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Cold Status Duration Bug.

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So I'm using Glaxion with status chance around 95%. And I found a bug with Cold status.

Earlier I tested Frost with -40% power duration. Oryginaly Cold status works for 6 seconds. With that build when I always used Cold Wave the enemies were slowed by cold status, after 4 seconds they moved normally like 100% speed with no Cold status but they had cold status effect. So I though the Frost must have Duration with no -% because its affect the Cold status of Ice Wave.

Playing with Glaxion I added Catalizator because it have nice status chance, Cold status works for 6 seconds so its enough time to shot them all or slash with Melee weapons. And I realized that now its works only for 2 or 3 seocnds o_O what is going on? Multishot problem or Punch through? no.
Its problem with Warframe Power Duration. I used Saryn with -60% power duration, changed back to other Warframe with no Duration mods and with +70% popwer duration and yes Cold status on enemeis shoted by Glaxion worked for 6 seconds.
On Glaxion I have also Radiation and its works fine 6 seconds the whole time no matter what power duration Warframe have.

SO THIS IS A BUG WITH COLD STATUS. PLS FIX THAT. There is nothing up with Weapon status duration and power duration on warframe.

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