects of Nekros' abilities.



Keep in mind that details are subject to change! Discussion on these changes are welcome. Please be respectful and constructive in your discussions - leave your weapons in your Liset as you enter the discussion chambers.


May I suggest to Steve and the team that they add into the changes for Shadows of the Dead a simple translucence to the shadows so players can actually see what's going on around them, it's hard to get visibility when you're surrounded by these guys.  A rework that incorporates the same effect as Mirages' Hall of Mirrors where you can see through your clones to the target would be most welcome!


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These seem like good changes.


Though I still want to be able to re-cast SOTD to teleport my minions to where they are needed, and fill any empty holes in my max quota of shadows.  One is tempted to buid SOTD for long duration and power strength to make the best army possible with the souls we collect.... but then you constantly end up in situations where all your shadows are hiding behind cover in the other room when you need them here, now, between you and the bad guys.

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