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Steps for increasing the FPS


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Hello Warframes!!

I'm making this post to anyone who is having Low FPS, and by bad hardware, or even having an awesome PC.

(I'm trying my best, English is not my native language, I am Brazilian, I speak Portuguese BR)

Remembering you are doing it at your own risk.

First, enter the game and take an Alt+Tab

Second, open the task manager, it may be by Ctrl+Alt+Del, or by clicking the right mouse button on the taskbar.

Third, let's applications (tab) and click right in Warframe, and chose the option "go to process", you will see several processes, what interests us is the Warframe.x64.exe or Warframe.x86. exe (or 32bit, x32, depends on your operating system).

Fourth, right-click and go to set priority> Select High Priority, a window appears asking if you really want to change apriority, click "Change Priority".

But NEVER PUT ON REAL TIME, or your PC can crashe.

<if its core processor is Single, skip this Step.>

Fifth, right-click again, but this time, choose "Set Affinity", and the choice of processor cores you want to use.

Games typically use a maximum of two cores, I do not know if the case Warframe, but you may choose to use more than 2 core, will not give trouble, I think.

Typically this is used to make 2 or 4 core working with the game and the others with Fraps for recording, for better performance, this step applies to both AMD multi core processors as INTEL.

You must do this every time you enter the game to gain performance.

With this steps already did Crysis 2 running on an i3 with onboard video card at 22 FPS on the PC of a friend.

If you have a video card that has Nvidia Cuda Processors, if I'm not mistaken the 8000 series onwards, Follow these steps if you have AMD, I'm sorry, but I do not know how it works on AMD.

Nvidia Cards

First, open the Nvidia control panel

Second, Go 3D settings, Go to "adjust image settings with preview".

Third, choose the third option "Use my preference, with emphasis on:


And click apply

Fourth, Return in 3D settings, but this time select "Manage 3D Settings" and select the tab "Program Settings" and check "show only programs on this computer"

Fifth, Warframe not be on the list, you'll have to add it to this, click add and browse to the folder where the game is installed, to know it, right click on the game shortcut and choose properties, General tab, will be writing the shortcut target, copy the address, and use it when you add the Warframe.

When using it, you will see the directory of the game, Laucher.exe Choose and Click Open, then the game will be added to the list of Nvidia

Sixth, after adding the game, you will see several options, look for CUDA - GPUs and click on it.

Will appear which is already being used, but not this, uncheck global, select "Use these GPUs" and then Choose your GPU.

If you want to connect to improve the quality FXAA can do, but for that you need the most updated driver from your video card.

Other options:

Turn off Windows Aero when playing (Windows 7/Vista)



Clean your registry

Defragment your PC

Doing a overclock on the GPU and Cpu

Buy a PC More Powerful

And in extreme cases, Keep calm and Game on.

I have :

Pentium D 925 3.0 Ghz @ 3.6 Ghz (really bad)

Nvidia 250 Gts 1 Gb Gddr3

3 Gb of Ram Ddr2

Hdd 80 GB

Motherboard Intel i95xx

Sigmatel Audio C-Major HD audio

D-Link Ethernet adapter

1 MBit connection (Download: 127 kbps/ upload: 37 kbps, Internet on Brazil is very Expensive)

500 W Real C3-Tech

And get:

FPS min: 16

FPS max: 83

FPS average: 27-45

I hope it helps many of you

Then Thanks, and even more... Bye

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E7400 @2.80 GHz (2CPUS),~2.8GHz

2GB RAM ddr2

NVIDIA Geforce G100 1GB

I found your problem.

The gpu you have is to weak for the game, you need at least a 8000 series to run the game on MINIMUM, don't expect a good quality at good FPS.

The G100 have 8 gb bandwith, the perfomance is like a 8500 gt, but the only 8000 series that will run the game good is the 8800gt, 8800 gts.

To run on high settiings in 1080p, you will need 8800gtx, 8800 ultra.

But if you will get a new Gpu you will need a new power source.

You have a good CPU, the problem is the GPU

Which is the FPS that you are getting???

Tell me the Min, Average and Max FPS

If you want some hint of what Gpu to buy, tell me and i will help you.

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