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Map Holes & Environment Bugs: Screenshot Tickets


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If you are a map-hole inspector, we have new technology that will aid the Dev's in patching up holes!

At this time the technology is PC only using the native screenshot function (F6). Steam overlay capture will not work.


So, how can you get involved?


1) When you encounter Map-Holes/Level bugs, press "F6".

2) The screenshot (saved by default in Pictures\Warframe) now has stored meta-data to point our team to the exact tile involved in the bug.

3) Upload the screenshot via attachment to Support (https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us) and submit your ticket.

4) Post your ticket number in this thread for reference.

5) That's it! We have the raw screenshot with the meta-data, and the record of the report in this thread.


This is the first iteration of this reporting process that we hope to fine-tune based on frequency of reports and your thoughts.


Thanks, Tenno!





Can I use online image hosting services?


No, raw screenshots captured through F6 only.


Can I send videos?


Not for this method, we are only asking for screenshots with metadata.


I have a screenshot from May 2013! Can I upload it?


No, this is new technology, only screenshots taken after January 31st, 2015 can be sent.


What support category should I use?


'Level or Map Bug Screenshot Metadata' is the category for you!

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If you try and save it (overwriting it) in paint it will more than likely not save the meta-data but this is just a guess, we will have to wait and see.



I was wrong, I did some tests with regular metadata and if you edit it in Paint it will not overwrite the metadata.

I tried with paint, paint.net, and photoshop, paint was the only one they kept the comment metadata. So yay, MS paint XD

(I should note in photoshop you can change some settings to keep the default metadata, though)

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296419 [ Eris Map hole]

296442     T1D


296429 [solved, but posting to note it.]

296431 [solved, but posting to note it.]





[Remove the one with less information. I am now experiencing issues with support due to how many tickets I have open (I assume)]

296458[More Major bug, I will not post on what this is for forums]




( Taking a break. Too much typing. T -T )

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This is a really nice feature!


296679 - Missing "art/geometry"

296681 - Locker not opening

296682 - Missing ice volume


Edit, more:

297269 - Insignia in air

297271 - Container in ground

297272 - Container in ground

297273 - Container in ground


297976 - Misplaced fire

297977 - Pit not teleporting loot up

297979 - Hole in map

297980 - Container in ground

297982 - Lockers not opening in secret loot "room"

297987 - Map hole


298677 - Map escape

298679 - Container in wall

298680 - Missing water volume

298681 - Un-openable lockers


299252 - Levitating locker

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