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Comics By Yuikami [Added: Doodle - What I See, New Stalker...]


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I still don't gots my Kubrow and Idc which one it is. Are they required to go into missions?

Yui you sure you read the label? Does it not say to shove it up his mouth?

Btw after "intense" waiting I'm finally building Mirage.

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It still looks so happy even when its owner threw him ;w;


Best. Face. Ever. Happy and totally clueless what it's born or hatched into. xD

And we really cannot 'delete' them? My first puppy has hatched a few hours ago, and I didn't plan on spending plat just to get rid of it to see other variants oO. I guess I'll google this to burry my remaining hope on not going broke via Warframe.

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I think my Andre died like 4-5 times already...







So does it bark in a certain Non racist way to let your teammates know s/he is about to commit unnecessary suicide?


And do your Kubrows trust you anymore after you do this to them?

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