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Hotfix 15.12.2

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* Archwing Weapons will now be included in player profile stats.


Not quite. Still showing greyed out like before.


Imperator, Itzal, Odonata still greyed out. Imperator Vandal not showing at all.


Update: Ran mission with Itzal, Imperator Vandal, and Veritux. Also relogged. Issue remains.

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  • Archwing Weapons will now be included in player profile stats.                                                                                                                                                         


If your post in a Hotfix/Update thread includes 'Still no fix for...."


1) Include a link to a relevant bug report/screenshot that has details on reproducibility and the nature of the issue.

Without these details it is increasingly difficult to troubleshoot the specifics involved in resolving a bug.


No Change to pre-hotfix profile. Archwing weapons are showing grey and unowned, same as previously. This still effects your number of completed weapons total.


Still no fix for...


Including Imperator Vandal in weapons profile...



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Still no fix for, 15.12 initaly seems to have broken the ability of the x64 client to connet to in progress or new games, being the Host worked fine other wise it would just go to the black screen and stay there only way i knew that the program hadn't totaly crashed was the fps counter was still counting. this hot fix gets to the loading screen but give a session not found msg after about a minuet of full progress bar. at least the 32-bit version seems to work fine.

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De, plese make the syndicate void key packs worth getting. Some ideas oh how to do this: 1. Lower the price to 2000 - 6000 standing. 2. Make it give three to five time more keys. 3. Have it give only T3/4 keys. 4. Make it similer to before the nerf, but make it take 2-3 times more standing or give 1-2 less keys. 


         I also want to request that the new moas get removed(or at lest make them stop jumping) from defence missions and brood mothers or something else put in, because I used to be able to go to 60+ waves with a proper team on ODD and now I can't go 10 without someone going down at least once.





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Happy that more client/host issues are being fixed (now and in the future now that the team is looking at the accuracy thing).


And here's the usual list.  Some fixes weren't mentioned in the patch notes (like the clipboard corruption gone).


Still no fix for the total credit income display on clans being a DWORD instead of QWORD, causing incorrect display due to multiple rollovers?
Still no fix for Nyx's Mind Control targets not taking the proper damage amount at the end?
Still no fix for foundry sparks rendering over the chat interface?
Still no fix for the item rank-up numerical display not updating if the level up is due to bonus affinity and not base?
Still no fix for wall sliding down onto a slope detaching you from the wall but keeping the slide mechanics?
Still no fix for the Corpus Grey and Gallium Grey Kubrow colors being almost exactly the same?

Still no fix for extractors pulling resources not listed from planets?

Still no fix for Prosecutors only spawning as one type in endless missions, and host migrations causing AI to break?

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