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Those Lost In The Battle Shall Never Be Forgotten [Didn't Win But This Was My Contest Entry]


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So, livestream aside, maybe not all of you had the chance to see all of the artwork for the contest and since I spent a lot of time doing my entry, I just wanted to share it directly on the fanart section.

I hope you like it.



Story I did for the artwork under spoiler. TL;DR Mag and Excalibur did a burial for Oberon, who died on battle.


Mission Report: All targets eliminated. One fatality.  
>Encoded message found. Decode? Y/N 
>Beginning decode... 
>Tenno_Log acquired 
We waited till sunset to do the honors, it was his favorite time of the day. Thanks to that we had time to gather the flowers for the fire and move his body far from our enemies'.  
No Tenno will be honored with the enemy.  
His kubrow wouldn't leave his side even after all the damage it had taken and we didn't have the courage to kill it. The poor animal will probably stay even after the fire is long gone. We don't know what to do with it. 
We were surrounded. They outnumbered us and were too strong... 
I begged him to heal us before it was too late. We were running out of energy. We weren't recovering... 
We were not even close to succeeding and I couldn't polarize our shields to keep away all the damage from our suits, I couldn't do anything to help... 
He had some energy left.. And he decided to do a reckoning. Shining spheres caught our enemies in mid air and we watched as they hit the ground. We couldn't believe our eyes for a second. It seemed to be over but it never really is when you are at war... one raised from the grass, covered in blood, and shot.  
With a fast movement I threw one of my Hikou and ended him at last. But just like his body was falling to the ground, my friend's was too.  
We tried to revive him... But he was gone. 
It took us a second to understand he was truly dead, there was no way to bring him back, not this time… We moved his body as soon as we could, checked the place first to make sure the others were all dead.  
While we walked through the battlefield we gathered the pieces of his Orthos and later left them by his side. I found parts of my rifle that I had lost in the heat of the battle... I wonder if it would have been different if I have had it with me on his final moments. Maybe I could have saved him...we'll never know. 
When the burial was finally set we couldn't speak. I guess the silence said it all anyways.  
Before we lighted it I drew the lotus on his helmet. He may rest now with the higher rank and the greatest of honors. 
It is not our custom to burn it all at once so, as we were taught, we chose a leaf to start the fire. Soon it would expand and consume the others, and his body with them
He will be missed but not forgotten. 
I'm afraid to say the journey is not over and we must go on. We can't take too much time to grief. 
We must carry the weight of our loses and move forward.  

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Another lost Tenno brother at arms. The Conflagration shall add his name to his ever-growing list and wear it in remembrance, and shall burn those responsible from the face of the universe itself.


Translation from RP-Speak: OMG! The art is so good and the story is so sad! I love them both!

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I liked it until I saw my head in the flowers. WHY MUST YOU DECAPITATE ME!


I'm kidding, this is amazing. 10/10

Hehe, thanks uvu

We have an inside joke in my clan.

All the money wasted on this art piece were just 20k credits to do Oberon's Oryx Helmet. Literally(?


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