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Comics By Yuikami [Added: Doodle - What I See, New Stalker...]


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Life as female grineer is hard


Thanks to ArmouredHunter for "that's not in my sizeeeeeee"

Think of it this way: Grineer Heavies installed robotic legs and arms to fit Warframes, but they're all not in her size. It's a sad thing, really. Looking at all Nyxes and Saryns walking around in their fabulous Warframes, knowing that those won't fit.


*patpat Grineer Heavy-chan* someday you'll get a warframe that's your size... someday

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Loki posing :)) priceless



And so their voyage beings :


Space .... the final frontier ....

These are the voyages of the corpus crewmen. Their mission : to explore new world , to seek new life and to boldly make profit like no man has done before. 

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