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[Ability Exception] Nyx Mind Control On Ancient (Corrupt) Eximus


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I've seen this for a while now and am surprised it hasn't been looked at and/or fixed.


When mind controlling an enemy Venomous Ancient Eximus, it is still possible to get proc'd with a poison status.


The Toxic Aura on the feet of ally and enemy change accordingly, but I would still take a constant poison proc even when 'friendly.'


Not sure if this is intentional and deals poison to enemies as well but I'm fairly certain it shouldn't affect friendly allies, Tenno in particular.





Not fixed; posted "Still no fix for..." reply.





Still not fixed. Hopefully U16 will address this problem

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I noticed the same thing a few days ago, after not playing Nyx for a while. The Venomous Eximus aura never stops affecting players while it is mind controlled. A real shame, because it would make a great target option for Mind Control if the aura would switch properly.

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