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Stealth Feedback & Suggestions Thread

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People, I have a proposal: to be able to change one of the four abilities on any of the other warframe for platinum or loans



Just an idea for the next update.

When you have leveled out your warframe/weapon and want to Forma it, It would be really really cool to have the option of either Polarizing a slot or Adding an Additional blank Slot.

The current game model only allows you to forma once or twice before you have every mod card to maximum and still have skill points left over.

By allowing you to add additional card slots, we could theoretically turn crappy weapons into OP weapons.  It would also allow players to insert a Orokin Catalyst and forma their warframes/weapons as many times as they want (farming for more resources).

On warframes, it would allow people to include cards they wouldn't normally put in (IE, rush, heavy impact intruder)

Sorry to be the police, but do these 2 really belong in the stealth suggestions thread?

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I think there should be some other way to promote a stealth than just kill xp bonus. There could be a reward when finishing a mission some extra credits and bonus xp. Split in 2 parts. First by reaching objective undetected. Second by reaching extraction point undetected.


I dont see a point to reward or penalize killing or not killing mobs. If someone wants to sneak past patrol fine if player wants to leave a trail of stealth killed enemies its his choice.


There could be some mods added and bp added to game that would give play some bonuses while playing sneaky. Mods could be droped by killing unaware enemies or with small chance for reaching objective/extracting without raising an alarm.


BP could be normal guns with stealth flavoring. (easier for art team to repurpose existing weapons by adding a silencer, darker skin etc.) All of them would be completly silenced, maybe higer chance of crit. With lower ROF,clip size and higher alpha, accuracy. (while keeping same DPS)


Mod could be for example weapon mod that will increase loot drop chances when killing unaware enemy. Very rare aura that would increase team stealth.

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A post I made about removing the stamina system and adding a Noise system which could be a good addition to stealth.


Unfortunately it's hard to sum up succinctly and it's a rather sizeable post so I don't want to copy it here. :\ Have a look-see if you like.
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UPDATE 11-09-2013






direction enemy facing on hud when enemy radar is enabled example


STEALTH KILLS MUST BE INSTA-KILL no doubt, no discussion

the essence of weapons is how fast it may kill enemies. sneaking on enemies for stealth kills takes way more time than it takes to shoot enemy, so let's stop all this BS about "breaking the game" since it would not.


to balance it out - no stealth kills on bosses

everything else is just fine. even killing enemy while being invisible by ash and loki is fine. it's just 1-3 kills max.

but need to make sure you can't make stealth kills if enemies are alerted while you are clocked by shade.



STEALTH REWARD SYSTEM (end mission bonus)

if person completed whole mission undetected he recieve good xp + credits bonus wih penalties based on:

1) amount of enemies killed.

2) amount of alarms triggered. if person triggered more then 2 alarms he would not recieve end mission bonus.

3) if alarm(s) was/were longer then some ammount of time player don't recieve end mission stealth bonus at all.

this way player would not be able to get bonus turning off alarm in the end of mission.

all three together should prevent farming stealth bonus.


faction based bonus ratio

grineer: 100% ( default bonus value )

corpus: 150% ( increased bonus value due all the cameras and lasers and moas and drones and what not )

infested: 100% ( alarm mechanics required to prevent farming and make penalties work proper )

all 3 penalties apply to these ratios



x5 xp for stealth kill (the one with animation)


being able to state that you are stealth player in future matchmaking system


bugs list / misc breakdowns


feedback on U9


1) can't perform stealth kills if enemy in new patrol animation


general bugs since closed beta


1) we need to be able to hack terminals to turn alert off.

2) decrease the amount of spawning enemies while undetected

3) doors should open from wider angle

3) ash skills should not cause alarm

4) make banshee sonar to show all enemies in ONE section PER USE.

5) Loki and Ash invisibility should cloak the Sentinel too

6) shade being detected while crouching. make enemies ignore shade while owner is crouching.

7) alarm is triggered instantly if location is damaged ship

8) alarm may get triggered even if there is no visual contact with tenno

9) can't perform stealth kills on bosses like captain Vor, even if you reach him completely undetected.


10) can't perform stealth kills on shield lancers

11) when client perform stealth kill he get spoted (range increased) MP STEALTH IS BROKEN BECAUSE OF IT. occurs quite often.

12) when guard see something suspicious he run straight to console or cover instead of investigating.

13) there is no stealth kills stat on end mission screen

14) Stealth kills could have a counter in your profile.

15) If you engage in a fight, the enemies on the next room will go to a cover and wait until you enter the room. These enemies become semi-alerted but don't go back to safe state and getting stuck next to wall

16) KUNAI CAUSE ALERT! http://youtu.be/qoHkAO2afCU ; http://youtu.be/fO1qY0OLIuE

17) we need to be able to destroy alarm terminals

18) heavy units should not be able to activate alarm


20) if you come to boss room undetected, boss stands alone.


misc suggestions

1) flashlight - being able to turn off warframe's flashlight to decrease chance of spoting

2) silent sidearms - crossbow / dual crossbows / throwable knives that don't impale enemies to walls, with curve trajectory

3) level restart option in solo.- just one more button in menu to restart level

4) being able to hang on edges http://youtu.be/cUDGMUJkJeY?t=3m47s

5) use cypher to turn alert off


best of stealth videos:


newgame stealth playlist


200% stealth

100% stealth


[Derp] Stealth Mini Manual

Agree 1,000,000%

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Suggestion - Mods


Pinning weapons such as Kunai, Dread and Paris: A mod to make the projectile curve upwards after striking their target, dragging the body upwards and pinning it to the ceiling where it will be harder to detect for enemies.


A simpler solution: Disintegration speed mod, which makes enemy bodies dissipate faster to avoid detection.


Buzzkiller: A warframe mod that lights enemies in an orange glow, visible through obstacles, whenever they try to use a terminal.


Suggestion - Gameplay


An access terminal can be used to infect the system, to make sure that enemies need more time to raise an alarm. Or, better yet, an access terminal can be used to cut the power in a section, turning the lights off to make a cover of darkness and maybe even locking the doors.


Just some ideas.

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dudes (and dudeses)

what do you think about this


 i was thinking about the capture and raid mission to make them more stealth like to capture/steal artifact with no one noticing


and to add alets like if the alarm gets on mission failed

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dudes (and dudeses)

what do you think about this


 i was thinking about the capture and raid mission to make them more stealth like to capture/steal artifact with no one noticing


and to add alets like if the alarm gets on mission failed

Lotus does say on Capture missions "We cannot let our target know were here." So to me that says DE has planes to better make Stealth an option for Capture Missions, Melee System and Damage System and maybe even the Mod System will have to be changed though to open up such play. I do agree that for risking a Stealth Attack it should just be a Stealth-Kill period, I don't care if it's a level 150 Grineer Heavy Gunner, she's dead... period.

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Stealth players rejoice! There are two new mods, one for rifle, one for pistol

They are called Hush (rifle) and suppressor (pistol).

At max level, they make your weapon completely silent!

It doesn't effect the firing sound, but enemies won't get alerted by the shots!

All rejoice!!!!!

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I feel that stealth frames like ash and loki are more like the TF2 spy. In TF2 we dont have stealth missions yet the spy can dangerous to the opposing team because of his ability to pick of important targets. I feel the same can be applied in Warframe. There should be special units in Warframe which are a pain to deal with the MAD GUNNERS METHOD. Like they can be heavies or sneaky snipers(not like dumbass sniper crewman) who will make good use of distance or maybe some other sort of support who doesnt show his face and yet makes life difficult. That is where stealth comes in. Ash or Loki can use their invisibilty and Insane mobility to hunt down these key targets and hence be an asset to the team.


I also feel that stealth kills( where you walk behind the guy and then slice is head off ) or backstabs can be used even if enemies are alerted. If an enemy is distracted by your team mates whats stopping you from poking a knife in your enemies back? 

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How about the option when you are in a dark part/shade of the room that you don't get detected unless they come really close, I think it was a feature in another game I forgot. Or add a secondary requirement for missions that too finish it you should not be detected to complete.

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If de has problems with light, a mod making the tenno harder to spot by adding a gloom would do the trick.

Real light is a pain to get right.

Any mod that decreases ai awareness is good.

I would allso like a ditrsction abilty. Throw a can, the guard moves there, you run past.

Not like lokis decoi, thats like Tenno are here!!!

But yeah, darkness would be cool. Plus monsters can hide:)

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Playing a small handful of stealth games, or trying to stealth-fully execute objectives, I have some ideas to throw around.


In addition to not killing enemies, why not be able to take them out using non-lethal means? I feel that if I sabotage the ship, it will either explode from some cataclysmic meltdown, or they crew inside will die a horrible death. Missions when taken non-lethally will net you a small bonus, for not obliterating the entire military force. However, in the case of Exterminate missions, you can successfully infiltrate and ex-filtrate the mission, much like taking a datamass and leaving, mind you the room with the data will be heavily guarded. Getting spotted will make you run the mission as normal. Taking the Non-lethal route will net you a good amount of rewards, but not as much as leaving the guards untouched.


I feel like there should be multiple access ways, when stealth-fully traversing the ship. This would add some reward for exploration. Something like a vent or small pipes/ladders, that allow for increased sight-lines. These would act as small shortcuts or a alternate path to the next room. Getting spotted will lock-down these elements for a short time. Some areas would require a hacking mini-game to access these vents/pipe rooms as well to lift the lock-down on these elements.


Stealth in other games also capitalize that you should be a bit fearful of your opposition. One man is outmatched in firepower, but not in his wits. While we are Tenno or space ninja, we are gods amongst the factions shooting their pew-pew guns. There should be weakness, not really user error being the falling point. The fragility of the suits should still be noticeable, even at max levels. It capitalizes on cautious play on almost all of the frames. However this idea will only be ripped apart from the community like the Stamina update, as well be counteracted by Rhino and his Iron Skin ability.


These are my ideas. Just something I'd like to post my thoughts out on this topic.

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One grineer map, in mercury, has pipes and walkways ABOVE the floor. Reachable by wallrunning.

This is cool and easy to add to a map.

These ways could have traps and guards to make things interesting, but NO consoles

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OMG!!!! Yes please to a viable stealth system and stealth gameplay mechanic!!!

I am so damn sick of making a detailed warframe concepts based on stealth with a note at the end of a build saying that stealth needs to be made a viable part of this game for this warframe to work.... Sick of it!!!!

We have a few warframes that start to work with a stealth system but dont really have much luck in making stealth a viable playstyle, or at least a serious playstyle.

We have mods that work towards stealth based gameplay, but who is going to waste a slot for a mod like supress or hush when the game's stealth system is horrible? Not me!

Furthermore. The Tenno are ninja... And currently they go in guns blazing. Ninjas work in stealth, so should tenno. Stealth kills and damage to unalerted enemies need a boost to damage!

Even if it takes bonus rewards for stealthing through a mission, specific stealth missions or whatever else DE just do it!!! Please. And just fix the ninjas who cant stealth!

By the way. Here is just an example of one of my frame concepts that would be amazing in a game with a good stealth system!

Ghast: a fem stealth frame, who unlike Loki is more combat focused.

STATS: (at rank 30)

Health: - 220

Power: - 175

Armour: - 50

Shields: - 225

Shield recharge: - 18.5

Sprint speed: 1.25

POWERS: (open for suggestion but...)

1: Flash - A short cast location teleport.

2: Attract - A single target projectile attractor to draw travel time projectiles to the target such as arrows so they dont hit the ground and alert enemies.

3: Numb - Target pain receptors are frozen for a time as not to be alerted by damage.

4: Blend - Take the visage of an enemy allowing you to walk among them for stealth kills or manoeuvring or redirect thier attention.

Edited by Demon_Mask
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Been playing this for a little while now, and most of the game seems to funtion rather well. As for stealth, it seems rather unfinished, thought recent releases of suppressor mods have made it marginally more viable. In terms of a relatively quick and reasonably effective method of making stealth even half viable, it could be introduced as as Aura, rather than a full game mechanic that is always active.


The game has to track whether enemies are aware/unaware all the time, so having an aura that gives 10/20/30/40/50% damage vs unaware enemies (or a bonus similar to the ones that ash/loki get with melee during cloak), while giving an XP bonus (up to 100%). This advantage will disappear upon detection, keeping the game in a relative balance should a firefight emerge. Corpus cameras, however, should have the XP gain reduced. For one, its an immobile defenceless box, XP should be low to start with, and they will pose a farming exploit due to the fact that they are many, and can be killed unaware even if an alarm is blaring and you are on lockdown.... thoughts?

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Tried running a few solo stealth missions with a maxed Hush mod and maxed enemy radar.  Never made it beyond the second tile before getting spotted.  Pretty weak.


Sad to hear it. Where did you find Enemy Radar? I really want this for my Loki.

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